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One Key Word

God said:

There is no law that says you must be thrown by what occurs in Life. Will you confess that what upsets your experience may be extreme? No matter how you may genuinely feel about someone else's misinterpretation and offense, confess that you are not the fire department who must put out a fire. Why must your alarm go off?

Okay, sometimes Life is upsetting. Now direct your attention to letting the upset cool down. In a calmer setting, more settled, how would you handle the situation now?

Honestly, you had a knee-jerk reaction. Somehow, a situation or something someone said, set you off. It got your dander up. Something from the past, no doubt. Perhaps something from the past that you have no conscious recollection of.

If you did not feel agitated, how might you respond?

Here's what you can do the next time you feel disturbed by what may well be an innocent mistake and, really, not so heavy-duty as you saw it. The answer I have for you is one word, only one word. This may be a revelation to you. It will save you grief.

It is not the one word Love. In your upset, you do not feel Love at this moment. And to Love isn't something to try to do. Trying doesn't work, does it? Love doesn’t come by force.

The one word is not Patience. All you need in the midst of your internal explosion is to be told to be patient – you might bounce off the ceiling if someone told you to be patient as if you could muster patience just like that.


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Clay Sculptured into a Work of Art

God said:

Once upon a time, when you rubbed Aladdin's Lamp and had only three wishes, you made a wish that all your future wishes would also come true.

Now that you have gained more experience and more wisdom, more of your wishes concern the world at large. Now you would wish that everyone in the world find his or her True Love, not only you. Now you would wish that there would be good food enough for all on Earth, not just for you and your family, and you would wish for peace and love on Earth for all without end, no longer only for your personal peace and love and so on.

You also might have wished that you live forever, is that not so?

Of course, the Truth is that you do live forever. Everyone lives forever. Infinity is on a grander scale than the physical. The physical is a certain format of you, the Spectacular Soul that you are. The physical is an outfit you put on for this time around. Even the outfit, the body you wear, keeps changing even as We speak.

This is not to be bemoaned. Roses can bloom on your cheeks. Once you were lame, and now you can walk. There are many many welcome changes. Did your heart sink at first when I mentioned changes? Even changes you don't want have meaning for you. What you call death is one of those meaningful changes.

Shakespeare said: "Parting is such sweet sorrow." That is true only so far as it goes.

The deeper Truth is that there is no parting, and there never was. Oneness means Oneness.


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Thrive! Thrive! Thrive!

God said:

You are here on Earth for far more than to survive. Survive has taken on the meaning of barely making it through, just getting by, going through great trials perhaps, running through a gauntlet, or crawling through a desert and not dying of thirst. Surviving, as it is understood today, isn't much, perhaps hanging on by your teeth. In My book, surviving isn't meant to mean hanging on by your teeth.

Super in Latin carried the meaning of superover, above, more. Vivere means to live. Survive meant far greater than mere survival. Let's substitute the word thrive. It is My desire that you thrive on Earth.

I put it to you that you are to enjoy your sojourn, not make the best of it as it is understood, but to have a good time as you learn the ins and outs of living on Earth. Making the best of dreariness is not My dream for you. My dream for you is opening up the sky for you and embracing you to Me and Our Kingdom of Heaven.

Set your sights higher. You are meant to lift the world. You can do this by living in Joy, in Joy for the good of all. By no means are you to relinquish Joy – to give it up or to never have it as if this were by some stretch of the imagination good for your soul.

There is no merit in lackluster. There is no merit in suffering. There is merit in Joy. How can you give Joy unless you have Joy within you to give?


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Give Yourself a Treat Today

God said:

It may be your custom to wake up in the morning and to think about what you have going on today. That's fine. Think what you look forward to doing or happening. Just don't wake up in the morning and think about what you don't want to do or even what you might dread doing. What a difference it makes what you think of and how you think about it when you wake up in the morning. It could even set the pattern for your day.

Do you want to be disgruntled all day? Well, maybe you do. If not, I say to encourage joy.

Activate yourself to start off your day with joy even if it isn't tremendously special. Surely you look forward to eating.

If you feel like you are coming down with a cold, look forward to getting better.

If you, for instance, are having surgery today, then think about how much better you will feel when you wake up to find you are still alive. Actually, of course, if you don't wake up to find you are still alive in the world, you will, indeed, feel better than you have felt in a long while. You will more than feel. You will be surrounded with the equivalent of All Joy in Heaven.

Getting back to today, if you do not see something in this day to lighten your heart, then add something to this day that gives you at least a modicum of joy. Joy does not have to be flung at you. You can insert joy yourself.


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What Can You Not Create?

God said:

Who are you really, and where did you come from? Do you really exist, you sometimes wonder. Sometimes it seems you are the subject, and, at the same confluence of imagined time, you are also the observer. What are you observing but yourself? If you make motions, and you observe yourself, are you then also a messenger? Surely you spin tales. They may be all made-up. Can it be that you are a work of your own imagination, as if you are a rag doll?

There is some Truth in this idea, for life on Earth is make-believe. Life is believed in, yet it is made up. None of this that occupies you on Earth is real. How can the so real-seeming not be true? When you stub your toe, it hurts. Yet, you wonder, do you really have a leg to stand on on Earth?

All of Life may seem like a promissory note to you. It is a list you write. Your list includes anything you want, yet it doesn't include everything you want.

It has been said that you are dreaming. Why, then, can't you or don't you make your dreams come true within the context of your dream? If it is your dream, why not manifest all of it? What holds back all your dreams from becoming true?


