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You Can’t Keep Life on a Leash

God said:

You know, Life does not have to stay the same, nor does Life have to change directly according to your will. Did you think that Life must suit you? Is it a novel idea that Life also has Free Will?

There are changes you can make. Even one little change you make can make a long-range difference. If you tend to reproach Life, make a tiny conscious change and don’t reproach Life.

Let's say you complain about being tired all the time. Of your own initiative, change something. Go to bed earlier. Exercise more. Your choice. Walk to work. Or walk part way to work before you hop on the bus. Stop saying you are tired, for your words may compound your tiredness.

I do not speak of a momentous New Year's resolution, not at all. You do not commit yourself from now until forever. You don't have to take a big bite. If there is a tiny aspect of your life that you might see to benefit you, do it. You do not have to make a lifetime commitment. Choose anew today and tomorrow and tomorrow, a simple tiny change of your own choosing.


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An Academy Award for a Role Well-Played

God said:

You have no idea of what it means to Me to love you, My child, My One Child who appears in many forms. The forms you appear in are like old clothes hanging up in a closet. At one time, these clothes were precious to you. Now their value to you may well have faded.

This is the way of the world. The world enchants you today. Your remembered thought cannot substitute for the actuality it once represented. You may remember a beautiful blue taffeta-print dress from forty years ago. The blue taffeta was a treasure at the time. Now the representative treasure was given away long ago you know not where. All it is now is just another thought reconstituted. Even if the once dream of a dress were to somehow reappear, the glow it once had is gone, and it has become just a dress.

You may remember occasions in your children's lives from when they were little. You cannot return to the days of those long ago photographs. Your once young children may have wisps of gray in their hair now. Yet all of these recollections are only recollections. Not one remembered thought is reality now. In fact, even when these remembered thoughts were happening, that wasn't Reality then either.


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What Will the Neighbors Think?

God said:

What do you base your estimate of yourself on? There is nothing to base yourself on. The world's preferences are only the world's preferences. The prefereces are temporary. Preferances change often enough.

The world is not the making of you. Nor is the world the undoing of you.

At one time, women were like scalps. A man's value might have been set by how many scalps he could collect. The world set such standards according to the amalgamated consciousness of the world that set one standard for men and another standard for women. It is the consciousness of the human world that set you up for the changeable standards of the world you were born into.

The world set a standard of abstinence, and said this constraint was to honor Me, as if, on one hand I give, and on the other hand, I take away unless you were authorized by a ceremony. It was as if you were denied to look up at the sky, as if the human heart were to be turned off, had to be legalized, as if I would order you not to taste of the Tree of Knowledge, as if I would evict you from the Garden of Eden as punishment for the crime of being a human Being, as if I would personally kick you out from Heaven. Would I be so foolish?

There is no one blanket for virtue.

Don’t make standards for others as if this were your right. The world wants to run itself on logic. A world without heart lacks common sense and logic along with heart.

Certainly, I don’t speak of anything goes. Life is not intended to be one extreme or another.


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Whose Life Is It Anyway?

God said:

If you don't know what to make of Life as a whole, and most especially don't know what to make of YOUR present Life -- totally not understanding, pro or con, how you got to this time and place – and not sure where you go from here, do you shake Life up and assert yourself, or you may say: "Okay, Life, have your way." It is not for you to stay still, nor is it for you to make a fuss about what today or tomorrow brings.

Life is what it is, and Life is also how you see it. You are familiar with these two ideas. You are well aware of differences of opinion.

You love bananas, and your friend doesn't love bananas. Your friend may look forward to mañana, whereas you may prefer to turn over in the morning and go back to sleep.

It can be that all you want is peace, and, on the other hand, you live in the midst of commotion.

You may love the ocean, and you live in the mid-west. You may love the tropics, and you live in Alaska. You may live in a hi-rise, or you live off the grid, and so on. You could live in a palace, or you could be homeless.

Wherever you are, that’s where you seem to be. You are living the Life you are living this moment. You may well have a choice of the flavor of ice cream you will have, and you also have the choice not to eat ice cream at all. You may have the choice to watch TV. It may or may not be that you don’t have the choice to buy a TV at all depending upon where you live and how much money you have.


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Come with Me

God said:

Remind yourself of your facility for independence. You don't always require the help you think you do. You may really be looking for proof of love. Such neediness is not in your best interest. Helplessness can only lead to frustration.

Sometimes giving over-abundant help may be your need to be needed, therefore, your immense neediness to stand out as well-thought of by the world, to be extra-special in the world. A great giver can be a great needer of admiration and praise.

Either way, you don't want to take advantage of anyone by too much taking nor do you want to take advantage of someone by too much giving. Nor do you want to be unable to accept help from so-called others either.

Now that you realize strength can also be contrary to what you have thought, now also forget about it. You don't try to measure every step you take, for measuring and analyzing are not living life. Once you have an insight, the insight is the seed planted, and it will grow. You will grow.

Life is not to be a method, not a plan, not a map you follow, but spontaneous. Don't second-guess yourself. You will learn as you go along. If you discover you went west instead of east, that you said no instead of yes, or vice-versa, whatever you regret, let it be.


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A Tale of God’s Glory on Earth

God said:

If you could see the Bright Light of Your Heart without all the trumped-up charges you and others have made against it, how happy you would be. Remove all the propaganda, and you would no longer refute your Heart or anyone else's heart. You would see the Light of My Heart wherever your eyes alit. No matter whose heart you looked into, without exception, you would be surrounded by Great Light far beyond your present reckoning.

