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A Little Peace

Can you feel it dear one?  A deep and settled peace is enveloping your Earth at this moment…a time to take a break from taking a break so to speak. (Smiling) So many shifts/changes have happened in the past few weeks, you may feel weary to the core.  Give yourself the gift of breathing in life, allow all your pieces to come back together and integrate to the best of your ability… The Universe will help with the rest. ~ Creator

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Anything But Normal…

The Universe knows that you may be tired of the current energetic changes and ready to get back to what you feel is your normal life.  You are being gently reminded that things from this point forward may not resemble anything you recognize as normal.  This shift was meant to change the very fabric of your existence. (Smiling) Adapting has been one of mankind’s greatest skills and you have done an excellent job but, a little more may be needed.  Do not be dismayed, dearest child.  When you walk out the other side, know that you have contributed in ways beyond your understanding. ~ Creator

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The Only Thing Left…

Lipstick and paint, smoke and mirrors, machismo and bravado…….. all parts of the ego. When it is all said and done, the only thing left is you. Will you be happy with your journey? If the answer is uncertain, it is time to change what you are and become what you are meant to be. ~ Creator

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Just Ask

Imagine that you are standing in a room of mirrors. In every direction, there are an infinite number of ‘yous’. Now imagine that each reflection has its own thoughts, feelings and set of experiences that got them to where YOU stand at this very moment. With that limitless potential, why contain yourself to just one reality. It is all available to you……just ask. ~ Creator

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Another Wave…

It is time again to prepare for another intense wave of energy approaching your Earth.  The Universe knows that some of the changes going on right now may be overwhelming but, you will be able to weather this well. (Smiling) One of the most important skills you can use is your ability to integrate the information being provided and use it in your everyday life.  If you find yourself having a challenging time, ask for help.  There has never been any shame in it and knowing others are experiencing the same things will assist you in assimilating it more quickly.  And, as always, The Universe is by your side every step of the way. ~ Creator

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Take a few moments today and think about what you have learned, how you have changed and what you have been manifesting for yourself and others.  Since every thought and action has a vibration, what have you chosen to add to your world?  You have been given an amazing opportunity to affect the consciousness of the Earth!  The ripples of it will continue moving and eventually come back to you.  With that in mind, The Universe is asking you to continue staying as positive and loving as possible during this challenging time and know that all will be well. ~ Creator

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Kindness is not reserved only for those who treat you kindly. Compassion is not given to only those that show it to you. Unconditional Love is not kept in store, given to only those you feel are deserving of it. The Universe gives these things freely to all humans regardless of who they are or where they live.

As you move forward into a changed world, it may be worth your while to release any of these beliefs, starting with yourself. Each of you is worthy and deserving of kindness, compassion, and Unconditional Love. ~ Creator

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Saving Humanity

What if, for one day, you treated every person you came in contact with as if they were the key to saving humanity? The petty differences and emotional disturbances you occasionally magnify would disappear, yes?

Here is a surprise for you; each person you meet on an daily basis IS the key to saving humanity! Everyone carries a piece of The Universe within their hearts…..treat it, and them, lovingly, respectfully and with the same care you show yourself. The beauty you find will always astound you! ~ Creator

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Your Own Generator

If you have not already begun, it is time to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.  No one can make you feel good, bad, angry or hurt unless you choose it.  Yes, the behavior of others may cause an emotional reaction but, you are your own generator. (Smiling) Release the need to let others be responsible for your existence.  It is your truth…your path…your life. ~ Creator


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