Sep 22nd
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Like a Leaf on a Tree Heavenletters
A Brief History Of FAILED End Time Predictions Humor
Stand Up! The Creator Writings
Daily Message ~ Friday September 22, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Sep 21st
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Wikileaks Publishes “Spy Files Russia” Detailing Russia’s Mass Surveillance Syst... Collective Evolution
What You Need To Know About The Connection Between Sugar & Your Mental Healt... Collective Evolution
Godwriting, an Intimacy of Oneness Heavenletters
9 Rules for Living as Learned from Proper Ayahuasca Shaman Waking Times
Daily Message ~ Thursday September 21, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Real! The Creator Writings
Sep 20th
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Another Medical Study Links Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Waking Times
Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 20, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Hear Me, O My Children, Hear Me Heavenletters
Quiet Mind The Creator Writings
Sep 19th
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God’s Diamond Heavenletters
Quantum Theory Predicts That The Future Could Be Influencing The Past (Yes You R... Collective Evolution
Your Gifts And Power The Creator Writings
Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 19, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Sep 18th
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Getting Closer Heavenletters
Why We’re Being Systematically Trained To Be Offended By Everything Collective Evolution
Daily Message ~ Monday September 18, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
As You Speak The Creator Writings
Sep 17th
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Be the Love You So Want Heavenletters
Daily Message ~ Sunday September 17, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Grow Love The Creator Writings
Sep 16th
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Evidence Showing The Germans Were Making “Flying Saucers” As Far Back As 1941 Collective Evolution
Your Heart is a Powerhouse Heavenletters
Daily Message ~ Saturday September 16, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Small To Big The Creator Writings
Sep 15th
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Scientists Reveal That Dancing Can Reverse Effects of Brain Degeneration TruthTheory
Study: Women Who Receive Two Flu Shots In Successive Seasons Are Nearly 8x More... TruthTheory
The Story-Telling Arts Heavenletters
Daily Message ~ Friday September 15, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Need To Know The Creator Writings
Sep 14th
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Who Told You to Be A Martyr? Heavenletters
For The First Time, Astronomers Have Found A Giant ‘Magnetic Bridge’ Between Gal... Collective Evolution
Daily Message ~ Thursday September 14, 2017 Trinity Esoterics
Facets The Creator Writings
Sep 13th
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Remember, fear is just an absence of Love, but there is only Love. John Smallman