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“Let there be Light!”

God said:

When I said, Let there be Light, there was Light.

When I said, Let there be Stars, there were Stars, and the Stars are to this day, visible or not.

When I said, Let there be you, there was you. You arose. You appeared before Me all arisen. It took no effort whatsoever for you to appear before Me and the Whole Family of God to appear before Me. There was no impasse. There was no time that elapsed before you appeared. I called to you to arise, and you arose.

In effect, this is how Life appears before you.

Of course, you may say: “Hey, God, wait a minute. This isn’t how Life appears to me. Life appears to me like a struggle.”

I ask you why this is, and you may say:

“God, are you going to say that I struggle all on my own doing?”


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Only on Earth

God said:

What are We really, the so-called you and the so-called I? If We are One, where are you then? And what are you but My Self?

How you long to be I, and yet how you long to keep the remnants of your teeny-weeny outer self as well!! How precious are you to yourself!

Sometimes you wear royal robes, and sometimes you wear rags. I mean, of course, how you present yourself to the world and how the world and you may miss out on your Splendor. You are at sea a lot as you swim in multi-directions back and forth and very often float on your back. Thankfully, you have the sky to look up at.


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In the Heart, in the Heart

God said:

Unto you, I serve. I am for you. You are made for Me, and I am made for you. You are a fledgling. Our One Heart is at play. I, God, am One. Made of many Names in the world, I never stop Being. I am Eternal and Growing and made of many Names, and I also am known by your Name. As you come closer to the non-configuration of Me, am I the Flower and you the blossom?

Am I the Burst of Color of the Rose, and you the Shade of Color of Rose that I Am?

It is said that I am the Word. It could be that I am also the Language, and from the Language, a Word falls from Heaven at the moment you drop to Earth and from which you arise, and Words become an Expression of Life and Love and cries of Joy. Can Heaven be the antonym of Wilderness?

Is there something the matter with using the word Wilderness? Is it possible that Wilderness signifies unpopulated Nature that is sufficient unto itself without footsteps in the sand and snow?

Surely you know you are more than bones and gristle from which the World and you are known and made. Surely you are the Magnificence of Oneness.


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Welcome God

God said:

Sometimes you may wonder how I can carry so much on My Mind as I do, how I can assemble so much at one time, and how, unlike My dear Children, keep everything straight and in sight and calm and unhurried and unharried and never ruffled.

For one thing, the world resides in My Heart, and is not kept secularly in what you might emphasize as My Mind. My Heart and Mind are One. My Beloveds, I do not have to think and think about anything.

I am a free spirit, and all is organized for Me. Nothing is ever an effort for Me whatsoever. You order the world according to how you view it.

If you get tied up in knots, it is you who ties yourself up in knots. Never am I out to get you. Let Us take the High Road.

Here you are, Beloveds, seemingly torn between Free Will and Destiny.

You may see the world as computerized, as if your feelings are not taken into account.

I already create miracles every day. All I have created is verily a miracle and, perhaps, despite your objections, your Choice of Destiny.

I, God, work in subtle ways. It cannot truthfully be said that I work. I AM. I AM Being. I AM a God-Being. Effort is unknown to Me.

The Energy of Sun IS. The Sun shines. This is the Sun’s Being. The Sun reflects My Light via its Bright Yellow Light and Warmth. The Sun shines its Natural Light of Life on all alike.

And so does My Love radiate. So do the Stars. And so are the Stars reflected on the Ocean Bright.


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A River of Love

God said:

You may feel you flounder in a maelstrom of lack on Earth. Despite how you may flounder, I tell you that you live in a maelstrom of Love.

It is Love that is hard for you to accept. This must be so because you want Love to prove itself to you. You want to be assured that you are Loved. You tend to be unassured of your Truth.

The Sea of Life may be deep and yet, you rock the boat. Even for one day, if you could accept the Bounty of Love that you are and that you merit, how different your Life would be. How different you would be. You would not falter.


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Rise to Your Own Life

God said:

Many of My Beloved Children have the idea that they have been cheated in Life. Granted, in your way of looking, this may be true. You may indeed not have received all that you desire and all that you deserve. This may be so in terms even of the entire relative world.

What I am saying to you is that, true or not, the idea of having been denied, gypped, overlooked, hamstrung, neglected is beside the point. Across the board, this isn’t a helpful premise for you to come from. This idea of being owed is a concept that keeps you mired.

You see this, don’t you? No longer keep yourself chained to believing you are owed something. True or not true, you don’t want to keep even one downward-spiraling thought one second longer.

From the worst of circumstances, Beauty arises. This is also true. There is no end to possibilities, Beloveds. There is no end to the possibilities for you.

What do you think it means to be boundless?

Let go of seeing yourself as neglected. Let go of seeing yourself as vanquished. In case you may never walk again, let’s say, you are here on Earth for more than walking. If you have been seeing yourself as downtrodden, then begin seeing yourself blessed. If you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, then pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Here’s the thing: You are as you see yourself.

