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With Clear Eyes

The key word for the next few days is gentle.  With the most recent shifts, there has been a lot of crashing about, huge changes being assimilated and a chaotic atmosphere that would send the most balanced human swinging out of control.

Now is the time to breath!  Now is the time to relax and give yourself a moment or two.  The beauty of a human existence means you have a choice, the free will and power to allow some much deserved quiet.  Embracing that which feeds your soul makes you stronger and much more willing to see the path ahead with clear eyes. ~ Creator

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More On Self-Care…

Dearest one…you must remember to rest!  With the vast number of changes going on (physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and to your world), giving your body and spirit time to adjust is imperative!  This does not mean taking yourself completely out of commission, just slow down a bit. (Smiling)

You have been waiting so long for these changes and all you want to do is integrate them as quickly as possible.  Taking a little extra time to learn will give you the knowledge of how to use your new tools.  It is about self-care and allowing yourself the time embrace them in a way that is best for you. ~ Creator

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The Strongest Force

As your Earth plane moves faster toward a peaceful space so many have been visualizing, the ‘negative’ will get louder and more insistent. Now, it may seem as if more damage is being done but, the opposite is true. ‘Negative’ loves attention; it likes to scream and howl, stomp its feet, destroy and wreak as much havoc as possible. There is so very little of it in your world now that it will do anything it can to attract notice.

If you feel yourself/your energy being enveloped, take a step back and do an assessment. If you know it is not of you/your energy and you are safe in all ways, take a deep breath and send Unconditional Love…the strongest force in The Universe! ‘Negative’ cannot stand against it. You have that power, use it! ~ Creator

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Set In Motion…

It may not seem like it but, your Earth plane has turned a huge corner.  The majority is waking up to the possibility that there may be flaws in your society and are moving to change it.  Think of it as an engine that has not operated in a few decades; it is mechanically sound, the moving parts have been greased and, ever so slowly, the wheels are beginning to turn.  There will, of course, be those who say that it will never work but, you…you know that it will!  Keep moving forward and know The Universe has set in motion a movement toward peace that cannot be stopped. ~ Creator

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A Quick Peek…

Now that most of the heavy lifting of this shift has passed, it is time to go within to see what you have acquired.  It does not have to be a marathon session; just a quick peek to see what is new.  As you acquaint yourself with these new skills, give them a little try.  If things were a bit rough, they may smooth out.  If things appeared chaotic, that may mellow a bit.  Release any worry you may have about adapting to them, all The Universe gives you is always in your highest and best for the highest and best. ~ Creator

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Time To Allow

This shift is giving you some very important tools to work with.  Now that they are in place, it is time to re-think, re-assess and release.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted by overthinking.  Know it is there and begin! (Smiling) This is something you have been waiting for, it is here…time to allow! ~ Creator

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There is beauty in growth, even if that growth is knock-down, drag-out challenging.  There is joy in change, even if that change is momentarily painful.  There is peace in learning, even if that learning means stepping through a minefield of your own thoughts and feelings.  The Universe wants you to know that, through it all, your beauty outshines everything!  And when you have reached the other side, life begins again, better than it ever was. ~ Creator

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You are being asked to make this another peaceful day.  Allow ample room for self-care and much deserved quiet time.  The current shift may be overtaxing your systems so, it is imperative to listen to your body/soul and what it is telling you.  Release others’ actions and attitudes, it is their journey and certainly not personal.  Like you, they are processing this shift in ways that are most comfortable for themselves.  Lend your ear and shoulder to those beginning their awakening now and let them know The Universe is supporting you all.  You have done this before, have moved through it in a glorious fashion and can do it again…emerging on the other side stronger than ever before. ~ Creator


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