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The Art of Disguise

God said:

If the Truth be known is a common expression.

Here's the joker! Truth is known. Deep down in every one of My Children, the Truth is known. This has to be so, for deep within each one of My children am I.

Logic often does not take you where you want to go. Beyond logic, you really do know that you are not this miserly person you may see yourself as on Earth.

All is known. This is inevitable. You know it on a deeper level than you may yet be on speaking terms with. Your mind may not as yet have devoured this knowledge that you, the True You, are conversant with. Knowledge deep in your heart may not have surfaced as yet. This knowledge is a Life Saver, of course, yet you are not an emergency. You are actually emerging from a cloak of darkness.

The Truth is not a stranger to you. You may dodge it. You may run away from it. You may be scared of it. You may disbelieve it. You may think the Truth is too good to be true, yet you know the Truth, and you cannot escape it forever.

The Truth I speak of is the Truth that you are a Divine Being. You are not this individual you bat around with in your mind. You’re not this individual in a body who experiences emotions and the illusion of disapproval and so on. You are more than this.

The Love I speak of is not the same as the emotion you call Love. The Love We talk about is deeper and higher than any emotion. Falling in love is emotion, and you feel you can't live without all the emotion you have pinned your hopes on.


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A View of Life in the World

God said:

You are getting right to the Point of Life. Heretofore, you may have been hit or miss, playing around in Life, even as you may have been taking Life very seriously. How important Life is to you, and, yet, it could be that you have been fiddling around on the outskirts. Life has been vital to you, and yet you may have kept it at a distance or at a standstill, not seeming to ever really begin, just making the motions.

Never mind, don't be hard on yourself. You don't have to put Life on your plate and fill up your plate to overflowing. Of course, it is a good idea to be companionable with Life, have an easygoing relationship with it. You don't want to have a contest with Life and outdo Life. It's okay for Life to just mosey along. You can take Life in your stride without a big to-do.

It's okay to go along with Life as it arrives. You don't have to be a hotshot at Life. You don't have to outrun Life.

You can also be okay with Life as it appears. You can also deepen your life. You can stretch it. You can gain mileage as your Life comes into view.


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Catch Yourself in Peace and Happiness

God said:

In every breath, you perpetuate yourself on Earth.

You are a willing partner in your Life. Your Life is your Life, and Your Life is yours to do with. Certainly, there are factors out of your present control, where you were born, to whom, and, yet, as farfetched as it may seem, you contributed to your placement in life.

Your life was not simply foisted on you, nor were your choices limited to you. You had preferences, the reasons for which you are unable to identify now. Nevertheless, you positioned yourself. You can’t figure this all out now, nor is there a reason to.

We can say that you speak in a different language now than in the language you spoke then. We can say you speak with words now and perhaps more in shapes and colors then. More with abstract then whereas you long to identify other factors now.

Consider that you gave yourself an assignment, and now you fulfill it. Accept your assignment with eagerness. Give yourself a good go at it. You might well not now choose the Life you chose – or you may – yet, in any case, you did not choose it randomly.

Certainly, some puzzles seem more complex than others, yet you have privilege in working the puzzle that is before you. Go at it with the idea that you will find your way, and have every advantage in the puzzle that is before you. This puzzle is called Life. This does not mean that you whip your puzzle into submission. You don't whip it into shape. You look at it in new ways.

How often have you said: "If only I had known then what I know now…"


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Perhaps Unbeknownst to You

God said:

There is a treasure within you. This treasure is for you to find. And then you give the treasure away. Your treasure isn’t to have and to hold. You can only share your treasure.

Perhaps one day it is a beautiful sunset you are privileged to see. Perhaps it is one leaf that wafts away from a tree. Perhaps you have caught Infinity out of the corner of your eye.

Something wonderful has occurred, and you held it in your arms or almost held it in your arms. No matter if it vanished before you, go ahead and identify it.

Life is happening at this very moment. Whether you are alone or in a crowd, Life Is Happening. Life is a gift of solid proportions, even when there are no words to express it.


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Hold No Hostages

God said:

If you want to be exceedingly powerful, one of the most powerful things you can do is to let go. One thing to let go of is imagined need for power over someone else.

Pull back. Soften. Let go. Let go of resistance. This is what Gandhi did. He did not injure. Was he not strong in his letting tension go? He would not increase tension in himself. He would not fight for tension in others and, so, onto the world.

He was looking for a melting of positions taken. He understood. He persisted in his dream, yet he did not fight, nor did he concede. He was not a zealot, nor was he weak-kneed. Yet a nation that insisted on owning another nation and keeping it servile – that nation wound up on its knees. As an aside, the man who sought peace and found it wound up shot by someone who didn’t know him at all. Surely the world can use more tenderness.

You are aware that this is the same kind of release that happens in various martial sports. The purpose of this release isn't to show off or to make a point or prove a point. If the so-called opponent has nothing to push against, he has nothing to fight, and you are both closer to peace, for you together deflected a battle.

We are not speaking of winning over someone.

Sometimes it is valiant that you desist. Now you walk away in order to rest. This is not in any way defeat. It is putting down your fists.


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You Are the Sun and the Moon and the Stars…

God said:

You may feel like a small human Being on Earth, such a tiny portion of the Universe, miniscule really. You have no idea of your magnitude.

Let Me tell you that you take up the Whole Universe. There is you and there is I -- One. We fill the Whole Universe. Another way to say this is that you, the individual you that you imagine you are, contain the Whole Universe within you.

Even as this idea is beyond your vision, you are the Universe Entire, that is to say, you are the Oneness of Life. You don't inhabit the Universe – you ARE the Universe. The world is contained within you.