This is not a wild-goose chase I send you on. This not an exaggeration. This is fantastic, yet not any kind of fantasy. This is not fiction meant to cheer you on. This is the God-given Truth, and it is for you to know the Radiance you are made of and that you are to spread around the world like mist.

How you see presently is a fictionalized story. It is an overdone fear-filled story that is so suspenseful you cannot put it down. You might call your story: What Happens Next? Or, The Way You See It, or, you could call your story: Footsteps in the Dark, or, you could call it: Dark Clouds and Ominous Shadows, or Lost at Sea, or even Pursued by Fear of One Kind or Another

How you see presently is the wild-goose chase. Too often how you see presently is contrary to your dreams, yet it is a dream you have with your eyes open while you are in the waking state. Of course, the true name of this waking state could be The Unawakened State.

What new title might you give to life if you weren't so frightened of it?

How about:


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What Gives You Even a Little Happiness?

God said:

I say: "Peace unto you," yet you have not peace.

You may have turmoil instead. Something has to give. Perhaps your holding onto your being right has to give.

What is so marvelous about being right? Do you really have to be acknowledged as the winner? How does being right serve? Much of the time, being right serves your ego. Hmm, egos have been well-served enough to last a lifetime.

When you claim you are right, what are you doing? Now, hear Me, you may indeed be right. And there are times you have a responsibility to claim this. This is understood. You do not have to deny Truth. Say your Truth, and be done.

When you get entangled in a dispute over who is right and who is mistaken, you are jousting. Really, you are in a tug of war, and you want vindication. At such times, you can know that your siren of ego has gone off full-blast. Pause, beloveds. Stay at the side of the road until the emergency is over. Stay away from redemption, revenge, and reliving dire deeds of the past.

No one, no one, has the right, to injure your child, for example. Defend your child with all your might with My Blessings.

Before the die is cast is one thing. After a deed is done is another.

When someone has already injured your child, whether by accident or malice, now you have to unwrap yourself from the offender. When you, yourself, hold a lower vibration, you perpetuate hardness of heart which you pass on to the world.


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How About Today?

God said:

What if you would see the world from love?
What would you see?
What if you could see into hearts from your own heart?
What if you could really see as I do see?
You would favor all.
You would bless all.
You would make a difference in everyone’s life.
You would shine light like a thousand stars.
You would pick everyone up and brush them off.
     Heavenletter #5258 Like a Thousand Stars

Today you see I have begun this Heavenletter with a quotatation of Mine. Every Heavenletter, every sentence, every word plants a seed. It could be said that every Heavenletter contains seeds of every other Heavenletter.

In the same way, it can be said that every plaint a child of Mine makes is a seed of the same plaint from all My children.

Here is one plaint:

"Beloved God, I want to be beyond having to come crying to you about a momentary difficulty that repeats and repeats itself in varied forms. I want to be free of difficulties. I want to be free. Grant me freedom, God.

"I hesitate to ask you for freedom from the past. I want to keep my memory and yet see in a new light. God, give me new ways of seeing. Give me, please, Bright Light, and the Gift of Permanence. May I once and for all see through Your eyes.


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Herein Lies the Major Key to Happiness

God said:

If there were only One Key to Life, what might it be?

Aha, fortunately, there is more than One Key to Life. Whatever is important to you as an individual belongs on your list. Little by little, you may choose to cross off some suggestions from your list and add a few others.

It is understandable how money would feature on your list. Everyone knows that Life on the surface is easier when you have money in your pocket. At the same time, everyone knows – at least in theory – that money doesn't buy happiness or True Love.

Good health – everyone wants it and deserves to have it. On the surface, no one would ever desire poor health. I say on the surface because, deep down, sometimes, consciously unaware, someone carrying an illness may need this illness for one hidden reason or another. He may hang on to it, and, still, he is innocent.

It is also true that good health doesn't necessarily bring happiness. Plenty of people in excellent health are not appreciative of their excellent health while they have it.

Individual Love also has brought pain and sorrow, for attachment often masquerades as Love. Attachment disappoints all right.

Creativity is great happiness, yet even the most accomplished creative human Beings who have great joy in creating may often be great sufferers as well.

Is there no One Key that lasts a lifetime for everyone?

We know that expectation and interpretation can be deal-breakers. You do your best, yet one bug-a-boo is expectation, and another is interpretation.


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The Need to Be Heard and the Art of Listening

God said:

In terms of the world, there are at least two parties who communicate. One is called the speaker, and the other is called the listener. True conversation is a beautiful tango. One leads, one follows. They both lead. They both follow. The listener really listens, doesn't interrupt, listens deeply until it’s his turn. Then there is role-reversal. Good speaker becomes good listener. There is no infringing. Each role is priceless.

It is hard for some people to express what they really want to express. For others, it is easier to speak than to listen. Speaker and listener are both essential. Without speaking and listening, where can communion lie?

If you are the listener at a particular moment, you may just be waiting for your turn to talk. Waiting eagerly to speak your heart isn't listening. It is counting the seconds until it is your turn.

For the want of listening, friendships have been given up.

One or the other, or both parties, shrug their shoulders and think: "He doesn't give a hoot. Why should I care?"

Friendships are broken. Wars start. All from an inability to listen. Sides are taken. There becomes a need not to listen as if listening were weakness.

Listening is a great skill. It is necessary for survival.

Goodness knows, you don't want someone to butter you up, nor do you want to pretend any more than you want to be pretended to. You want to understand, and you want to be understood. How important it is to be heard, and how important it is to hear.



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