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How often do you nurture yourself? Your dictionary defines nurture as ‘caring for and encouraging the growth or development’. During the shifts within the shift, it is easy to forget that, in nurturing those around you, you also need some. (Smiling) Today, take some time to find out what you need and move toward doing it. In your life, carving out time for self-care may be challenging but, being healthy in mind, body and spirit is one of the most important things you can do right now. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Show some love, respect and treat yourself gently during these intense learning times. You deserve it. ~ Creator

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Darling…yes, you!
Look around.
Yes, right now.
What do you see?
Yes! That is right; the world around you!

You have spent too much of this shift inside, head down, looking at or
through a screen at amazing things. Most seem to have forgotten that you have the ability to absorb and recall any moment without the assistance of some kind of device! (Laughing) It is called experience!

But, there is an added extra bonus! It is true! It is called sensory input; taste, touch, sound and emotion…much more meaningful and satisfying, to be sure!
Today, you are invited to put down the ‘toys’ and reacquaint your brain with this built-in skill…and trust that things really do happen without recorded proof! ~ Creator

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A Thoughtful, Peaceful State

Over the next few weeks, there will be situations that may trigger you.  It is completely up to you how to handle them.  Even though you have the conscious awareness of the changes in progress and it may be very tempting to slip back into old ways – including those wonderful knee-jerk reactions. (Smiling) The new information being provided to you now will help you release the initial ‘human’ reactions and put you in a more thoughtful, peaceful state where you can make an informed choice on how you will respond.  As always, the choice is yours and remember, The Universe is supporting you every step of the way. ~ Creator

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A Few More…

The latest wave of energy introduced to your world has turned many of you upside down…again. (Smiling) Due to the great changes coming toward the end of the year, is worth mentioning that these uber surges are for your benefit.  What feels like an exhausting exercise in futility will become the base on which these changes grow and come to fruition.  I know you are tired, dear one, but The Universe is asking that you go a bit further.  Practice your self-care and know that you are always loved and supported along the way. ~ Creator

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Stay Or Go…

There will be moments where you are definitely not where you want to be or doing what you want to be doing.  The thought process involved in the decision to move or stay may be a challenging one.  Please keep in mind that even though you are looking forward with a positive attitude, the negatives of the current situation may keep you exactly where you are now.  Regardless of your vibrational level, The Universe always responds in kind.  Remember, the conscious voice as well as the subconscious thought process.  When both are positive, a definitive move forward will always occur. ~ Creator

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In the bustle of the energetic changes in progress right now, you may have forgotten one thing. You, my dearest and most darling child, have a front row seat to one of the most important evolutions of man! The heart and the soul of each human on your Earth plane has been longing for this moment for eons. Some have even envisioned the result of this great change and it is beautiful! As this monumental phase continues; there will be ups and downs as well a some ‘sideways’ moment but, please do not it distract you from your important work. There is much to be done, much to see and changed within. You are up to the challenge…if you were not, you would not have chosen to be a part of this particular now. Go get ‘em, Tiger! ~ Creator

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In This Together

Just for today…look around you and do a bit of people watching.  Each person will be in their own stage of their own journey.  Some will be in pain, others will be okay, and some may angry or a bit robotic.  Why are you being asked to do this?  This little bit of homework is a conscious reminder that each and every one of you is walking a path the best way you know how.  It is also a reminder to yourself that there is no ‘right’ way to get where you are going.  You take a step forward and then another….and yet another.  It may feel as if road is long and tedious.  Even when you feel lonely and unsupported, know The Universe is right there with you.  Have a little faith and show some love to your fellow travelers.  You are all in this together. ~ Creator

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All About Attitude

Every once in a while, life with throw a curve-ball at you.  This is not to make you suffer or to hurt you in any way.  It is The Universe’s way of getting your attention, of saying, “See, you can work with this or rise above…it has always been your choice.”  If you step back and really look at the situation/experience, you will see some old patterns emerging.  Rather than kvetching about it (which keeps that energy coming to you), look at it for what it is.  Learn about it.  Get to know it intimately.  Once those steps have been completed, you can release it with peace and joy. (Smiling) Honestly, you have done this very thing many times before.  The only thing that makes it different is your attitude.  Keep it positive and know that things can/will change! ~ Creator

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The Opening Of A Window…

Along with the wave of incoming energy is the opening of a window.  A level of truth and transparency will be revealed to you about yourself as well as others and it may be quite shocking.  Things in your life that you felt were positive may change and show a side you never knew existed.  Do not despair, dear one!  Again, this is being done to prepare you for the changes coming at the end of your year.  This opportunity is being presented to you, so you may take stock of what you have now, what you are willing to release and what you choose to create.  This is not a ‘bad thing’…it is just another step in your journey of growth and learning.  Use it well! ~ Creator

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Maintaining Peace

As the energy begin to rise for the next phase, butterflies and tremblings of anticipation are increasing as well.  Because some of you have been raised in a less than ideal environment, it may be mistaken for anxiety or fear.  One of the things being introduced now is a way to clearly identify your emotions.  Today, rather than relying on your ‘old ways’, you are being invited to take a step back, breathe and really feel what is coming in.  The world may appear to be in chaos, this does not mean that you must participate.  Know that The Universe will always guide and support you through your personal progress.  In maintaining the peace and love you so richly deserve, you are radiating to your world in the best possible way. ~ Creator


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