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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 4, 2019

There are so many supports in place to help you navigate changing energies. The sun will cleanse, heal, and nourish you. Salt is a wonderful cleansing element both for your body (submerge your body in salt water) and for your living space (sprinkle around your space and vacuum up and dispose after you intuitively feel it has done its job). The earth will ground and balance you.

The synergistic relationship between you and the natural elements around you has always been in place in order to assure your success. Embracing the supports that are there to serve you moves you through your own evolution with much greater comfort and ease. Sometimes the simplest methods are the most effective, and taking advantage of the loving support your environment wishes to provide you is actively choosing to be a wise and willing part of the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday June 3, 2019

Being in a state of resistance is emanating a loud energetic no to everything. It can be difficult to shift from resistance to acceptance. What if you could shift from resistance to the idea of selectivity?

Being selective means agreeing to some inclusion which softens your resistance and opens you to some areas of expansion and forward movement. As you become more positively focused by choosing what you would like to include, you begin to be more present and comfortable, and from there gratitude will naturally occur. And just like that you will have shifted into the space that you can create and grow from.

Never be afraid to use stepping stones to help you get from one energetic place to another! We encourage you to try many different incremental approaches until you find the ones that are most effective and easiest for you to remember to use. This is all part of getting to know and guide yourself like never before which can be the most wonderful process of discovery! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 2, 2019

As you turn your focus on healing, many of you become stuck waiting for closure. We understand you wish to wrap up a phase or experience, but holding on for closure to come from someone can be a faulty practice. We will explain why.

Your healing is a self guided process. Waiting for closure to come from another is placing your healing in the hands of someone else. It is giving your power away.

Worse, it is placing your healing in the hands of a person who has already hurt you and proven they haven’t been able to see you in your truth and worth. So, now your healing becomes dependant upon another person’s healing and growth and there is no guarantee when or if that person will achieve what is necessary to offer you the acknowledgment you seek.

If someone has hurt you to the point where you need closure it is highly unlikely they have the wisdom or vantage point to give you what you need for healing. It is not that they have some secret wellspring of love and awareness that they have been withholding from you, it is more likely that they simply do not have it to give at this time in their incarnation. Looking for healing from them would be much like looking to a hot stove for comfort after you have burned yourself.

So what do you do?  Please understand you need nothing outside of yourself to get the closure you are seeking. The most beautiful wrapping up of an old issue or wound comes through your own self love and the recognition that you deserve much better. It is assuming the role of your own loving parent, guide, and best friend.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 1, 2019

If you find you are wishing away your time or pushing through one unpleasant obligation to another, perhaps it is time to step back and reevaluate. Isn’t it time to create a life you want to savour? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday May 27, 2019

Many of you have been uncomfortable with your feelings and emotions, attempting to deny or gloss over them in the past. You are now understanding that they need to be acknowledged and dealt with, but that can still feel daunting as it is a new skill you are developing.

Your emotions are not the enemy, Dear Ones, they are simply and indicator on what needs your love and healing in the case of what you consider to be negative emotion, or feedback for what is in resonance with your soul in the case of what you consider to be positive emotion.

From that understanding you can now view your emotions as a beautiful feedback tool for your own state of alignment and simply thank them for their service. If you can see their loving purpose, rather than resisting them, you can embrace them for the wealth of information they provide. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: I will be travelling this week so there will be no daily messages while I am on the road. They will resume once I get settled back home. Have a wonderful week!

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 26, 2019

What is presenting for many enlightening human beings right now is the opportunity to heal ancestral trauma. For many of you this means reviewing your upbringing and lineage.

Some of you are discovering secrets about your family, details you didn’t know about that are simply extra pieces of information to allow you to process and release the full scope of energy you wish to move beyond. For many of you, this old theme will finally be wrapping up and becoming part of your past story, not your current energetics.

This is the completion of a major area of focus you wished to explore in the first phase of your incarnation. You are putting the finishing touches of healing on this because these are energies that are not aligned with the next phase of your incarnation, and need to be left in the past.

This means taking any gifts that came from the situation, acknowledging all of it, honouring your feelings, acknowledging them with love, thanking them for their service, and letting them go. A great many enlightening human beings have backgrounds of abuse, having chosen difficult paths for the purpose of developing compassion and keeping their own sensitivities on high, for those specific traits would serve them well as they stepped into their purpose and service as adults.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 25, 2019

What would it be like to be healed? As you make the pivotal shift from doing to being, at some point you will move away from the practice of endlessly looking for what needs healing and simply allow yourself to be healed. We love you for your diligence but troubleshooting mode will always find you more trouble to shoot. What if you surrendered into being whole and healed and proceeded with the knowledge if there is anything you need to address it will come into your awareness?  How much time and focus would that free up for you? How much more peaceful would that feel? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 24, 2019

Dear Ones, please know that perfection is not required in order to make great change. You do not need to have 100% compliance with a new way of being in order to be successful.  What you do need is consistency, a desire to redirect should you forget to employ the changes you wish to make. The energetic scales tip when you do things the majority of the time.

So be kind and gentle with yourselves as you evolve. You will act from your heart beautifully at times, and other times you may default into old habits. But every time you choose again, you redefine yourselves and your intentions, and before long that consistency becomes a new habit.

Hear us when we say you are doing a remarkable job! You will get much further celebrating your successes than beating yourselves up for your humanity which, by the way, we think is one of the most beautiful things about you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 23, 2019

If you find yourself in circumstances that are not your preference, there are two questions you can ask to shift the situation. The first is, “What can I find to love about this situation?” The second is, “How can I bring love into this situation?” Choosing to lead with love will always, always open the door for exploration and expansion which allows transformation and growth to occur. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 22, 2019

It is very easy to become resistant if you have fallen into a habit of negative focus. It is natural to want to resist what doesn’t feel good to you or what you fear may take you to a worse place. But again we say you cannot create what you want while continuing to engage energetically with what is unwanted. The two exist on completely different lines of potential.

So how do you shift your focus? Consciously start to look for things that are working well for you. You can prompt yourself with questions. You might ask, “What beauty can I see right now?” “What is working in my life?” This might be something as simple as going to the tap and being able to turn it and have fresh water. It is something you can count on that adds immeasurably to your comfort and well being. What gifts exist in your right now moment that have been so consistent you can take them for granted?

You might take a moment to wonder at the body that serves you so well, and has since you have taken your first breath. You might be grateful for your brain that allows you to think, and process, and learn. What brings you enjoyment? It might be your favourite book or tv show. What can you wear that always boosts your mood? What smells good?


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