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Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 28, 2018

There are so many things you can do if you are not sure how to proceed in your life. You can simply be present and embrace the opportunity to get some rest and more clarity. You can practice gratitude, which is a wonderful energetic sorting and feedback tool. You can ask for signs or guidance on what the next steps are. You can practice self love and acceptance. You can play with the divine combination which is surrender, faith, flow, and trust.

You could ask yourself, “If I didn’t know one person on this planet, what would I do?” which is a wonderful way of getting in touch with your own preferences. You can stop and still yourself and connect with your own divine heart which is full of wisdom. Or you can simply shift into an activity that brings you joy, much like children will leap at the chance to play and enjoy free time if they suddenly get let out of school early.

Do you see? There are so many things you can do that support your forward movement, growth, expansion, and co-creation, regardless of where you are on your journey. Again we say you do not need to have all the answers, you simply must be willing to allow the unfoldment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 27, 2018

There is a part of you that prefers to exist within the energies of what it already knows. It perceives predictability and the lack of movement as safety, so it will often do whatever it can to stay the same, often through the use fear and doubt. But you cannot create big change and expansion by staying within energies that have already been experienced. The fact that you are seeking lets you know that what you are wanting exists in the energies beyond where you are. If where you are held the changes you seek, you would already be experiencing them.

So how do you start moving forward more comfortably? We recommend doing things one now moment at a time. You make the wisest decisions for yourself by taking things as they come. Move forward one step and then see what is possible and the next best choice from there. Surrender and see what shows up, and then navigate from there. Follow the signs and synchronicities as they are a sure indicator that you are being loved and guided along the way.

Take the time to reassure the part of you that does experience fear and doubt by being your own loving parent, spirit guide, and best friend. Let that part of you know that you are wise and empowered and will make sure it is safe and an included and cherished part of your forward movement.

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26 Feb Daily Message ~ Monday February 26, 2018

Is your human self cooperating with your higher self and your guides and helpers through the use of surrender, faith, flow, and trust to move forward in the most amazing and empowered ways possible? It is when all those aspects come together that the ideal team is formed that makes the greatest co-creations happen. Your highest self and your guides are always ready and waiting for you to join them in the creation of your most wonderful life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday February 25, 2018

So many of you are wishing to move into divine intersections – those experiences of being in the right place at the right time in order to move into your next phase of creation. If you are desiring to meet the next great love of your life, find a solution to move beyond a blockage, discover your next meaningful service path, or the ideal place to live, all of them come together as divine intersections. Simply put, a divine intersection is aligning you with the discovery of your next highest experience.

A divine intersection occurs from your guides orchestrating the events for you for your greatest good along with the cooperation of both your higher self and your human self. The events seem to flow and unfold as if by magic to place you exactly where you need to be at precisely the right moment. One of the things we delight in the most is creating the alignments and perfect timing to allow these elements to come together. It is great fun!

But you must be willing to move. It is impossible to direct a human being that is completely resistant, tied to the expired energy of the past, or focused on what is unwanted, for that is energetically having your heels dug in. The growth and expansion you seek always exists beyond what you have already experienced, but if you are using your free will to stay where you are, we will always lovingly honour that decision.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday February 24, 2018

So many of you feel you need to develop mediumship in order to communicate with spirit. While that certainly is one way, it is far from the only way we communicate with you!

Please don’t put off the joy of working with spirit thinking you need certain skills in order to begin. There are so many ways we interact with you! A simple heartfelt desire and being open to how answers show up are all that are required.

There are so many ways you can connect with us! Sit quietly and with your inner voice ask us to come make our presence known to you. Make sure to check in with yourself first so you know how you are feeling so you can discern if there are any differences. Spirit works with subtle energies so it is important to really use your awareness.

If you feel nothing, it doesn’t mean you have failed! It simply means that the easiest way to connect with you is by another means at the moment. Know that every time you intend to connect with us, you are supporting that energy, and it will get stronger and more pronounced over time.

