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Getting Closer

God said:

Believe in Me, and believe in you. Have I not said this before? How many times?

What does this mean – to know Who you are? It is many things. It is Everything.

To know Who you are is to put your shoulders back.

To know Who you are is to be rosy-cheeked.

To know Who you are is to breathe.

To know Who you are is to laugh at fear and jolly it.

To know Who You are is to laugh and smile.

To know Who you are is to not to be so devoted to what goes on around you. To know Who you are is to be devoted to rising High. This is not ego. This is knowing Who you are and not needing plaudits from the world. Ah, there is a big difference between needing and enjoying.

For God’s sakes, enjoy the diversity of the world! Beloveds, this is the least you can do. No more grumbling. This is what is meant by rising above the surface events of the world.

Enjoy being alive. Never mind about fixing the world. Enjoy the world, and the world will fix itself.

Be one of many Enjoyers. Overwhelm the world with Joy. Let the world copy you. As you rise, you take the world with you. Everyone wants to rise. Dear Ones, don’t lecture the world. No longer point out the errors of its ways. Lift up the world.

Free the world from the ties that bind. Undo the past that no longer exists anyway except in your mind. Change the focus of your mind, for your mind has been an errant lover.


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Be the Love You So Want

God said:

One of the hardest things in the world for you, My Dear human Beings, Beloveds of My Heart, is to let go.

In Heaven, there is no need to let go because there is no holding on in the first place.

From when you were newly born to Earth, your little fists would grab and hold on to anything in your grasp. Ah, this is the physical world for you.

As you grew, your doll or your toy fire engine became possessions to you. In effect, they possessed you. It has not been easy for many or most of My Children to detach themselves from their possessions including their ideas, for attachment is to the past and yet even more than attachment to the past. A possession symbolizes something. Likely, a possession represents Love to you, and, yes, meaning.

Beyond objects, Beloveds, you attach to people. It is not easy for you to know the difference between attachment and Love. You are to Love, and, at the same time, to let go of attachment. Attachment is having to have or to own when the fact is that Love is letting go of owning.

A need for control seems to accompany attachment. Now comes expectation, and now come demands. Now shoulds of one kind or another walk in because disappointments of one kind or another have hurt your feelings. Now, you are sure that the objects of your affections absolutely must change or they are unsatisfactory. This is how Freedom goes out the window.


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Your Heart is a Powerhouse

God said:

What seems to be on your mind today? What is heavy on your Heart today may not be what is on your mind. In fact you may even barrage your mind with concerns about trifles in order to keep your mind off the collected woes of your Heart. Tender tender is the Heart. If you get right down to it, your Heart is too often under siege. The very sensitivity of your Heart is the best thing about your Heart.

Your Heart is not meant to be a warrior nor is your Heart meant to be a spigot to be turned on or off. No, no, no, your Heart is meant to be turned on full-blast. Your Heart is meant to be clear and warm and aligned with friendliness and welcome. Your Heart is meant to be your harbor.

Your Heart is aimed right at the Sun, and your Heart is to be hospitable and share itself as if it could never go out of style. Your Heart is to be wide open and let the whole world in. You may have the idea that your Heart can be used up, and you want to preserve it. Uh-uh, your Heart isn’t designed for being saved up.

As it is, you may want to avoid your Heart as though it were not connected to your deepest Being, OR that it is too connected and, well, too powerless. Your Heart is the most powerful thing you have. Yes, there is a great part of you that doesn’t want to get down to your Heart. You would rather wrap it up in cotton than to reveal it. You may want to keep strangers out of your Heart. You might long for a sign you could hang that says No Admittance.


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The Story-Telling Arts

God said:

Within each heart on Earth am I. That’s it. This is what Life is. It is all My Self, yet you may well believe that you are someone else when All of Life is all about Me, the One of Us. You reflect Me in a fantasy you play at, this Make-Believe you like to think you are deeply into.

