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Rise Above

As another energy surge arrives you have a choice; ride on top of it like a surfer or let it suck you under.  Every shift gives you a new opportunity to release and grow.  If you dig in your heels and refuse to budge, it is more challenging to navigate.  Be the free-flowing spirit you were created to be and rise above, dear one!  No one can do this for you but The Universe is always there to guide and assist. ~ Creator

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A Reminder

The Universe would like to remind you…

Amidst the chaos, there is beauty.
In the middle of pain, joy can be found.
In the cacophony of unrest, peace present.

Each of you has a choice on where to place your focus. This does not mean ignoring a negative situation or emotion. It does mean that turning your attention toward the positive, sending unconditional love and knowing things can (and often will) change creates a vibrational amplification of what you want to experience, giving yourself and others the opportunity to learn and grow. ~ Creator

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Just You

Do you exist in a paradox of pretenses, games, lies, wanna-be attitudes, insecurities or falsehoods? Strip it away and all you are left with is you, the bright and shining spirit you truly are. You can be safe in the knowledge that you are exactly how The Universe intended you to be. There is none better on the face of your planet. ~ Creator

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The Light

Dearest child, The Universe knows the awareness being brought you to is overwhelming and there may feel like too much pain and negative goings-on to overcome.  Even though it seems as if you are in a hurricane of chaos, please remember that a purpose is being served.  Consciousness is changing and the light you and your fellow humans carry is shining through the darkness to bring the definitive change you have been manifesting.  Keep going my love, the end result will be worth it! ~ Creator

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Be Who You Are

As your world prepares for yet another huge energy shift, it is good to remember:

You do not have to be anything for anyone. Being yourself, without explanation, is all The Universe asks.

Practice kindness and compassion but maintain healthy boundaries. Your space is sacred, and you deserve to be treated well.

Listen carefully. Your soul and physical being will tell you when it needs a rest. If it does, take it! Respect yourself as you would respect others.

Keep learning. Knowledge is a pathway to greater wisdom and growth. Do not put yourself on hold to please others. Be who you are, be proud of what you have accomplished and love! ~ Creator

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Stay Focused

You have been working so diligently, my love!  Clearing, creating, manifesting and brightly shining your light.  Some things have gone well and other have required a bit more effort, but you have continued to move forward.  Now is the time to keep stepping up to the experiences and challenges that are coming into your life.  Do no be dissuaded by the negative, stay focused and know you are on the right path. ~ Creator


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