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You Lose Nothing but Attachment

God said:

Everyone wants to leave a mark of himself in the world. When it's your time to come Home, you want to leave an imprint of yourself, something that says you were here on Earth. You want to leave something that says:

"I was here. I lived and breathed here. I was a human Being on Earth for a short span of physical life." You want some testament to yourself to remain. This, of course, is your attachment to Life in the World. Life on Earth holds great significance to you.

The fact is that later it will not have this kind of importance to you. This is not sad, dear ones. When you literally climb a ladder, you are not attached to the last rung your foot was on. You climbed a ladder, and now you are on another rung of the ladder. There is no attachment. No reason for it.

You may think of your childhood home with attachment. It was special. You remember every nick and cranny. There is something you long for that accompanied the home where you were born. This is attachment pure and simple. Your early home is adorned with part of your life that is no longer. You might like to visit this home once again. It is where you yourself took place. It was where you lived as a child with your family.

Even if you visit your former home, your family is no longer there. You associate your childhood with that home on a street, this home that you lived in and grew up in. You used to burst through the door. Seemingly, now it is like Narnia that you entered through.


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The God Sense

God said:

Music can so inspire, and lyrics can inspire. There is definitely something about music that inspires. You hum old tunes, tunes and words you didn't even know you knew. What would the world be without music? You can't even dare think of what it would be like in the world without music, even when music isn't especially your thing the way it seems to be with so many.

Certainly, music has to be about more than sound. Not all sound is music.

You long to fulfill all the senses. Fortunate are you when hearing, seeing, taste, smell and touch are there for you and all around you. You crave all of the senses. Babies of all kinds cannot live without being touched, let alone thrive.

The five senses nourish you. You realize that you are starved for the five senses. They are a need. You must have them. They provide you balance in a world that often seems unbalanced to you. The senses give you your bearings.

It is no small thing to inherit the world. The senses gather you together. The senses are like peepholes connecting you to the world you are in for purpose and not happenstance.

Of course, quite rightly, there are bigger senses than the common yet spectacular five. There is the sixth sense. There are more, including a God Sense. If all the other senses were gone from you, you would still have the God Sense.

The God Sense is reflected in this way: "All is right with the world." Even a sigh may express this. You have had Days of Glory.


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Money, Only in the World

God said:

Sometimes Life on Earth feels so foreign to you. It's not Earth that is so strange really. It is the world. Earth is rewarding. The world you have trepidation about.

The world seems to run on money. Business is money. And money seems also to be one of the silliest things you can imagine. There must be another way.

Advertising has taken over. Marketing has become like a God. It is as if love has been forgotten, and only gain is remembered, and gain at any cost.

How could this happen? What did happen? And, yet, you too are dependent upon money. Can money really be the basis of Life in the World?

Maybe it isn't really about money. Maybe it's really about the thrill of the chase. Maybe it's about competition with a capital C.

Why couldn't something else besides money be the medium of exchange? Yet you can't think what it could be. Smiles can't replace paper or coin. Flowers? Not likely, but what you don’t know even as money seems too callous and callow. Hmm, there seems to be something about the idea of the deal. The transaction seems to be the thing.

All you can really say is you want to live in a different kind of world where money isn't so overly-impersonal. Hand to hand, hand from hand, to and fro pockets and purses. What kind of florid energy is the stock exchange?

So real are exchanges, paid for with money, and so unreal to you. You don't have the answers. You can't figure it out. All you know is that it seems too cut and dried.


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Leap to the Sun

God said:

You started out today saying: "Beloved God, give me the guts to reflect You on Earth. I'm getting tired of myself. Help me get out of my mud-hole. I want to leap to the Sun. What holds me back? Why don't I just do it without further ado? The Sun reaches out its arms to me, and I can't seem to fully open my arms. It must be I hold myself back?"

Beloveds, I say: Who is responsible for you if not you?

Staying asleep in the world of matter takes away your energy. I refer to your sleeping as you race around in the physical world. Your physical eyes may be open, yet your consciousness stays asleep. You do know something isn't right.

Don't fear what the day might bring. Truth delivers Sunshine to you. And it delivers Me. There isn't anything else to deliver. Well, you will want to deliver yourself, and then you will begin to know Our Oneness once-and-for-all. Where are We? We are side-by-side as always. We are so blended, there is only One of Us. I say only. HA HA  -- imagine ONLY Oneness. It is enough. It is all that there is, and Oneness fills the entirety of Life. Oneness overflows. Dear Ones, you have tasted it, and so you yearn for it.


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Joy in All Seasons

God said:

In August, those of My Children who live in the Northern Hemisphere, may have said to themselves:

"I may be tired of hot summer, yet, alas, I am not ready for months of cold winter. Summer seems short, and winter seems long. When summer arrives, I am eager. When winter looms, I am reluctant. Of course, when I was young, my heart quickened at the thought of fresh snow. Must I let everything around me affect me so much as if summer is to be welcomed and winter is not?

"All You lay out on the Earth before us, God, all the cycles are beautiful and miraculous. You surround us with Beauty beyond Beauty. You tell us to take Life as it comes, and I agree with You wholeheartedly. Yet, before winter arrives, my heart dims. How do I reawaken joy in all seasons?"

Beloved, by letting go, of course. By letting go of gloom. Let go of the past. Look forward. Imagine if this were your very first winter coming up, how ignited your heart would be. Access the virtue in all seasons.

You have made associations, as if every season were not the bearer of glad tidings. Of course, each season bestows gifts upon you.

In the winter of your life – this is what the seasons are really about, you understand – you can still make a snowman. Winter is not all about shoveling snow and salting ice. Where is it written that you cannot enjoy winter as it is?

Think about the prior blessing of autumn, as the leaves swirl, and your heart quickens. Autumn is a beautiful gateway to winter, just as spring is to summer.



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