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You Sing in a Wholeness That Can Only Be Sung as You Sing It.

God said:

There is a moment of no thought. No thought is where the Heart of Life discovers or uncovers itself, or, We could say, gets past itself. At this non-time, there is no existent time. There is no ego dancing around. You are at these non-times spot on, assuredly sans time.

For general purposes, when you are above thought -- or is it when you are beneath thought or out of thought -- who can say? -- no one on Earth can speak for you beyond a doubt to establish that you are solidly in Infinity. I, however, do say this to you without a doubt.

Beloveds, in Infinity, there are no seat-backs to lean against. When you are in Infinity, you are nowhere else even when you may be without your cognizance of this in your daily life.


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Accept Your God-Given Happiness

God said:

Give Joy to the World! This cannot be said enough. Joy to yourself as well, for you live on Earth and are indeed part of the world. There is no reason for you to be left out of happiness.

If you want to make a difference to the world, be happy. Don’t try to be happy. Be happy. I wonder if happiness cannot be a decision you make. I wonder if you can allow happiness. Maybe you don’t have to chase it down and find it.

Happy doesn’t have to mean a desire fulfilled, although it could.

Happiness is not a desperate have-to-have sort of thing.

Happiness could be a walk around a lake. It could be seeing a sunrise or a sunset at its prime. Happiness could be seeing a kindness or a smile. Honesty could reap happiness. Happiness can be a quiet calm thing. A glass of water could be happiness. Cracking an egg could be happiness. The sky is the limit. There is no end to the little things that can be happiness, and happiness again and again.

I vote for happiness.

Happiness is always right around the corner. Is this a new thought?

Happiness is renewable.

Happiness can step right up to your door.

Happiness could be a new ballgown. Of course, you can have happiness without a new ballgown.

How you look at Life influences your happiness.

Finding fault isn’t exactly a source of happiness any more than hunger is.

Happiness can take you by surprise.

Happiness can also be your daily fare.

Anticipate happiness. Indeed, happiness is on its way to you.


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For Whom Does the Sun Shine?

God said:

What is all this fuss in the world about? It can’t all be nonsense, can it?

You are not altogether above the world. You get your hem caught on a nail. You are stuck often enough. Instead of going where it matters and reaching where you want, you may spend time trying to get unattached from a nail you are caught on. So much time and trouble for not much.

Where is your time worth spending? Not just on getting away. Go for where you want to be. Your day has come. No more just hanging out where you happen to be. No more just sitting where you have been. Now get up and move forward.

Don’t panic. You are not asked to do more than you can do. What is meant to be yours to do is definitely attainable. There is no huge effort you have to undergo. Easy does it is to be your rule of thumb. Easy does it. Mosey along. Get thawed. Make hay while the sun shines.

Believe Me, for whom does the Sun shine? It shines for you.

Today is the day you come to Life. Today is the day you are immersed in get-up-and-go. Spontaneously, you do. Today is the day you get going. You begin to make a statement. You are not on a high horse, yet you get moving. What a good feeling this is – to be getting somewhere. You are not drifting in and out of consciousness. You are progressing by leaps and bounds. This is your day!


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First Make Peace in Your Own Heart

God said:

It certainly seems that the world is too much with you too often. The thing is that you want plenty of everything. You want to ride the rapids while you also want to float on cool mountain streams. You want plenty of sunshine, and you desire plenty of the darkness of night too. You want it all while you want it, whatever it may be, when you want it. Confess, you love contrast, darlings. You want what you want when you want it, and, even then, you may not feel consoled. You want to direct traffic while, at the same time, you just want Life to happen. Beloveds, sometimes you give Life mixed signals.

If everything were your choosing, what would you choose? Not so sure, are you? What about choosing goodness and mercy for all? How about starting with that?

You might want to nix some occurrences that previously you had invited. Choosing Life inch by inch isn’t so easy as you would have thought. Of course, some matters you are positive about, yet you’re not positive about everything. Dear Ones, you simply don’t have enough information to positively know where something might lead you. You may have some fear that, left to your own devices, you might miss out on something, or, on the other hand, you could be up a creek. You may want to be a leader, yet find yourself stranded.


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Where Is the Fervor of Yesteryear?

God said:

How you would love your old fire back. Once upon a time you were lit up, and you leaped ahead in Life, running to keep up with your heart. At present, you may feel that your heart is lagging.

This realization holds great sorrow for you. It is as if you are left hanging out, as if your heart had resigned, and you are left without any heart, a cold stone, as if your heart will no longer bounce up again, as if your heart has backed out of Life and broken a contract. Your heart cannot abandon you this way. Your heart can’t leave you in the lurch. No, not your heart.

Without your heart regaled in full mettle, you feel desolate. You can hardly swallow. You hadn’t realized how important zest in your heart is and how dependent upon it you are.

You are speaking of this speeded-up enthusiasm that you once rushed to keep up with. Now it’s like your heart lay itself down on the track and won’t rally itself up. Now your heart seems to abandoning you for what? Where is the fervor of yesteryear? Can it be that your heart doesn’t want to get up any more? That in terms of revitalizing itself, your heart wants to excuse itself? You never thought your heart would lie down as if out of steam. This is your own True Heart you are talking about.

You remember well how you used to have to prance to keep up with your heart’s desires, and, now, sadly, your heart has retired and gone to pasture? This cannot be.


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Choosing Your Freedom from the Past

God said:

To what do you attribute your good feelings or more hazardous feelings to on this morning of your Life? What holds up your darkness? What holds up your brightness, do you think?