It’s like you play a piano that doesn’t exist, and yet you imagine that music comes from this piano that does not exist. You see the piano. Your fingers move over the made-up keys. Layers and layers of notes resound and continue to resound in the world, yet never in actuality is this piano to be seen or to be found. How bizarre.

Actually, you are a way-out Teller of tales and Believer in tales. You beat the author of Sherlock Holmes as a writer of mysteries. You are quite a Story-Maker and Storyteller. In your Life Story, you surpass the greatest poets, playwrights, novelists. The extent of your imagination cannot be imagined. You exceed in the Storytelling Arts.

You are a magician who performs his magic tricks, only you have hypnotized yourself into believing that your magic is not a trick but the stuff of which Life itself is made. The fact is that you don’t know Truth from fiction. You believe that what you see is what you get. This theory goes only so far as you can see and does not reach all the way to Truth.


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Who Told You to Be A Martyr?

God said:

The world at large may dun you like a bill collector. The world at large may inundate you with orders and requests. Sometimes there are those in the world who may think you are up for grabs and that you are in debt to them. You don’t have to think this way.

Never are you to feel you are to be a martyr to the world’s demands. It isn’t for you to give all preference to others before yourself. You have say about your Life as well as anyone else.

For some of My Children, it’s tricky to over-devote yourself to others and still be responsible to yourself. We can say it’s a balancing act, yet when you regard yourself with inborn respect, you will spontaneously balance your needs and others’. You are entitled to your own space. Otherwise, rumblings of resentment start to encroach within you. You do no good for the world to feel overtaken and overburdened.

You can give away too much of yourself. Frankly, giving overly of yourself serves neither the so-called other nor the so-called you. You are not the commander of the world in the sense We are speaking now, nor is anyone else to commandeer you. You are not to be drafted into the army of another’s will.

Never are you meant to be a martyr. I say: Neither a mercenary nor a martyr be!


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The Song of Us

God said:

I heard you greet Me this morning. I heard you say:

“Good morning, Gah’-ahd.”

You echoed My Name in two syllables, and so you burst My Name out in song, as you might naturally sing out:

“Good morning, Sunshine…”

And so the Song of Us echoes rhythmically throughout the Universe much the way a remembered song that needs no introduction sings forth itself in daily Life. A song sings itself on time to the beat of the Universe in every language. All languages are equal. Each language is beloved. In every language and, in a myriad of music, the Universe sings out on the Waves of Life.

Hail to the Greetings of Oneness to Oneness. There is nothing but Oneness. There is nothing to greet but Immense Oneness of the One. I am the One, and you also are the One even as you disbelieve, yet, in fact, Oneness has nothing to do with belief.

You tend to live on a Voyage of Fiction embellished, fiction upon fiction something like the surface of the Waves of the Ocean, and so you surf. You may love to surf. You may also love to be a Deep Sea Diver even as you tremble at the idea. You may say to yourself:

“Better a Fate Known than Unknown.”

You may pull a curtain over your eyes and say:

“Better to live on a couch, watch others’ lives and sit out my own. Asked to dance, I say, ‘No thank you, I will sit this dance out.’”

How great is your fear to hear the Call of Life and volunteer yourself! You may prefer to hide under a mushroom.


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There Is Also a Life of No Thought

God said:

You live in more than one world. You live on Earth, no doubt about that. Earth is a dream world of its own.

When you sleep, you are somewhere out of the Earth world. There is the world of sleep dreams, and there is the world of sleep where it seems that for a while, you do not dream and you do not exist anywhere, yet, you are Somewhere.

There is the Life of Daydreams.

There is also the waking state when you do not dream and yet you are not clearly in the conscious world.

There is the Life of No Thought which is also yours. Hurray!

Between words, you are on pause. In the written word, you can see the empty space where there is no thought between words.

The True You lies in Infinity. You are no stranger to Infinity. You are someone who has great wealth and may not know you have a bank account filled with wonders. The bank account belongs to your just the same. You don’t have to be conscious of this for it to be so.

