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What about Genies and Fairy Godmothers?

God said:

Can you imagine a world without flowers? Or without birds? Without deer? Without dreams?

Can you imagine a world without people? Or without families? Without children? Without mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters?

Can you imagine a world without you? How could the world exist without you in it?

It is difficult to contemplate existence altogether without you, for you right now are the very hub of existence, so it seems.

On the other hand, you might say you would love a world without dust and without flies or without anything you would have to dust or swat. When it comes down to it, you might not love it. You have not yet realized the upset in the balance of nature that could arise even without even one thing that you might say you’d like to stamp out.

Anyway, I ask you: What have I left out of this Created Universe? After long thought, what might you say?

“What about genies? What about fairy godmothers?” you might ask.

I would say these are covered. Genies and fairy godmothers result from your own thought or, if you prefer, your own vibration. Do you get that?

Use your own God-given intelligence. This is often called Common Sense. When you are featuring havoc in your thoughts, what are you likely to come across? When you are thinking of peace, what will most likely follow you in your footsteps?


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Through Whose Eyes Are You Looking Now?

God said:

Through Whose Eyes are you looking now?

You wonder how it happens that this question through Whose eyes you look can enter the equation?

You woke up one morning and you became aware that the eyes you were looking through were not yours. You saw out of them, yet they were not yours.

Well, you used to always be questioning, trying to figure out, trying to get somewhere. It was as if you had been walking toward Heaven, and now you have passed go. Is this possible? Now that you are here, somehow you have left yourself, as you knew yourself, behind. The you that you always thought you were has flown the coop.

Now that you have risen to Me, Who can you be but My Almighty Self? Is this the meaning of Oneness -- no longer can you find yourself anywhere? You seem to be missing. At first you may well experience that you have lost something precious, for where have your idiosyncrasies gone?

You may mourn that your little self is gone. Like childhood, like toy land, “Once you pass its borders, they can ne’er be found again.”

What’s left of you asks: “Who is this One Self that I feel dispassionate and objective and impartial about now?”

You may feel as though you have become a Stranger. It is as if you had traded yourself in and got faraway-ness instead of hip-roaring happiness. You sense a state of non-existence. In Oneness, where can appearance be if it is at all?


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When You Are in a Field of Daisies

God said:

You already are above all the world. You don’t have to set yourself above the world. I speak to everyone. Wherever you may be, you are My Child, thus, you are My Child of the Universe. You can even be happy. You can even be happy where you may not have chosen to be. No doubt, Life is a School.

In terms of the world, you are unique. You don’t have to put forth effort. You fulfill without exertion. What is exertion but fighting something? Come from a different position. You can do it.

Is it effort for you to love? Sometimes or even often, it may seem so. Effort to perform is not quite the same as simply Being and from Being, get into action. Rise to action.

If you are an actor, you learn your lines. You get no applause for learning your lines. Get into the spirit of those lines, and enjoy learning them for their sake.

Come from Love, and where is the need for Effort of Will? No need to force yourself. No need for strain. No cause for strain. When your heart sings, there is no effort in singing.

When you are in a field of daisies, what effort is required to lie on your back and look up at the sky? What effort is needed in picking a handful of daisies?

Tell Me, Dear Ones, what effort is needed in Being? Being doesn’t have to be in great contrast to doing. You do not do doing. Doing evokes itself. Do you understand Me?

Being doesn’t require thinking. Being doesn’t require figuring out. Doing naturally issues from Being, the same way that leaves of trees are green.


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A Stranger in a Strange Land

God said:

When you first arrived here on Earth this time around, consciously, you didn’t know anything. Everything changed somewhat since your last time, and you seek to know the script all over again.

Even so, at the same time, you know deeper than time. You know deeper than all that you relearn so precociously, and, yet, Life on Earth is also old hat for you. Life on Earth recurs to you the way an old tune runs through your mind and heart, seemingly from out of nowhere. From where you remember this, how you know this, how your awareness arrives, you cannot say, yet a recollection slips out from somewhere, seemingly far away, or, seemingly, not even here at all.

We can say you are a genius who remembers that one and one makes two. Some kind of reconnection is made even as if it were not from within you, as if you had never seen it before. It couldn’t really be true.

You seem to be here right now as if you are diving into the present, as if you have no past and no future anyway, as if you ride an elevator that you have no idea of how you got on and how you get off, if ever.


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Stay One with God

God said:

The Queen in the fairy tale who asked her mirror: “Who is the Fairest of All?” was competitive. Her intentions were not beneficial, not even to herself, but she didn’t know that. She thought her intentions meant something wonderful.

There is another kind of competition. This may be when you desire to be, not the Fairest of All, but the Best-Kindest-Most-Worthy-Good-Givingest-Serving-Person of All.

This is understandable and worthy, yet, dear ones, you are still looking in the mirror. Better to tweeze your eyebrows in the mirror as a more meaningful purpose than urging yourself on to swell up as a Great Giver. Let go of your self. Rise to Self.

You may not like to see Me relegate your well-intentioned Goodness of Heart to the arena of competition. No question that you mean this to be far more wonderful, yet something may not be quite right here. It could be that ego is off-kilter. It could be.

From where comes the desire to be the Fairest of All? From where comes the desire to be the Most Givingest of All? When superlatives enter an inner conversation, it could be that ego is rising to the fore. You think you are excelling. You think you are being noble and deserving of recognition.


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What If Every Outcome Blesses You?

