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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 2, 2018

The universe works with essence. It responds to the energy of both what you hold and what you focus upon. Your focus is your blessing of continuation, your non-verbal feedback. This is why gratitude is such a powerful tool because it both shifts your energy and focuses on what you what more of.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be in denial of what is unwanted in your life. There will be times that things come up that you don’t want and need your attention. For example, old emotions may surface looking to be acknowledged and released. You can tend to that job and then get back to what is an energetic match to you today. It is simply a matter of energetic sifting. What you do not want to do is continually engage with what is unwanted as that further solidifies and continues your connection with it.

Do you see? If you stay in surrender and flow if something needs to be addressed it will seamlessly come up into your awareness. You can do what it required and then get back to co-creation. You can very efficiently do what needs to be done while still putting the majority of your focus on what you prefer and wish to experience, continually honing your energetics and staying in forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 1, 2018

In rapidly changing energies it is common to find yourself in a space where you just don’t know what to do. If you find yourself in such a place, we have a very simple suggestion – just love.

Express love to another. Love yourself. Align with Source and feel that love. Express your love by petting an animal or tending the earth. Willingly surrender into the flow of love and be the love that you are.

It is the most brilliant go-to move that fits all situations and serves both you and the whole in the most wonderful ways. Just love, Dear Ones, secure in the fact that it is always your highest choice. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

A big thank you to everyone who sent donations, beautiful notes, and well wishes for the month of May! I am honoured to be part of such a loving, caring community. I’ll be announcing and notifying the winner of the draw later on today. Good luck! :)

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 31, 2018

A reader responded to yesterday’s daily message asking how they could “unset up” some of the opportunities (sometimes referred to by you as lessons or tests) they have placed on their path for their growth and expansion and move into more joy. We wish to address this today.

You will have specific themes you wish to experience and master within your incarnation. They will loop around periodically to give you opportunities to see them in new ways, to choose how you wish to react, and assess how much you have grown.

What if you approached a theme much like you would a theatre production that comes into your community to offer the same play every once in a while. You could decide you don’t ever want to see it and avoid it completely. You could decide you will see it next time. You could decide to show up and have the experience. You could decide you would like to see it again because it still has something for you. You could decide you don’t need to have the experience again because you’ve already taken everything it has to offer you from the previous appearances you have attended. It is merely giving you an opportunity.

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 30, 2018

There is a belief that you are continually faced with tests or lessons throughout your lifetime. The idea of being tested by Source is faulty for it implies that you are being judged or graded, that you can pass or fail, and that is simply not true.

What you consider to be tests or lessons are simply opportunities for you to change your perspective and decide how you wish to express yourself. They can, in fact, be a wonderful means for you to see for yourself how far you have come.

There is never a time where you can fail us, or disappoint us, or do anything that will shift us out of our unconditional love for you. Unconditional love is just that, love without condition.

We love you without the need of tests or lessons or any other way for you to prove yourself or your worth, for your worth is never, ever in question as you are a beloved individuated aspect of Source energy. Your challenges are merely opportunities set up by yourself, for yourself, to be able to experience your own growth and evolution. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 29, 2018

There is a tendency in human beings to put off embracing their next level of expansion in their desire to have everything complete within themselves before they move forward. While we honour you for your diligence, this approach can, at times, result in holding yourself back unnecessarily.

There will be a period of preparation before your next big expression of self where you will concentrate on learning, healing, shifting, and growth. But you will hit a point where you have gone as far as you can go without moving into the actual experience.

So you may enter a period where you have decided to stay single in order to work on yourself and align with having a healthier relationship. You can only grow and heal so far on your own. At some point, you will have to move into relationship with another because some of the healing and growth can only be done within partnership.

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Daily Message ~ Monday May 28, 2018

Many enlightening human beings feel like their efforts are too small or intangible to make a big difference. Nothing could be further from the truth! Every single high vibrational decision you make is a powerful declaration of self, a wonderful teacher by example, and an energetic anchor that assists the planet.

Your evolution and beingness serves both you and the whole more than you could ever realize and is profound and beautiful service. Your ascension, combined with the awakening process of all the other enlightening human beings in the world, is what is driving the great shift that is happening on your planet and is making it possible to transition from martyred to joyful service. Never doubt that there is great power in the collective efforts of the many who wish to embody love. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 27, 2018

So many enlightening human beings on the planet are interested in expanding into new areas and experiences. If you are feeling this, you are stepping into your role of pioneer, which is another path of service.

Most people only create for themselves based on what they have already experienced or believe can happen. Pioneers open up new paths of potential not only for themselves, but for others. It is being the example of empowered co-creator and demonstrating what heart-centred navigation looks like.

Some will see what has opened up from others and will use that to propel them forwards into even further expansion. It will create new inspirations, allowing you to play creational leap frog with each other. Others will choose to simply move their own lives in new directions because of what they now see as viable options.

Do you see? Your growth always serves the whole. Moving forward in unprecedented energies is beautiful and sacred service, both for yourselves and for others, and this is what makes the times you are in so miraculous. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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26 May Daily Message ~ Saturday May 26, 2018

Your soul is always communicating with you. It tells you where it wants to go by making you aware of your interests, your desires, and what feels good to you. It notices signs and synchronicities. It expands your heart and gives a big YES when you are really in alignment. It is a simple and gentle guidance system that will let you know which way to go long before you end up in a space of deep discomfort if you let it. Listen, Dear Ones. Listen to the whisper of your heart and soul and you will always find the direction you need to go, as it will unfold the way for you one feeling moment at a time. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 25, 2018

As you lovingly shift into boundaries that are focused on supporting the wellness and empowerment of everyone involved, you create an opportunity for others to experience what healthy connection feels like. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 24, 2018

Many of you start moving along quite nicely into your next grand adventure but the second you get into those new energies, start to doubt the choices you have made and whether you have arrived in the right place.

The first thing we wish to tell you is if you have made choices based on what felt right to you, you are in the right place. You are simply in a space of energetic adjustment.

Arriving in a new place and then immediately doubting it is much like taking a flight to a new location, landing, and then deciding not to bother exploring what it has to offer and judging the entire experience on the airport itself.

Trust that if you are making decisions by listening to your heart you will never make a mistake. You will land in a new energetic space that will support you in your next beautiful expression of self. Be willing to be open to where you are and allow the unfoldment to lead you to all the wonder it has in store for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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