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Daily Message ~ Sunday November 25, 2018

Shelley’s note: I have heard from so many of you who seem to be in the in-between phase where you are feeling done with where you have been but don’t quite know where you are going. It is common to experience the pregnant pause when you have completed one timeline and haven’t yet shifted onto a new one yet. You have gone through these phases before and they do come to an end, just like you eventually land at your destination even if it has felt like a particularly long flight. If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it is that our expansion is a constant. Message 189 from my book, Healing Balm for the Enlightening Soul addresses the pregnant pause, so I thought I would share it as today’s daily message.

A lot of enlightening human beings are experiencing the pregnant pause. You have finished up, to a great extent, the life you have lived up to this point, but have not yet seen where your new life will be taking you. This can be an uncomfortable feeling, as many will experience a great urge to do something but cannot quite put their finger on what it is they should be doing.

It is so important to use this “hurry up and wait” period as an opportunity to rest and keep your clarity about what you would like to create. Rest assured that the time for movement will come before you know it, and the best thing to do in the meantime is to keep your balance and gratitude, and dream big about what you would like your next grand adventure to be.

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Daily Message ~ Friday November 23, 2018

There is a tendency in human beings to make declarations that they will never do something again if they have tried something and it hasn’t worked out. You do this in your desire to take back control in an area where you are feeling powerless. What you may not realize is such declarations can be detrimental to you.

Dear Ones, you are beings of flow, and your abundance and expansion is dependant upon you embracing that flow. Simply put, control slows your flow. Such vows are usually fear based which is a very constrictive energy. They can also keep you energetically tethered to what you do not want through your focus, which is always your blessing of continuation.

You do not need to make grand sweeping declarations in your life because the energies are forever changing and your empowerment comes from making decisions one now moment at a time. Deciding to be present and to make each choice based on the energy you are in at any given time will feel much better to you and will keep you moving forward with openness and acceptance while operating from your latest level of mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 21, 2018

We have spoken extensively about the fact that you are completing the first phase of your incarnation and stepping forward into a brand new phase. You are wrapping things up much like you would do a life review at the end of a lifetime. For many of you what you have lived through and have been working on healing and releasing will start to feel very far removed, much like a pastlife.

Old patterns that would have had you triggered before will no longer hold a charge. Ways you used to give your power away are no longer an option.  Areas of your life that you had trouble standing up for yourself are not challenges anymore because you have stepped off of that timeline.

Some of you are already in your new phase, some of you are in the transition between the two, and others haven’t quite finished wrapping up the old yet. How do you know where you are?

If you are in the next phase of your incarnation, even though all the elements may not have come together and you are just getting glimpses of the new, you have a clear feeling that you belong where you are and that you have stepped into a new beginning. You may have moved or experienced other major life events such as changing careers or life partners (or all of the above!) You are not feeling any urge to travel or leave, but rather will be busy grounding into the energy of where you are with your presence.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 20, 2018

As you continue your enlightenment journey, you understand that it is all about growth and expansion. It is because you have become aware of the importance of that expansion you will become more aware of freedom and how essential it is for all beings.

You may naturally start to let go of anything that feels restrictive and start to resonate more and more with things that allow you your own unique expression of freedom.  You may find yourself drawn to rearranging your work life in order to have more time to yourself. You will seek relationships that honour you in your own unique needs for self expression and growth. You will find yourself creating space in any area of your life that had become constrained or restrictive, much like you would clean out your closet and release any old clothes that are too small and uncomfortable to wear.

You will also seek to honour the freedom in all other beings, as you become more aware of how essential an element it is for the health and wellness of all. You will naturally shift into supporting the freedom of others through this new level of understanding and wisdom.  And it will be through this new respect for the sacredness and importance of freedom that your relationship with all things will shift and become more accepting and respectful, as well. This is yet another way that your profound growth is supporting the energies moving forward into the new earth you are all so diligently creating the foundation for. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday November 19, 2018

As you continue along your healing journey, many old patterns and habits will be up for review and for change. What often accompanies this is a need for the readjustment of boundaries.

Healthy boundaries have been a major theme for enlightening human beings. Simply put, healthy boundaries are about creating a space that is loving and empowering for all. What that means may shift or move according to each individual situation.

A simple rule of thumb you may wish to use as you explore the creation of healthy boundaries is to simply make sure that you are never more invested in another person’s wellness than they are in their own, and to make sure you are not more invested in another person’s wellness more than you are in your own.  Making sure if you do step up to give assistance you are doing it from your heart and not from obligation or an unhealthy desire to control is important. To give under such circumstances often leads to resentment.

You are wise, Dear Ones, and by simply stopping and evaluating from your latest level of mastery, you will be able to find the place that supports everyone in showing up in their highest expression of self.  Sometimes that might mean stepping in with others to help stabilize them during crisis, other times it might be stepping back and offering encouragement so they can find their own divine capability. Allow your boundaries to be part of the flow of support, love, and wellness for all, and you cannot make a mistake. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday November 18, 2018

Dear Ones, you are ever shifting beings of flow. What that means is that your needs are ever changing. There may be times of release, or times of integration. There will be times of giving, and times of receiving. Times of connection and times of solitude. Times of activity and times of rest. Times of being love and times of being loved.

What we urge is that you not make yourself wrong over any of it. If you can simply stay present and trust what it is that is needed and supported at any given time, you will embrace your divine nature of being part of a much larger flow, and you will understand that everything you could ever need will be identified and provided for you through the natural rhythm of the universe. You will also discover that the balance you seek is inherently part of that larger flow that you are already a beloved part of. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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17 Nov Daily Message ~ Saturday November 17, 2018

The more self aware and self loving you become, the more you allow yourself to move with what the flow is supporting on any given day. That may not seem like much to you but it is a profound shift, for not only does it create more freedom and assistance in your life, it also allows you to be far more efficient in all you do.

It moves you out of effort into flow, which is wisely harnessing the power of the universe in your own life expression. It also lets you experience far more peace and acceptance in your life because you understand if something isn’t being supported it is meant to be addressed another day.

This is working with the operating system of the new earth, and once you become used to navigating through self love and flow you will wonder how you ever did things the old way for as long as you did. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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