God said:

What limits you?

You do.

Ultimately, it is you yourself. Only you. One way or another, it is you. You are the inceptor. Whatever parts others in your Life may play, you are the one who makes the catch and creates a masterful feat or a bust and whatever else you may size up in between.

Credit yourself for where you land. You don’t have to credit others so much as you may. Don’t blame others so much either.

To credit others or yourself is a different story from blame. You are at the helm of your Life. At any moment of speculation, you don’t know whether what you call good or what you call sad is true. That which you may think is something wonderful, later you may rue. By the same token, that which at first seems unbefitting does indeed turns out to be a blessing. Have you not experienced this?

In any case, don’t sell yourself short. Give Life a chance to twirl you, and you may come out ahead. Be open to Life. What you may think and what really may be can be a horse of another color. Life is as Life is. Life, indeed, can undergo supposition. The thing is: There is no certain formula for Life.

Yep, sometimes Life is a switcheroo. Life itself has a lot to do with how you look at it. You just can’t be sure that your appraisal is correct. There is many a slip between cup and lip.


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Be a New Moonbeam

God said:

Stay out of the mud.

Refrain from gossip. Your purpose isn’t to toss around words about others rapturously with glee while you put them down. This is not a high vibration whatsoever. Not a high vibration at all. You won’t hear me giving you any such instructions to cast anyone down. Only smallness would make you do this.

Gossip is a long-held paltry subject. Whole magazines are filled with gossip. Fill your heart and mind with merit and not gossip.

You have a whole Life ahead of you.

Gossip isn’t your business.

Infringe in others’ lives isn’t your business.


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In a Moment of Sunlight

God said:

Be on your way to letting go of the idea of evening up Life and its Events. Beloveds, there is no disciplining Life in the way you look at it. Life as it appears is captured in a moment of Sun Light and reveals itself.

Life is organic and free range. Life has access everywhere. The way you see it, Life is to have some bounds according to your desire. You will be millenniums ahead when you give Life the freedom and blessing to be what it is when it is.

Dear Ones, Life does not need your sanction, certainly not your restraints. Take Life as it comes. A rainy day has as much reason to be as a sunny day does.

All the choices are not yours. Be Life’s Friend in Truth not as in a political campaign or business for profit. There is much that Life must take into account that you have no idea of. Life has its path to take, and Life’s path comes first. You do not know how to take into account all the intersections and connections. The comings and goings in Life have their right to be. Yes, dear ones, there is much more to Life than your eager-to-be-counted preferences.

Life has the Divine Right to mingle as it does. It is for you to move on in Life. Take care of how much energy you spend fighting Life. No longer sniffle over Life. No longer waste your God-given Life on squabbling with it. Make hay while the sun shines. Give your all to Life. Your Life is not so much yours as you think it is. No one said that all of Life must be your cup of tea.


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By the Streams of Sweet Waters

God said:

I hear you say, or even flaunt:

“God, I would lie down by green pastures. I would lie down by still waters. I would – absolutely -- if I knew where to find green pastures and still waters. Where are they? If I could see them, I would eagerly lie down by them.

“As it is, it feels like I slide down turbulent rapids. I fall head over heels – sometimes in love -- often in a morass or a desert. Sometimes I barely limp along. I do not seem to know which end is up. I am in the dark, God. God, save me from myself. Occupy my heart and mind. Obliterate fear from my sight. Restore my soul to sweet waters.”

Beloveds, are you saying that you feel lost? You can be lost when I am with you? That I am with you means just that, that you are never without Me. And you cannot escape Me. Inside and out, I am here. You are safe. I catch you all the illusory time.

If you do ride the rapids as you feel and which I do not accept, you ride them with Me. If you ever find yourself as if without Me, be assured this is an illusion you tote around with you. Is there some reason why you need to carry such an illusion when I am right here at your disposal? Foolish child. Have your dreams. They are worth having. Dream big.

For Heaven’s sakes, why dream small? Whatever for?

You create great daydreams so they can grow and, given the chance, will become true. Begin to know Truth.

Catch a falling star. Row your own boat. Paddle your own canoe. Declare independence from past thoughts.


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Choose Peace

God said:

When you are in tumult and you feel urgency, consider saying: “I’d like to think this through and get back to you this afternoon.” How about responding rather than reacting?

When you react, you are in what is sometimes referred to as a “Godawful hurry!”

When you are in a panic -- panic always has the better of you -- give yourself some of this imagined time to withdraw. Take a walk. Go into the woods. Give your heartbeat a chance to slow down.

Thank God, panic, which is a form of self-pandemonium, doesn’t last forever. Panic backs away. It goes somewhere. You may think that panic is a natural reaction. Natural carries a different connotation to Me.

Natural is more like catching your breath. Give panic a chance to reduce itself. Does panic come from adrenalin soaking in? No matter how masterful panic may be, a state of panic doesn’t last forever. Panic is like the huffing and puffing of the big bad wolf at your door. Don’t let the big bad wolf in.

Is the antonym of panic Peace?

Peace likes itself. Peace unto you. Peace is a cool mist. Peace settles. Peace is like a comforter that wraps you with its warmth at the very time it cools you down. You do understand how panic is hot and cold at the same time? What a constraint panic can be. A sense of panic cannot see beyond its nose.

In the relative world, there are opposites. If panic exists in the world, its opposite also exists. Peace is the other side of the coin. Peace is worth paying attention to. Bow down to Peace, and panic will fizzle out.



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