Watch for signs. We love to leave you presents in the form of coins or feathers or anything else that would have meaning to you. It brings us so much joy to delight you with song, with cloud formations, with other gifts from nature, or by creating divine intersections where you are in the right place at the right time for something amazing to occur. Being in a space of flow and open acceptance makes these connections very easy to orchestrate.

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Daily Message ~ Friday February 23, 2018

Dear Ones, when you are open to healing it will show up for you in so many ways. There will be energetic influxes that assist you in releasing. There will be other energies available for you to integrate to shift you into new vibrational states that reflect and support your growth.

You will be led to areas on your planet that support your healing. Energetic cords to others that no longer are in resonance with you will dissipate. The universe will bring brand new solutions and potentials into your awareness that you didn't know existed. You will even move through various stages of healing through your dream states, which is a very prevalent theme right now.

Do you see? There is an entire universe filled with love and support for you that will bring to you everything you need the second you are ready for it. Trust in the system. The only thing you really need to do is to be open and accepting, and by doing so it will unfold in the ways that are divinely perfect for you and your own unique energetics. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 22, 2018

It is very common if you have been out of balance in any area of your life to swing wildly to the other end of the spectrum in your desire to correct it. This is a prevalent theme both individually and collectively on your planet right now. But if you continue to use your awareness and continue along your enlightenment journey, what will happen is you will eventually find your way to a centre range of far greater balance and consistency. As each of you find your way into that space, you anchor the energies which further supports others shifting into greater balance on your planet, as well. Never underestimate the power your own growth and constancy has, Dear Ones, for it is always service for all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 21, 2018

The area of your life that you feel most blocked in is likely the one where you feel there are little to no options for improvement. While it may seem that way to you from where you are, this is never true. To believe so is much like painting yourself into an energetic corner, Dear Ones. It is settling for constriction and constraint, which is a very uncomfortable place to be, indeed.

It is not that there are no options for improvement, for there is a vast and varied universe available to you to pull from. It is just that you cannot see those options from your vantage point, and for most humans, seeing is believing. Take a moment to stop and really examine your self talk about that topic. Is it so limiting that you there is no room for you to allow new solutions to come forth?

You are part of a team. You are a member of the ground crew. Your team of helpers are there, always, to assist you in the areas beyond what you can see. As a human being, your first response is to navigate within what you see are potentials. When you have exhausted those options, it is time to pass the baton to your team who can see all the potentials and possibilities that you simply cannot see from your vantage point. Further, they can lead you to those potentials the most direct way possible.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 20, 2018

An amazing thing happens when you make your self care a priority. At first you may need to concentrate more on yourself if you have had a habit of putting others consistently ahead of your own needs in order to get yourself balanced out. But then what will happen is you will have more patience, more energy, and more stability for others because you will already have everything you need. Your self care serves everyone, and sets a wonderful model for others to honour their own needs, too. To be clear, selfishness serves the one, while self care serves the whole. There is nothing selfish about making your own self care equally important as everyone else's. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday February 19, 2018

We understand you equate worry with love, but if another knows you are always worrying about them, it sends the message that you don’t think they are competent or able to run their own lives. This can feed fear, doubt, and stagnation, and perpetuate staying in a disempowered state.

What if you started seeing and celebrating all the ways your loved ones are capable? What if you encouraged them to start connecting with their own strength, wisdom, and preferences? What if you could release the idea of right and wrong and start to see the incredible value that comes with all experience? What if you had faith in the fact that every single person on the planet is masterful in their own right and has their own soul agenda and team of helpers?

We will tell you what would happen. You would encourage others to step into their own authentic power and to make the profound discovery of how incredibly able they are. You would become a safe person for them to be authentic with, by your expression of acceptance, connection, and unconditional love. And that, Dear Ones, is supporting those you love into self trust, expansion, and making choices that will help them grow and thrive in the ways that best match them and their incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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