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This Monumental Shift

Now that changes to your Earth plane are fully underway, how do you feel?  Regardless of your level of participation, The Universe would like you to know that you are sharing a great deal in this monumental shift in reality.  It may be challenging but you can rest secure in the knowledge that out of the infinite number of experiences, you chose to be here because you have the most to contribute.  Keep shining brightly, dear one!  You are loved and supported! ~ Creator

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You may often forget how to look past the superficial and less important. The Universe will always guide you in what to let goof and what to move forward with. Connections are connections: they serve a purpose in everyday life but never give you what you truly need. The fulfillment of your soul comes from relationships with those you love, appreciate and respect – they last lifetimes. ~ Creator

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In This Moment

You do not have to be anything than what you are in this moment. If you are sad, be sad. If you are happy, be happy. If you are in anticipation of change, enjoy the anticipation. Each human emotion you express has a purpose, a meaning and a growth experience in it. Do not deny, but do not cling to it so tightly that you let the next arrival pass you by. ~ Creator

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Reach Out

Where are you focusing your energy today, dear child?  With so many conflicting messages, it can be overwhelming and challenging to function in your day to day life.  The Universe is asking you to take some time to focus on the Divine Spark in each human.  This gift was given to you at the beginning of the beginning (smiling) and is your direct connection to All That Is.  If you feel yourself moving into fear or anger, reach out and ask for help.  You will always be given the truth. ~ Creator

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Grow In Love

Think about the last few weeks and what you have been going through.  Now, with that firmly in your consciousness, how many times have you uttered sentences similar to this;

“I can’t…”

“But, that’s the way _____ has always been…”

“_____ has never been done that way.”

The Universe has been given ample room to change in ways humans have never experienced before and, with one sentence, many have effectively stopped it.  Free will is a gift that lets you think, feel and do as you please but, it is not time to begin the next stage of your metamorphosis?  It is time to allow your sacred heart to grow in love and watch your world change! ~ Creator

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A Better Person

The Universe knows that changes are happening so quickly on your Earth plane that it may be challenging to understand andassimilate them.  Do not be dismayed by this, dear one!  Even if you do not understand now, a greater and deeper knowing is available to you when you are ready.  Remember, this is not a race.  (Smiling)

You are on your own path, making the journey in a way that is most comfortable to you.  Give yourself (and those around you) time, understanding and compassion you so richly deserve to become a better person.  The Universe has always been and will always be supporting and loving you along the way. ~ Creator


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