You are possessed of Great Intelligence, yet you may have no idea of the breadth and depth of your Intelligence. Or you may have an idea, yet a vague one. There is no question but that you underestimate yourself. You are good at underestimating yourself. You may even be proud of it. You are modest to the hilt, as if you would not be seen in Bright Sunlight, as if you would only stay hidden from yourself and everyone in the twilight. You prefer to stay in the shadows. And so, you hide yourself and consider yourself smart. You take great pride in your modesty.


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In a Different Light

God said:

I am your Maker, and you are My Most Beloved. This is how it is. In common parlance, We Love. You and I – We Love. We Love, We Love, We Love and Love some more. There is no shortage of Love. No one has to teach you Love. You don’t have to extract Love nor to be taught Love. Love is a Natural Gift given to you and to the world.

Dear Ones, even when you persuade yourself that you’ve been wronged by something Life delivers to you because it is not what your heart desires, even then don’t question My Love, not for one minute.

Of course, no one dances up and down in joy when a truly loved one of yours leaves Earth for greener pastures. No one is looking to say Farewell, any more than you long for illness. No matter how wrong Life may strike you, withhold your judgment. Hold back. Don’t give into false conclusions.

No matter how let down or betrayed you may feel, no matter how grieved and grievous your heart, no matter how unforgivable a situation may seem to you, no matter what, no exceptions, know that I do not break My Faith with you. Never do I shirk Love. No matter how hidden or contrary you may feel about what you see as what I have wrought, no matter how unthinkable, unbelievable, and how unbearable it may seem, don’t toss away Our Love. Keep it. Treasure it. Keep it Holy.

Dear Ones, I do not test you. I do not experiment with you.


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You Are a Rose in Bloom

God said:

Whither goest thou when you are Infinite and there is nowhere to go and only to be? There is nowhere and nothing. The individual circumference of you does not really exist as you believe it does and want it to. You throw yourself before the winds, and you insist on existing as if you, this personality of you, were True. In this case, dream a bigger Dream of you.

In every which way, you try hand over fist to convince yourself that you exist when you more than exist and yet you leave no footsteps in the sand. You are a thought in time. You try to memorialize yourself. You frame a portrait of yourself. You border yourself. Now, take yourself out of the frame and fly around the so-called world and begin to erase the gilded frame you wrapped yourself in. Disappear in order to reveal yourself to yourself. What seems like a disappearing act is the making of you.

3-D in color isn’t so spectacular as you may have thought. You had a thought of yourself and another and another. It is as if you smeared yourself across the Universe. You thought you were Big Man on Campus. You thought that your precise existence was everything when it is no great accomplishment at all, a mere repeated event to cover up your True Existence Which Is Mine.


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Life Is Just a Passerby

God said:

In effect, you sift through your Life. You sift with a sieve, Beloveds. There is a moral to the story here. Life once lived falls through the cracks. It is bye-bye.

You cannot hold onto everything or anything. How can you be sure that sifting through Life is a way for you to comprehend Life? Life will teach you without your trying to sort it out. Life already has occurred, and now you are in a new starting-off place.

If the past is the past, well, then, let it go. Verily, only Life Itself can teach Itself. It isn’t that Life is insoluble. It’s just that Life goes off the screen in the moment that it surfaces and happens, or, rather seems to happen. Life hops right along. Life doesn’t stay still. Life on Earth is not meant to be memorable. Life is in one moment, and then Life is off and running in the next.

Hail to Life. Greet it. Then Life swims away on to New Adventures. You know what? Life does not stand still, and nor are you to stand still.

You may feel you are off to the races! Rather, you are transported to the Present. To the best of your ability, you digest what just has occurred, though, at the same moment there is no whipping a past moment into shape. It is not for you to conjugate Life. A moment ago is not your bread and butter. It is a passing shadow you glimpse out of the corner of your eye. You don’t want to make too much of Life and so impede Life as it occurs. Life gives you a ride. Life contains you. Hmm, Life swerves ahead, and it is already passed. May your Life go beyond its past.



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