My answer is that your dear feelings are to be attributed to you, dear one, and to no one else. Your feelings are your Beauty, or they are your ugly. Otherwise, who convinces you that you are to think one way and not another?

You may say in protest: “God, if someone hits me, he hit me. I didn’t hit him. How can You possibly say that someone who hit me is not responsible for how I feel?”

I don’t say he didn’t hit you. He was the impetus. He offended you. What I say and say again and again is -- you are responsible for how you feel right now. You are responsible for your reactions. No matter all the excuses -- if someone never liked you, if someone mistreated you, no matter what -- you still don’t have to live your life building a case against him.

If you once had a teacher who didn’t value you, how do you justify yourself for hanging onto unholy resentment and exonerating yourself from responsibility for your feelings now?


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When You Require Love the Most…

God said:

Fear not. Stress not. Strain not.

Be at ease.

If you are going through a rough time, no need to emphasize your discomfort.

When you have a sore toe, for instance, you would put your foot up. Rest it. Take care of it. You don’t dance on it or put on tight shoes.

It is yourself you are being good to. You are connected to that foot of yours. It is part of you. You don’t badger your foot or rail at that foot for being sore. You are not sore at your toes at all. Quite naturally, you soothe your toes as much as possible.

When your hurt is a circumstance in your life, a heartache, let’s say, you may harass yourself over it. You may ask yourself pointed questions like:

“What is the matter with you? You numbskull!”

You may say: “How did you get yourself in this mess? Why were you so foolish? Now what are you going to do? How are you going to get yourself out of this?”

You may call yourself names. You give yourself a harder time than the situation calls for.

How can you be so rude to yourself who are your Life’s Companion? You are in constant contact with yourself. You are someone whom I tell you is One with Me. Come, change your tactics, Beloveds.

When you require love the most, give it to yourself. Hand it over. Be courteous. If you knew how to prevent world events and personal events, you would.


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The Chance and Dance of a Lifetime

God said:

There are many occasions when Life dazzles you, or stuns you, or outright interferes with your happiness. It often seems like this is how Life appears to you, does it not? As though Life turns out to be a thief who denies you your desires.

Life pulls switcheroos on you. Life is not taking advantage of you by showing you a different way. Dear Ones, you aren’t taking advantage of Life either. You aren’t competing with Life, nor are you playing unfair with Life when you keep going forward and perhaps dazzle it in one way or another? Give your best to Life.

Life doesn’t demand that it prevent you from giving Life the Chance and Dance of a Lifetime. Life is happy for you to give Life your best. It’s perfectly all right for you to show Life what you are made of. You don’t have to hold yourself back. Hey, strut your stuff and stand Life on its ear! Life likes to see you reveal your substance. Life may just have a different vision for what is to happen in Life than you. It’s all right for you to go for leading your own tour on Earth. It is more than all right for you to go for what you want, not in competition, but because this is who you are.

By no means, does Life say to you: “Hands off.” Not at all. Life is invested in you. Life has your interests at heart. This doesn’t mean that you are to stay still and not reach for what you want. Sure, smile at Life. Look at it kindly.


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The Best Scenarios

God said:

Life itself is a fantasy, is it not? You may scoff at the idea of a practical person like yourself fantasizing around when you are clearly solid and down to Earth, yet, no, I tell you frankly that you spend too much time fantasizing the dire tragic side of Life. Are you telling Me that you don’t?

What is all your worrying and aggravating about if not fantasizing a limpid future that is opposed to all that you desire -- unless you do somehow prefer upset and havoc or consider them good luck amulets. No, dears, upset and havoc are not your lucky charms.

Rather, fantasize a future rich with what you desire. Surely, the difference between worry and fantasy are not far apart. Invite that which you desire. Make your will known loud and clear. Give the Universe no doubt about what you want to have.

You never conceded that you were someone who threatens yourself. Tell Me, what can all your worry be but ominous dire prediction? Drop worry like a hot potato. Kick worry away. Be done with exploring what you see as the worst that could befall a nice person like you.

Trouble in Life may arise, yet it is not for you to speculate on trouble. Get trouble behind thee. Don’t give trouble your attention. Give your attention to what you desire to cull from Live. This way, you rightfully put the cart before the horse.


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Catch Your Breath!

God said:

You can row merrily down the stream as well as merrily up the stream. Is there a better way to paddle your canoe? It may not be your favorite way. It could be My Way. Come with Me, then. I will accompany you.

If only you would stay in tune merrily. There is no need to panic. Even if you are certain of several reasons to panic, what good does panic do you? Panic props your eyes open, and you can’t close them. You rattle your cage. With panic, you can hardly breathe.

Do yourself a favor and Me and the World. Slow down. Breathe. Catch your breath. No longer press the panic button. It is a waste of time and a waste of breath and a waste of heart. Save your resources. Conserve. Loosen your tie.

Focus on being free from panic. Don’t blow your wad of energy in one place. Gather yourself.

Row your boat with a steady rhythm. You will get past the doldrums. Adjourn panic. All panic can do is tie you up in knots. Untie those knots. Get beyond the borders. This is your birthright. Think what this means. This means this is My Will. There is good here for you whether you see it or not.

Whatever difficulty you may be going through – the worst of it amounts to panic. Panic makes you desperate, as if Life has to be all or nothing. Life can be anything it wants when it wants.

Is ego the damage you consider the worst?



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