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Being In Your Body…

My darling child; it is time to fully inhabit your body.  The Universe knows that, sometimes, it is easier to be ‘out there’ rather than being 100% human.  Yes, there are painful things from your past and situations in which you would rather not participate but, your world has gotten to a point where each of you with gifts is in great demand.  You are needed to help change the trajectory of history and your full presence is necessary.  Your opportunity is at hand, please do not let it pass you by. ~ Creator

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Continue On…

It can be very easy taking the path of least resistance and going along with what others are doing/saying/thinking.  But, is that really what you came to your Earth to do? (Smiling) Standing in your truth, speaking from your heart, being honest and practicing integrity can be challenging.  It can be disheartening to look around and see people gaining when it feels as if you are standing still.  It may be ‘slow going’ in this moment but, as the world shifts, the rewards of your way of being are coming.  Continue walking your path with your head held high, knowing that when you arrive, you will be surrounded by those of like mind and heart. ~ Creator

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Living a True Life

Possessing the ‘courage of your convictions’ is lauded as an admirable quality.  Believing in yourself, your opinions, standing by your truth and having faith you are doing the right thing is a wonder to behold.  The Universe would like you to add the ‘courage of your emotions’.  Use the same strength and fortitude to show others that they are not shameful but something to be embraced.  Knowing that vulnerability, compassion and empathy are just as important as your convictions is a part of living a true life and becoming the whole you are meant to be. ~ Creator

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In Your Hands

The Universe is requesting you take the next step.  You may not know in which direction you will be moving, how you will get there or what will be waiting for you, but it is time.  One of the most wonderful things of your Earth plane existence is not knowing! (Smiling) Is it challenging, scary and unsettling at times?  Yes but, The Universe has been a faithful, supportive guide and you have learned how to listen with your heart and soul.  It is time to trust yourself and know that all will be well regardless of the destination.  Co-creation is in your hands! ~ Creator

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Give Yourself A Break!

With the crazy mish-mash of energy arriving, it may be challenging to keep your bearings.  Keep this in mind…it is not necessary to sort it all out now! The information coming in now, after dissemination, will be of great use in the next few days, weeks and months.  Until then, give yourself a bit of a break, dear one.

Purpose and timing will play a big role, but first, you need to let it in. (Smiling) Release the need to say to yourself, “I have to ‘get this’ right now!  I have to understand everything in this moment.”  This only adds stress and anxiety to an already large task.  The only thing you are required to do in this moment is practice compassion and love, let go of judging yourself/others harshly and know that all is going according to plan. ~ Creator

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Making A Mess

Life can be messy, complicated and challenging as well.  There may be days when you just do not want to participate and would rather spend your time with a book.  Here is a gentle reminder for you; take a moment and remember when you made a huge mess and it was fun!  Painting or drawing, spending all night talking through things with those closest to you, playing in the dirt…turning your world upside down ‘just because’.  See, not all mess making is a negative thing! (Smiling) Your existence is an amazing thing, a miracle!  Messy or not, you are a joy to behold and it is about time to start seeing it that way. ~ Creator

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My dear child, the ride is about to get a little more interesting than you anticipated. (Smiling) Another huge wave of energy is coming to your Earth bearing gifts, changes, knowledge and quantum leaping.  Each of you, of course, will handle it in a way that works best for you.  There may be some jagged edges that need to be smoothed as well as feelings and emotions that need to be worked through.  Handle them as they come up.  The longer they are ignored, the more challenging they become.  Do not let ego get in the way of your growth.  If you need help, ask…The Universe is beside and guiding you in all things. ~ Creator

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With the current incoming energy, The Universe is offering you a multitude of choices and paths.  When you are at a crossroad, it is always a good time to pause, reassess and give some thought to the direction in which you would like to move.  Some of the changes may be subtle and barely perceptible to you while others will be mind-blowers.  Either way, if you truly follow your heart, you will always know you are moving in the right direction. ~ Creator

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Focus Or Distraction

How do you choose to present yourself to the world?  Do you choose to make grand statements wrapped up in an emotional charge to garner attention or do you quietly sit back and watch things unfold in a more organic way?

With the way the energy is shifting (and yes, you are on another upward climb) what you choose to focus on, say, think and feel will be more important than ever!  Polarized opinions are the ‘order of the day’ and it may be very tempting to jump into the fray but, what are you really doing?  Are you making a point that is really yours or are you using it as a distraction to keep yourself from more pressing matters?

Take some time today and think about how you are using your personal energy, being mindful of the fact that The Universe is reflecting exactly what you put out there. ~ Creator

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The Giving Heart

In a world of ‘take’, it is time to find your greatest pleasure in giving.  Do not do it to make a point, to garner favor or keep score.  Do it because it is who you are and what you are designed to do. For each moment you give another, the rewards come back ten-fold.  Moving past ‘tit for tat’ thinking allows the joyous heart, free of expectation, open to the infinite possibilities of The Universe. ~ Creator


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