This is hard to fathom, beyond your comprehension, so it seems.

Your physical body is not integral to the Universe. Rather, what is called your heart and mind – therein lies the Universe. This is how magnificent you are. This gives you an idea of your magnitude. This is how it is when We are One. Beyond your understanding, We are One. You may not recognize this as yet. You almost certainly don't have a grasp on this yet. Regardless of your picture of the Universe, this is the case. The world exists of you and Me as One.

When Lights go on all over the Universe, you are the Lights. You are this amazing circuitry. Without you, there would be no Lights. That you are the Light of the World is true right now.

No matter how you may see yourself – as a scoundrel, as a rake, in poor shape – whatever, the world does not exist without you. The world exists because of your Presence. The Universe has its Identity because of you.


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What Cannot be Divine That God Has Created?

God said:

It is impossible for you to live in isolation. Even if you close your blinds and never leave the house, it is impossible for you to live in isolation. Even if you live in a cave and meditate all day, you are not living in isolation.

Even if you live on a desert island, you are not, for there is a mass inviolable connection.

What you may feel and what is so may have nothing to do with each other. You may misinform yourself. You can go up the wrong alley.

You are a Divine Creature of God. And everyone and everything else is also a Divine Creature of God.

I will go so far as to say that Great Boulders are alive, and Sand on the Beach is also alive and Divine.

It seems that sometimes little attention is given to the Divinity of Life. What cannot be Divine that I have created? A little ant carries an importance. Bees and butterflies. The dandelion serves with grace. Everyone is God's creature. Every blossom. Every scent. Everyone is influenced by everyone else. Everyone is affected by everyone else, and everyone affects everyone else. Lift your eyes Heavenward.

Every Being in the world impacts on every other Being in the world. A toddler impacts on you, and you impact on the toddler. Every bird that sings, whether you literally hear its singing or not, sings to you. Every message is conveyed, and you receive it whether you hear the words or not. Every bit of laughter. Every twinge of pain.


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A New Adventure Awaits You

God said:

When you spend less time thinking about yourself, most likely – almost certainly -- you are happier.

I do not mean to say that you are just to keep busy. I do not mean you are to just run around. I do not mean hustle and bustle. I do not mean blankness either.

I mean to say to focus on bigger matters than how you are feeling today. Surely Life has to be for more than self-diagnosis. Do not make of yourself a patient that you examine every day. Get your mind off yourself. There is something more to your life than you. There is more to life than you have savored. What have you not done as yet that you would like to do? Something that comes from your heart of hearts?

Surely you desire more of life than just to hang out. There has to be more to life than passing time.

Oh, yes, expand the world.

I do mean to suggest that you find purpose. I mean something that stirs your blood. I mean a passion for life. What might it be? What could it be?

What might you like to begin?

Your life is not done yet.

What might you like to be on Earth for? What are your dreams? Fulfill them.

Start somewhere. You never know where something will lead.

Nor do I mean that you are to find a ready-made cause, for I do not mean that. I do not ask that you be outraged and flaunt outrage. By and large, it is up to you to find your way, and you may find it in unexpected ways.

What direction are you looking in?


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Kiss the Earth

God said:

I am your dear God. That’s it! What did you think I was? Did you really think that I am a despot who delights in making you dance through hoops?

In one sense, there is only one choice I give you, and that is the choice to grow. Willingly or unwillingly, you will grow, and you will grow higher and higher like Iowa corn. You will grow even higher than Jack and the Beanstalk. Not even the sky is the limit. There is no limit to the heights you can climb. There simply are no limits. In other words, you are limitless.

This is a wonderful thing, yet you fear it. You may protest the ground that you walk on, yet you don't want to let go of it. What do you think I would say to you?

I say to you: Kiss the Earth beneath your feet and kiss the Unlimitedness of your rising higher and higher. You will not have to stand upon your tiptoes. You will get off the ground and fly. You will fly. Do you know the happiness this is?

Has not everyone had dreams of flying?

Dreams come true. You will soar. You will fly beyond your wildest dreams, and dream anew yet Great Dreams, and they will also come true.

I have heard you say: "There has to be more to Life than this."

How right you are. Shakespeare penned it: "There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Yet you have dreamt them all in your psychology.


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God said:

Dear One who worries needlessly, let Me say what I have to say in this way:

You have no choice but to have confidence in your Self. I am your Very Self, so, it is for you to have confidence in Me. Unless you have confidence in Me, you have disbelief. You are practiced in disbelief. You were taught it, and you learned it. Let go of disbelief now. Stop asking yourself all the questions.

Pick up an image of yourself as the innocent you are. Pick up the baby of yourself and lavish love on her. No one, especially you, is to put yourself in dissarray

It is to you I write, Godwriter, as an aside. Let Us have a heart to heart. You understand Heavenletters very well. You are doing My Will. Let go of perceived results – recognition, numbers, personality, hard work, etc. No matter how close you are to Heavenletters, Heavenletters are My responsibility. Forget about confidence in yourself. Have confidence in Me which is the same as to say confidence in your Self.

The existence of Heavenletters came from Me. I looked over the whole world, and I asked Myself: "Which One of My Chidren is to tend to these particular Words of Mine on Earth?"

I looked for a Relayer of My Words. I spotted you. I picked you out. You were handy, and you’re good at it.

My eyes fell on you. There was no doubt in My Mind. There was no doubt in My Heart.

This is the big difference between you, the personality, and Me, the Oversoul. You know how to doubt. I wouldn't know how to doubt if I tried.



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