See yourself as victimized, then you are. See yourself as a Knight on a White Steed, then your Light will shine through, and you will be a new person.


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Like a Leaf on a Tree

God said:

You have a tendency to see yourself as a heavyweight on Earth, that is, with gravity. You may even see yourself as a boxer in the ring or identify yourself as being thrown to the lions as in olden days in Rome. To be fearful, you have to have something to fear. This is hardly My Dream for you. There is no resemblance.

Fear is heavy, beloveds. Come into the Light and no longer trod. Walk lightly. Dance on air! What you truly are weighs nothing at all. Take a load off your feet. Walk on air, why not? Take Life in your stride. Look High. Feel yourself lightly connected to the Earth as a Leaf on a Tree. Discover that you are not so attached and not so laden with fear. You are not to hold on to fear. Fear is but a shadow.

You are made for Light, not shadow.

No matter what the Season, there is Light, and there is My Will for you. You remain a Diamond in My Heart. I never lose sight of you. I am your Guiding Light. It is not for you to clasp and grasp shadows. There is no bogeyman.

Even if you are in the Army, be at ease, soldier!

No need to duel with Life.

Let your Life be a chariot-ride with Me. Be assured that your Life has Meaning. There is nothing you have to prove. Allow Life to be a Walk in the Park. Be considerate of Life. Let the Moving Force of Life be your Beloved Life. Take a stand via your Light on Earth.

You don’t have to be heavy-handed. Be Light of Heart instead. What else is worthy of a Child of God?


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Godwriting, an Intimacy of Oneness

God said:

I suppose you could consider the process of Godwriting as a surrender to Me. I look at this Intimacy of Oneness as My Offering to you. I have always offered Myself to you. This is not new or spectacular.

When have I not said, “Hear Me. O Hear Me, Beloveds.”

When have I not said: “I bequeath All to you, Who art the Exhalation of My Breath.”

When have I not said: “Our Hearts embrace. We are not twain, but One.”

When have I not said: “You are made in My Image.”

When have I not said: “Awaken!”

Beloveds, you are My Dream Come True. You are My Very Self.

What I give, I AM. You are My Heart. You are the Seeds I have flung to Earth as a Gift to Myself.

You Who art My Offspring are My Generation and My Blessing given and received. There is no other way.

You Who art in Heaven are My Light spread on the Soil of Earth. You are My Manna from Heaven.

You Who art in Heaven are My Thought Incarnate. I spread you out before Me. You are the Angelic Realm I gave and give to Earth as a Bouquet of Flowers.

Accept what I have bequeathed to you.

Hear Me, O hear Me, My First Words to you are: There are no Last Words.

We do not quite engage in Words. We engage in deeper than Words. From Wordlessness, you hear and feel the Vibration of My Love. From My Energy of Thought, you transfigure My Vibration into Words you know. For every Word you translate from the Vastness, We can say that you lightly press a key of music, for My Vibration is Music to your Soul and to Mine.


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Hear Me, O My Children, Hear Me

God said:

Godwriting is a process, a very innocent process, yet in the mundane world, it takes courage to Godwrite. Sometimes Great Courage, even All the Courage in the world, for you are easily embarrassed. How bizarre that something so enlivening and so simple takes courage.

Once upon a time My Children could hear the Beat of My Heart, and this was accepted hands down. It was not extraordinary. It was a good idea. In fact, the more the merrier. It quite rightly was conveyed in the world that in the old days it was hunky-dory for Me to be heard. Even Aaron, Moses’ brother who stuttered was to hear from Me and pass it on to the world even as Aaron himself did not feel qualified.

What I had to say mattered. There was no express list of qualifications, and it was acceptable to share My words. My Truth stood on its own.

Then, the world at large barred the idea of an ordinary person’s hearing Me. My Words fell into disrepute. The idea that just anyone could hear My Words and presume to repeat them – well, it became ingrained in the world at large that this was shoddy, even arrogant, and, well, not quite kosher.

By some decree, no ordinary person was considered capable of hearing from Me any more. If someone said he heard from God, he must be hallucinating, so, he was popped into the booby hatch. He had to be either cuckoo or a fraud.


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God’s Diamond

God said:

Sometimes, you drag your feet, and you are not exactly a willing Partner with Me. Beneath your intellect, however, lies your Heart of Gold. Do not kid yourself. You hold My Heart in yours. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Even when you may be blindfolded, I know undeniably Who You are. There is too much you don’t see and don’t know. You brush off new ways of thinking as you would a piece of lint. Amazing, isn’t it, how you have the ability to fluff off awareness and delete your Self?

Think of My Heart as a Golden Sun. From the Light of My Rays, your Light shines. Of course, you are My Radiance. You are a Reflection of Me. And, in Truth, beyond that, nothing else exists but the One of Us.

I, Who created you, I ride with you. I, Who ride with you, am a Facet of you. You are My Diamond, and We, you and I, ride High.

If you have not yet already realized this, you certainly will. It is My Will that you will. You are My Will. I am in your DNA. I, the Creator, created you from the Throb of My Heart. You exist in the Beat of My Heart.



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