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Gift Yourself The Gift

As you shift, grow and change those around you may no longer understand you.  Rather than making the effort to comprehend and accept, they may resort to angry outbursts or express their disappointment to keep you in a space that makes them feel comfortable.  You have a choice to accept or release this.  Ask that you be shown the highest and best way to respond then let it go.  Give yourself the gift of self-respect, acceptance and love.  You have always been worthy and deserving! ~ Creator

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Over the next few weeks many, many humans will begin moving away from their curious explorations to things that resonate deeply with them.  It is vital to remember your own awakening experiences, so you are able reassure and support those who are beginning their journey.  It may be tempting to interject your own thoughts and ideas into their paradigm saying, “This is the way things should be done, eat this, don’t eat that, meditate, etc.”.

Each path is deeply personal and can only be defined by the person walking it.  Be a beacon of light, a guide, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear.  As each of you embrace who you are meant to be, a beautiful thing will happen…a community that spreads light and love wherever you are known. ~ Creator

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So Many Choices!

The current shift is introducing you to a magnitude of new possibilities.  There may be so many presenting themselves, you may find yourself dizzy with the choices! (Smiling) The Universe would like to remind you that you have control of the speed they arrive and which you accept or release.  You may even find yourself stepping into the experience of being a teacher and introducing others to the beginning of their path.  Allow yourself to be peaceful and full of joy knowing that whatever you choose to manifest during this time is just a millisecond away! ~ Creator

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Every Moment…

Please remember; this shift is affecting everyone! You have had a lot of practice dealing with this type of energy; you know when it arrives, how it makes you feel, how your body reacts to it and know it is a very personal experience. Those who have yet to discover their paths do not. Because of this, it is very important to carry your patience wherever you go. (Smiling) The Divine Spark within will always respond to compassion and kindness. If all else fails, ask that they receive Unconditional Love. Every moment becomes a teaching moment with The Universe by your side. ~ Creator

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The Wave

Dearest one, you are standing on the precipice of yet another immense shift.  Imagine the ocean prior to a tsunami.  All the water is being pulled out to sea as that wave gathers strength and speed.  You may be left standing on the wet sand, wondering what is happening. (Smiling)

This is the time to release fear, gather your resources, allowing yourself to be centered and peaceful.  With The Universe as your ‘wing-person’, you will be able to move through it with grace and ease.  Use the gifts and knowledge without reservation to assist yourself and others through this interesting time. ~ Creator

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Growth & Renewal

The Universe has the infinite capability to forgive. In your ever-expanding truth, you will become aware that forgiveness is a direct by-product of love. Some will forgive themselves and others quickly, some more slowly. In both cases, it is a process of growth and renewal. Allow yourself time and patience for it. ~ Creator

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The Universe knows it has been asking a lot of you lately.  Shifting and changing can be scary.  Releasing may make you feel unsafe…having to let go of the familiar armor to protect you.  But, please understand that whatever you choose to release, something more beautiful, safe and joyous will be there to replace it.  Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and relax! ~ Creator

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Of all the emotions, fear is one of the oldest and most deeply rooted in the human psyche.  The survival of all species has relied on it for protection and safety.  For those of you traveling your path, it is important to remember the role it plays in your everyday existence.  Rather than working to eliminate it completely, allow The Universe to show you its place in your world.  All emotions, including fear, are only as big as you allow them to become. ~ Creator

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Change Your Outlook

With the amount of effort it takes to hold onto and feed just ONE of your angers, hurts, disappointments or resentments, you could change a thousand lives.  Changing your outlook from negative to positive may seem like a worthless effort in the beginning but, the ‘pay offs’ are enormous. ~ Creator

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ALL The Choices

When you were young, did you ever think that you would be where you are now, doing what you are doing and being the person you are now?  An infinite number of choices and personal decisions brought you to where you are in this moment.  Just think about that for a moment…(smiling)…extraordinary, yes?  Now, imagine all the decisions of a lifetime condensed into a few short weeks.  Just think of all the things you could accomplish!

The newest incoming wave of energy from The Universe will be giving you that opportunity!  So, what would you like to do dearest child?  Watch it pass you by or jump in and get to work?  Regardless of what you choose, know that you are loved, protected and cherished. ~ Creator


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