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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 31, 2018

A reader recently asked, “Why are some of us still dealing with so many lower frequency experiences in our reality, even though we have applied everything we have learned to move beyond them? What are we not understanding? How do we move beyond these experiences?” We would like to address this today.

We understand it can be disconcerting to be so dedicated to your own growth and evolution and have challenging situations occur. In no way does this mean your work has been ineffective! There are many reasons why this can occur.

While in some instances, it can be an indicator of an aspect of you that is still looking for your love and attention, in many cases these experiences are not because you haven’t grown, but rather to show you how far you have grown. It is an opportunity to show up from your latest level of attainment and see how differently you handle it compared to how you might have handled the same situation a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago. How can you gauge your growth if you don’t have experiences to see how far you have come?

In other circumstances you may have an experience because your soul has volunteered to bring balance and stabilizing energy to others who have not yet been able to create that for themselves. Many of you hold the role of both anchor and filter. In other words, you are there to bring the love and the light using your energetics to be of service.

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 30, 2018

Your underlying fears that get triggered and bubble up are much like a toddler who is overwhelmed that suddenly acts out and tantrums. If you respond by being reactive, you know you only accelerate the energy. When any portion of you is at overwhelm it needs calm, consistent love and reassurance. It is looking for your empowered self to compassionately understand what is going on, to take the lead, and create a space of safety where needs can be met. This is absolutely a role you can assume just by taking a moment of exploration and awareness, to honour all parts of yourself, to shepherd and include, with your own unique wisdom and understanding. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 29, 2018

When you are emotionally triggered by another the first thing to ask yourself is what fear has been activated in you. Is it true? Is it a real threat? Is it even yours? Is it pertinent to today or is it old energy? Explore the fear and the emotions that drive it.

Then ask yourself what empowered steps you can take now to create beyond the fear based on who you are today. Your fears stem from a feeling of powerlessness. Your ability to shift into being a conscious co-creator will allow you to put that fear to rest and to navigate beyond it. It is this practice of self exploration and self guidance that will allow you to stay in a far more centred space during periods of energetic intensity. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday July 28, 2018

What beauty and magic can you choose to see in your life today? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

The weekend replays are up! If you missed my interview on Beyond the Ordinary where we talked all about Choosing a Beautiful, Magical Life, no worries! You can catch it for free here: www.beyondtheordinaryshow/replays/ Hope you enjoy it!

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Daily Message ~ Friday July 27, 2018

As you move forward from the doing phase of your incarnation into the being phase, you start to step away from what you feel you should do into what you feel guided to do. (Be aware of the word should, for it often involves judgment of self and dismissing your true wants and needs. It is an indicator of operating through the mind and attempting to work against the energies, while being guided is being led by the heart which is loving, connective, and works with what the energies support).

By allowing yourself to move how you are guided to, you begin to surrender and flow into your highest good, which automatically honours the highest good of others. Because you are surrendered into what your best service is however it wishes to present itself that day, you step out of the second guessing of yourself into deep trust in the unfoldment, which allows far more presence and peace than you have ever experienced before. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 26, 2018

With your awareness, we suggest you pay attention to how many times you deem yourself, or others, wrong. You might be surprised to discover it is far more often than you realize. This is a good indicator of how much resistance you are still experiencing towards life.

To shift out of this, you may wish to simply observe when you fall into that habit and then refocus. You might try an affirmation that feels good to you. You could try, “We are all beloved aspects of Source.” “God is guiding me now.” “We are all doing the best that we can.” “We are all in this together.” “Everyone is the master of their own path.” “Everyone has their own innate wisdom as well as the assistance of guides and helpers.” “I trust in the unfoldment.” “I choose to remember who I really am.”

Before you are in a state of resistance, think of an affirmation you can use that helps you feel the energy of acceptance. Even a simple, “I love you”, is a wonderful go-to statement you can apply to yourself and others, for it includes rather than separates, which is an act of acceptance. When you get out of the well entrenched habit of resistance, Dear Ones, you will find much more flow, peace, and comfort in all areas of your lives. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 25, 2018

Your mind navigates through control and effort. Your heart navigates through freedom and flow. Which method do you think holds the most potential, comfort, and ease for you? Is it time for you to finally let go of the old systems and habits that simply cannot get you where you wish to go? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 24, 2018

Your energetic shifting will take on its own ebb and flow. There will be times when you are integrating new energy and that will take precedence over all other things. During such times, you may not feel like doing some of your typical spiritual practices. Instead, you may be drawn to activities that focus on the body and the human experience. Once you have fully integrated the latest shift into your body, if you are allowing yourself to flow with the energies, you will get back into your more spiritual interests.

Your soul knows exactly what it is doing during your enlightenment process. Allow it to take the lead. You are not just spiritual, nor are you just human. You are both and both are equally important. There will be times when it is best for one aspect to take the lead for a while. You are in a dance of release, receive, integrate, ground, and repeat. All of it serves your evolution, so trust and allow what you are feeling drawn to as the empowered expert on you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Reminder: My latest interview with John Burgos on Beyond the Ordinary is being replayed tonight! You can catch it at 8 pm EDT at We talked all about taking your co-creation to the next level and choosing a beautiful, magical life. It was so positive and full of helpful information, you won’t want to miss it!

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 23, 2018

We would like to present an exercise for you to try this week. We would suggest you to agree to do two things – to stop making yourself wrong for being who you are, and to stop making others wrong for being who they are.

Yes, this is an exercise in acceptance. Can you speak to yourself with love and understanding for an entire week? Can you practice forgiveness for any experiences you would choose a different approach for now and see it as growth? Can you see the entirety of your life expression as doing the best that you could at any given time? Can you see it as a series of experiences that helped you self define and expand? Can you take those exact same questions and apply them to others? Can you resist the urge to make yourself wrong if you forget and fall into your old habits and gently redirect yourself with understanding and love?

Your willingness to do so allows you to shift out of berating to encouraging, from rejection to love, from judgment to acceptance, from separation to inclusion. It creates a safe space within yourself, and between you and others. It allows you to express faith and trust in the divine capability of every person on the planet which is incredibly empowering to everyone involved. The beautiful by product of the consistent application of acceptance is patience, peace, and unconditional love, which all feel wonderful because those are the energies of Home. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 22, 2018

Most enlightening human beings have been sensitive souls their entire lives. Often you have been judged for that sensitivity, treated as through it was a less than desirable trait to have. In truth, it has been your greatest asset, and is serving you well as you continue to grow and expand.

Many of you have tried to conform in order to avoid judgment from others and protect your sensitive natures. This has been a survival tactic but one that has put you in resistance to yourselves. We would like to offer a healing exercise for this today.

We wish for you to sit quietly and think of all the times you have tamped yourself down in order to gain another’s approval. You may remember specific times, or simply have a sense of how many times it has happened. In this right now moment, we invite you to call back the power you gave away to someone who was not able to see you in your truth. You may experience it as little fragments of self. Feel the joy and excitement both you and those pieces of you feel as they are being called home to reintegrate with you.

Next we invite you to ask to be shown all the times you made yourself be wrong for who you really are. Imagine all of those little fragments of self light up with acknowledgement and healing as they joyfully accept your invitation to come back home to you.


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