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When you are experiencing great change and unfamiliar moments, it is natural to feel vulnerable.  You are being gently reminded that embracing and showing vulnerability is one of the most courageous things a human can do.  If you feel unsafe, ask The Universe for assistance.  My dearest child, you are never alone, and help is always available when you need it most. ~ Creator

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Thought, Action & Love

Now that you have been enveloped in the changes you Earth plane has been going through, think about how you want things to look on the other side.  Will you choose subtle or dramatic changes?  What, within yourself, are you willing to release to attain it?  What do you feel needs to be done to get there?  Co-creation takes thought, action and love…lots of love! (Smiling) There is a never-ending supply available, all you have to do is ask.  You are worthy and deserving of your creations, embrace them! ~ Creator

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Breathe…breathe into yourself.
Know you are loved, cherished, honored, respected and admired.
Know you are worthy and deserving of peace, perfect and whole in the eyes of The Universe!
Know you are a shining light, a gift, a wonderful presence on your Earth-plane.
Breathe, breathe into yourself and know. ~ Creator

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Just A Thought Away

As you move toward the end of your year, manifesting will become more important.  The next few weeks of intense energy will provide the power you need to shift things in whatever direction you choose.  It is up to you to keep it positive, light and loving.  If assistance is needed, The Universe is just a thought away. ~ Creator

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Forgive Yourself

Sometimes, even if you are coming from a place of honesty, things can go awry.  My darling child, you are human and will have human moments. (Smiling) Release the need to be stuck in that space…be patient, loving, forgiving of yourself and move on.  There may not be anything you can do to change the past but, you can change your future. ~ Creator

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You Are Needed!

You have chosen to exist in this particular time because of your skills and ability to change your environment and consciousness level. The world needed you, sent out the call and you responded by choosing to be born now. The Universe thanks you every moment with great outpourings of love and light. ~ Creator

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Self Care +

With so many changes happening so quickly…being disoriented, feeling unsafe or not being able to adhere to your regular routines has a lot of people feeling off balance.  Be gentle with yourself!  The Universe has been asking you to practice self-care in preparation for this moment, now it is time to put it to good use! (Smiling) Taking care of your mind, body and soul will give you the strength and fortitude to continue learning and growing into the future.  You are worthy and deserving of it. ~ Creator


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