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What Will You Have Left?

There is going to be a time, very soon, when you will have to start seeing yourself as others see you.  Take away the pretense, the societal programming and the false sense of security that ego often provides.  What will you have left?  A You, totally transparent, that is infinitely more interesting than anything you could have imagined or wanted for yourself. ~ Creator

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Hold Your Head High

For those of you experiencing the wild swinging of the emotional pendulum…just keep breathing, dear one. (Smiling) The Universe knows that linear time and challenges being presented to you now are tiring but, just like every other experience, you will come out the other side better than you were before.  Allow yourself to let go of what needs to be released and hold your head high knowing you are prepared for the next energetic wave coming your way. ~ Creator

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Forgive Yourself

The Universe never has and never will punish you for anything you have or have not done.  That is not the way it works, my love!  Please understand…The Universe has always loved you and no amount of self-punishment can undo that love.  Begin by forgiving yourself.  Once that wheel starts turning, it will free up your energy and the forgiveness you have been longing for will appear. ~ Creator

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Do It For You

Who have you been?  Who are you now?  Who do you wish to be?  Now that you have been fully immersed in this great change, these are critical questions The Universe is requesting you examine.  Do not do it for The Universe or the people around you, do it for you!  An infinite number of choices and directions are being offered, it is now up to you to choose what is in your highest and best.  If you are in doubt, you can ask, and the answer will always be given with love! ~ Creator

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Loved Beyond Measure

Every time you feel lonely or disconnected, remember this; you are far from being singular and isolated. You are a part of a greater Whole….so infinite and all encompassing there are no human words to explain it. Every breath, every heartbeat is intimately known and loved beyond measure. ~ Creator

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Divine Timing

My dearest child…there may be times when you are disheartened with the speed in which The Universe is changing.  It may feel as if things are moving at a snail’s pace rather than the expected quantum leaping.  Please do not become discouraged.  You have personally experienced Divine Timing, let that be your guide. (Smiling) Change, however quickly or slowly it comes, is always a good thing and worth the wait. ~ Creator

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If You Need Help…

With the Earth plane changes coming hard and fast, it may be challenging to keep up.  When one adjustment is made, everything seems to change, and you may feel as if you are back at square one.  When these moments happen, remember you have all the tools necessary to navigate the shifts occurring now.  If you begin to feel overwhelmed…take a breath, a step back and find your center.  If you need help, ask!  The Universe has always had faith in you, now it is time to find it in yourself. ~ Creator


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