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God said:

Optimism is not superficial. It is not pie in the sky. It is one of the most supportive tools in life you have.

Optimism is success-oriented. It is the opposite of pessimism. Pessimism is denial of what life could offer you if you were open to it.

Pessimism, upheld as realism, is definitely playing the odds that you see for yourself as not so hotsy-totsy. Odds are often not good, yet where is it written that life must be made up of playing only fabulous odds? In this way, you may well keep great opportunity away from you. Don't count yourself out so easily.

You may think you are super-intelligent to point out to yourself and to others how unlikely the chances may be of hitting your target. What do you care if you have a one in a thousand chances to win when you win? For sure, if you don't go for it, you won't win.

Let's consider for a moment that in having the courage to go for what you want regardless of the odds in or out of your favor, you are stirring nature. You give life an opportunity.

If you give up on yourself beforehand, you set a low vibration for achieving. If you have an idea to start a business, let's say, and everyone in the world says your idea will never work, and you give up on your idea, what are the odds of achieving your dream? They are nil.

This happens every day. Someone listens to someone else, and gives up his dream.


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You Don’t Know What Lies Before You or When

God said:

Just what is it that you fear you are missing from life? What perceived lack of Love of Life plagues you? What seems to keep happiness at a standstill from you?

How you wish you were one of those happy people who get along with life and their wives. Some people really seem to love. They know how to continue to love the same person with all their heart year after year. They love for the long haul whereas your heart seems to sink and let you down. Your heart just can't seem to sustain itself.

All the love that Earth hands to you, sooner or later, fizzles out. Maybe it is that some people have a knack for keeping love warm while others simply don't know how to keep the home fires burning. The flame goes out. Love goes downhill.

You don't want love to cool down, yet, your love life let you down, or it's you that lets love down. Surely, so far, every time, you strike out when it comes to love. You once were sure each time that your love this time would last forever.

Some people's love stays steady. It is everything to them to give happiness, and their hearts go full steam ahead whereas your feelings of love go kaput. Your love turns sour, and bitterness becomes what's left of your once great love. You are unable to rekindle it.

You have observed some people whose love was not a grand flame, and yet their love grew. They learned to love. Their love grew, and, in old age, they hold hands and are precious to each other. They never became spitfires.


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Awaken to Your Own Glory

God said:

Know your own significance. You are valuable. You are entitled.

You don't have to tiptoe around yourself. Have no worries about disturbing world beliefs for others. Who has the right to take away even 1/8th inch of what is meaningful to you? You are the decider of what is worthwhile to you. No one is to repress what is vital to you.

Next week, you may find yourself drawn to something else. Who says you must stay with something all your life? If you are drawn to something all your life, you are drawn to it. If something new pulls you, then something new pulls you. Your heart is your enabler. No one has the right to decide your path or paths for you. Only you. You are the one who leads your life.

You may not always feel self-propelling. Sometimes, Life itself seems to pick you up, toss you up in the air, and where you land – there you are -- perhaps a great surprise to you!

One way or another, your destiny will find you. Or it will not. If not, be your own self-mover. Do hand-stands if you have to find your way in the mist.

Your life belongs to you, and your life belongs to Me. The long and the short of it -- in the final analysis of your life – I am your Destiny. You will knowingly wind up with Me. We are pinned together. Our connection is secure. There is never a time Our connection is not. From a human point of view, you may resist knowing Our Connection, yet this is to no avail. We are Forever One.


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No Joy Is Too Small

God said:

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself: 

"What can I think of to do today that will bring me even a little joy?"

It's also fine to ask:

"What can I think of to do today that will bring a little joy to the world?"

Basically, the answers to two questions are the same.

Even if what will bring you joy today is a manicure, this is good. You may think a manicure is superficial and couldn't help the world. Just think what the world would be like if everyone who wanted a manicure today got one. Or a massage. Or a sauna. Joy is joy!

It is perfectly fine to find joy where you find it. Start with small-sized bites. No joy is too small. One joy will grow to another.

Let Me backtrack a bit now. If what is joy for you could cause a slight or pain to another, naturally, this does not qualify as a joy for you to take. To take advantage of another in any way, of course, does not qualify. It is not that anything goes.

At the same time, the joy that life today can give you does not have to be on the scale of saving the world. Nor does your joy for today have to be thoroughly magnanimous either. Personal joy is also joy. Start here.

Your joy could be picking a flower. An added joy could be for you to give that flower to someone whose face will light up because you offered a flower. Of course, the joy of lifting someone else's Life is great for you as well.


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Are You Alice Looking through the Looking-Glass?

God said:

It's really true that every day is a day of new birth. Each day is a renewal. Cells replace themselves. You may have a new thought or two. You do something differently. No human being today is the same as yesterday, and tomorrow you will grow more. You have no say about this, you understand.

No need to think of this as aging. Physical changes are more like the changing of the guard. Physical changes are an appearance, yet, of course, Earth Life itself is altogether illusory.

What an advertisement Life on Earth is. Life on Earth goes all out. You give it your everything, and all the while, it is a group fantasy, somewhat like the game of Telephone where everyone speaks hurriedly and no one hears quite the same words, and, so, conversation is garbled. It is a fact that everyone hears his own version of life.

Life is certainly an interesting matter. Life is like a run-on sentence. There is no end to Life, no matter what transition you are going through. Life is the topic that happens to be before you in all kinds of amazing colors. Indeed, Life is a piece of work. What storytelling you live amidst! Life is a Master of Tales. Life is a run-on story, a story that goes over hill and dale, reaches high in the sky, and also goes under arches and underground as well. There is nothing on TV or in the best novel that beats the Circuitry of Life. Fiction does do a good job, mind you. Fiction gets your mind off your Life that sometimes seem to you to not be quite good enough.

