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Through The Eyes…

One of the most important things you can do during this massive shift is to be kind.  An experience like this has never happened on your Earth-plane and each of you is going through your own unique set of challenges and reacting a different way.  Rather than judging, look at them through the eyes of compassion.  This does not mean you need to abandon the boundaries you have so lovingly established…it does mean that others just ‘need a break’ sometimes.  Allow them the time and space to process as you would for yourself.  Each and every one of you is worthy and deserving of it. ~ Creator

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The Uphill Climb

As you have noticed, the spiritual incline during this particular phase of the shift is getting steeper.  Things may be becoming more challenging because there is more deep clearing on the agenda.  Even those with an even temper are becoming more erratic as things come to the surface to be released.  When triggers are happening, being patient may be the last thing on your mind, however, that is exactly what The Universe is asking of you.  Take a step back and breathe…is an action or reaction worth the time?  Is it smarter to walk away than to stay involved?  As you continue to move forward at what seems an arduous pace, always remember you are guided and supported.  Rest assured, the end result will be worth the effort. ~ Creator

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Your Focus

Ponder this today; while you are waiting for other things to materialize, your life is in process.  There are people you meet every day, places to see and things to do.  However, you may put them on hold because you are waiting for one very specific moment to occur.  The laser beam focus you put forth does not make this thing materialize any faster, it does not make the wait shorter, it may very well cut you off from opportunities The Universe is lovingly sending your way.  Dearest one, remember the existence around you, enjoy your life, revel in your humanness!  That way, the wait will not seem quite so long. ~ Creator

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Where Great Things Begin…

Now that you have had a few moments to settle into this shift, what do you want to accomplish with the new energy?  Keep in mind that it does not have to be grand, it can be something small.  It does not have to change the world, but it could very well change another’s life.  It most certainly does not have to make a huge statement, oftentimes a whisper is enough. Whatever you choose, choose with your heart and soul because, after all, that is where all great things begin. ~ Creator

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Your Beautiful Soul

Your beauty does not exist in the exterior shell that is your body.  It does not exist in the things you do for others, it certainly does not exist in how others perceive you.  Your true beauty lies in how you show your soul to the world!

It may be challenging to walk around with an open heart knowing others may not understand the reasoning behind it.  But you, my brave and beautiful one, know the intrinsic gifts of it.  Take the courage, power and understanding of The Universe and use it to your best advantage…show the way for others.  Those who are willing to listen, will take up the mantle as well. ~ Creator

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Take A Break

Take a break, dear one.  Go outside and play, create something beautiful with your hands, be with the ones you love, enjoy the fact that you are here – living your life – in the best way you know how.  As challenging as it may be sometimes, taking time out for you and your self-care is imperative.  Remember, you deserve it! ~ Creator

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Heavy Lifting

Welcome to the next phase, powerful ones!  Some of you may be riding the wave like a body surfer yelling, “WOO HOO” at the top of your lungs.  Some may be chugging along like ‘the little train that could’, however, most of you noticed this energy is requiring quite a bit of heavy lifting on your part. (Smiling) The very deepest parts of you are undergoing a major retro-fitting and, to put it very plainly, this is hard work!

The Universe could go through all the things you have heard before; keep breathing, ground out, stay centered…just as you have been doing.  There is one thing that needs to be added to that list; it is time to re-think who you are and where, exactly, you will be fitting in to the new existence being created now.  This will not demand that you focus every thought of every moment of the day on it, thank goodness!  It is asking you to be consciously aware of the signs The Universe is sending your way.  These signs will give you options and choices you may not have thought of before.  As always, you are supported and loved throughout the process.  You have made excellent progress so far…keep up the good work! ~ Creator

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For The Good Of All

The energy from the latest wave of the shift is very strong and may feel overwhelming to you.  Because of this, it is imperative to keep yourself in as peaceful a space as possible because manifestations are becoming reality more quickly than ever before.  Your power of manifestation is not something to fear.  Just as any other gift, it was given by The Universe and, when used properly and with pure intent, has the possibility of changing your world. Use it for the good of all! ~ Creator

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A Time Of Inclusion

A milestone has been reached, a line has been crossed and a great sigh from the collective has been released.  You have made it this far; be proud of yourself! (Smiling) The changing seasons also represent a leap forward in the current shift.  Now is the time to let go of your fears of being left behind because no one is being left behind!  Each of you is going through this at your own pace and that is how it was intended.

If you are further along in your journey; offer your wisdom and knowledge and a helping hand to those who feel they are struggling.

If you feel you are lagging behind; know you are exactly where you should be in this beautiful moment.

If you just starting your grand adventure; know that it is perfectly okay (and acceptable) to seek out and ask for assistance.

Now is not the time for ego…it is a time for inclusion and cooperation, unconditional love and acknowledgment.  Recognize your brothers and sisters for who they are knowing you are all working toward a common goal. As always, The Universe is there to guide and encourage you in a way that works in your highest and best. ~ Creator

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One Horizon

You are being invited to take a few moments of your day and ponder this; you may imagine yourself wander through your existence, doing what you normally do and not fully understanding the impact you have on the lives around you.  A smile here, a nod there, a kind word given at just the right time may, indeed, save a life.  Profound, is it not?  When you have a conscious awareness of the impact you have on those around you, your thinking (and feelings) will begin to take a different shape.  A softer, more understanding you will emerge.

If you feel as if you are one of the ‘lonely ones’ that seems to be invisible, remember to look for those sweet, subtle signs that there are humans who care…care about you and the direction you are traveling.  Remember, dearest ones, you are on the same ship sailing toward the same horizon.  It is time for inclusion and togetherness, embrace the connection! ~ Creator


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