Wherein hangs the tale?


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Time Used to Be More Intimate with the Stars

God said:

All the difficulties that would be unknown were it not for time in the world. What an impasse time is. What havoc time incurs.

Without time, what would interrupt your peace? What would hurry you? What would make you harried?

What could you be too early for or too late? Everything would be now. What a blessing that would be.

On the other hand, in terms of the relative world, time serves a purpose. Without the world as fast-paced as you know it, how could trains run on time and school get out on time?

Alas, there is a sense in which time – this fictional time – runs the world. When there is a top layer of time in the world, the world kinda has to go by it.

Yet it would be such a blessing for the world to be not in the grasp of time.

Without time, who would eat in a hurry? Who would have indigestion? Who would have to slow down or hurry up?

Who would be a slow learner or fast learner? Without time, would such a judgment call even exist?

Without the firm illusion of time, where would haste or waste exist?

If you lived way back in primitive times, the sun would nudge you awake, and when the sun set, your eyes would close. You would be so close to nature. Ah, you may find yourself longing for such days, unhampered by all the paraphernalia of modern life.

Yet, you are rather accustomed to being hooked up to electricity. Of course, cleaning your house is a lot of trouble. You have to dust and vacuum, and you might rather be doing something else.


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Collector of Undone Deeds

God said:

There are loved ones you care about who drive you up the wall, is this not so? If you didn’t care deeply and hold a vested interest, it’s possible they wouldn't drive you up the wall. You may see their repetitive behavior as self-destructive, and yet you have heard Me say to keep your hands off. You don’t know if you are capable of being silent.

Let Us say that your husband is a master procrastinator. To almost everything you may say or request, his refrain seems to be:

"Not now," or, "Later." And later is later and later.

It is as if your husband is a collector of undone deeds. You are not talking about his mowing the yard. He could be out of work, and you may be concerned about his getting off the couch and looking for work. You are so worried.

You understand what I mean when I say to let him be. You know that reminding him that time is wasting doesn't help either you or him. That's just it – nothing seems to help.

You are not someone who can just sit on your hands. You can’t possibly smile and pretend that everything is all right. Has your husband given up? Is he wasting his life? Is he possibly ill? You have worry on top of worry.

The fact, so far as you can see, is that his joy in life lies lounging on the couch, watching TV and letting life slide.

His reactions are hard for you to take. Somehow, you and your husband have become opponents.


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There Is More to God Than a Leap of Faith.

God said:

Instead of thinking: "Woe is me," begin to think in a richer way. 

Think: "Joy is mine."

Think: "I am love. Love is what I am. God says so. I am here to love. May every day it become easier for me to love. It is, in fact, easy to love. What is loving but to see the Beauty of God everywhere? I understand that this is the Truth of Life. God IS everywhere. Therefore, I am the Joy of God."

Dear Children, it cannot be that I am nowhere. I exist. I have always existed. I am with you and within you. We are truthfully in Infinity together and nowhere else. No one is kept out from Infinity. Whether you are aware of this or not, this is the Truth. You have never been away from Infinity. Tell Me another story!

You are Infinity Itself! We are Infinity. We are not merely stored in Infinity, you understand. Infinity and Oneness -- what more is there to say?


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Forgiveness Is a Given. Suffering Is Not.

God said:

On one hand, you don't ask enough of life. You settle for too little. On the other hand, you demand too much. You are affronted when life takes a turn you are opposed to. Every now and then, from being placid, you become ferocious and stamp your foot at life and refuse to tolerate it. You can turn on a dime, dear ones, so affected are you by what you perceive as an attack from life.

You are not always at extremes, yet at any moment, you sometimes are.

Would that you could weather storms without so much drama. If only you would.

I am not telling you that you must always placate life. You don't have to be a Yes-Man to life. On the other hand, it behooves you to know when to return to joy and let go of stamping your foot.

It really is for you to move on and to move upwards. You can leave uproar behind you. You can come to peace within yourself. You don't have to drag out emotional pain. You can have loved and lost and still go forward.

Beloveds, in the long run what choice do you have? It’s not better to profess to being long-suffering. You do better to get up from suffering sooner.

If you could cut your suffering and shorten the length of its acuteness by 10%, would this not be in everyone's best interest?

There is a misunderstanding in the world as to need for grieving and the meaning of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a given. Suffering is not. Both suffering and forgiveness are choices.


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Kiss the Concept of Tragedy Goodbye

God said:

Of course, you do not want to pretend your feelings relative to the Existence of Life – your life -- as if it were pie in the sky and there is nothing to it. At the same time, you don't have to take life so seriously as you may presently. You don't have to point out all the flaws. You don't have to take a mistake so seriously and fatefully as you may, whether it is your error or another's, or an error you might attribute to Me.

Life is not always a lark. This is not a secret. At the same time, you are alive. You have the Gift of Life. You are alive! Life is a good thing indeed to be grateful for.

Life is not medicine. Life is not always bitter-tasting. Give life half a chance to be, at the least, pleasant. The Truth is that most of the time life supports you. Life does its best for you all the time, yet you don't always see this.

When something deeply unwanted hits you, it is a blow. It does you in. It hits you hard. Not all the good times in life can possibly seem to compensate you for what has happened that is too terrible to contemplate. You don't know how to take it on the chin.

Do your suffering. Do your cries of "How could this happen?" Life is capable of many things. We can say that Life has a special license.

You may never in your gut get over what has befallen. It is understood that you can't just snap out of it. At the same time, all your protests, all the injustice, all the happenstance do not help anyone, least of all you, the one who is suffering, perhaps, the most.



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