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Kiss the Earth

God said:

I am your dear God. That’s it! What did you think I was? Did you really think that I am a despot who delights in making you dance through hoops?

In one sense, there is only one choice I give you, and that is the choice to grow. Willingly or unwillingly, you will grow, and you will grow higher and higher like Iowa corn. You will grow even higher than Jack and the Beanstalk. Not even the sky is the limit. There is no limit to the heights you can climb. There simply are no limits. In other words, you are limitless.

This is a wonderful thing, yet you fear it. You may protest the ground that you walk on, yet you don't want to let go of it. What do you think I would say to you?

I say to you: Kiss the Earth beneath your feet and kiss the Unlimitedness of your rising higher and higher. You will not have to stand upon your tiptoes. You will get off the ground and fly. You will fly. Do you know the happiness this is?

Has not everyone had dreams of flying?

Dreams come true. You will soar. You will fly beyond your wildest dreams, and dream anew yet Great Dreams, and they will also come true.

I have heard you say: "There has to be more to Life than this."

How right you are. Shakespeare penned it: "There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Yet you have dreamt them all in your psychology.


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God said:

Dear One who worries needlessly, let Me say what I have to say in this way:

You have no choice but to have confidence in your Self. I am your Very Self, so, it is for you to have confidence in Me. Unless you have confidence in Me, you have disbelief. You are practiced in disbelief. You were taught it, and you learned it. Let go of disbelief now. Stop asking yourself all the questions.

Pick up an image of yourself as the innocent you are. Pick up the baby of yourself and lavish love on her. No one, especially you, is to put yourself in dissarray

It is to you I write, Godwriter, as an aside. Let Us have a heart to heart. You understand Heavenletters very well. You are doing My Will. Let go of perceived results – recognition, numbers, personality, hard work, etc. No matter how close you are to Heavenletters, Heavenletters are My responsibility. Forget about confidence in yourself. Have confidence in Me which is the same as to say confidence in your Self.

The existence of Heavenletters came from Me. I looked over the whole world, and I asked Myself: "Which One of My Chidren is to tend to these particular Words of Mine on Earth?"

I looked for a Relayer of My Words. I spotted you. I picked you out. You were handy, and you’re good at it.

My eyes fell on you. There was no doubt in My Mind. There was no doubt in My Heart.

This is the big difference between you, the personality, and Me, the Oversoul. You know how to doubt. I wouldn't know how to doubt if I tried.


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Speaking Up

God said:

The way you see it on Earth is that you put up with too much. A habit of yours could be that you don't speak up enough.

Of course, there are many who also stick up for themselves very well.

There are, indeed, many who think later of what they ought to have said and likely could have saved themselves future difficulties down the road if only they had said.

There are so many habits of life and so many varied kinds of upbringing that impinge on your lives now.

It is even possible that you may think that to represent yourself is impolite, and yet you are aware that not speaking up for yourself contributes considerably to repeated unhappiness.

It's like you got on a certain track and somehow, no matter how you desire to get off that track, time and again you ride the same track no matter how much you rue your path of least resistance.

And then, when you do speak up, you seem to be programmed to feel you overdid it, or you did it in anger which now adds to your difficulties with yourself.

What fear is it that keeps you back from asserting yourself? Lack of practice you suppose? Your voice doesn't even think of it until too late. This is some kind of trap you set for yourself.

And, then, when you do rise to represent yourself, another kind of guilt sets in.


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Only in Infinity

God said:

Life keeps going. Life doesn’t stop for one minute. This is how it is in the imaginary race you run.

Even when you commune with Me, a thought of Mine you pick up is here for you right now, and then it may be gone in a flash you know not where. The thought appears to have disappeared. A thought of Mine is directly available to you, yet your realization of My Thought seems to last only a span of time, and then it dances off.

Dear Ones, no specific thought of Mine is a thought you must have. There is no pressure about this. Remind yourself that a thought of Mine forgotten from your conscious mind nevertheless is still My thought, and it is alive and well. There are no deadlines regarding My thoughts. Whether a thought of Mine returns to you or not, even when a thought has meandered away from your conscious mind, it is still around. My thoughts are omnipresent. There is no rush for you to maintain thoughts that seem to have dropped out and that you call missing.

You wish you had My Thoughts at your disposal always. I exist within you, and My Thought are yours somewhere deep within you no matter what. My Thoughts, Our Thoughts exist independent of your memory's retention of them. Really and truly, what do you most want? Aha! A great memory or Infinity?

Infinity is all at once. Memory is not. Memories are stored. You pick memories up as you go along. You don't have to impound your memories.


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If the Concept of Suffering Did Not Exist, Would You Suffer?

God said:

There is something so deep and precious within you that you hardly dare to fathom. Beloveds, what do you think would happen if you dared to drink deeply of Love Abounding?

To sink deeply within – which you may fear -- is to fly! To sink deeply into Love is to soar high above suffering. It is to discover yourself where you are and have been all along. Heretofore, you may have trembled at what seemed to be a dismal Fate that, you were sure, had convoluted itself before you.

Beloveds, you yourself are the topic I dwell on. Come drink healing waters with Me. We will talk about love for the Enhancement of the World. Sometimes, a world filled with love is held at a distance, barely in sight -- this is suffering. Never think that suffering is somehow an honor. Make suffering not paramount or the honor of the day in the attention of a world sodden in grief.

Suffering has nothing to offer you that you want. And never do I want you to promote suffering as if it were an exalted status. Because suffering comes free doesn't mean that you don't pay too a high price for it. There is nothing desirable about suffering until it leaves.

Do you have the idea that suffering is admirable? Is illness admirable? Is heartache admirable? Suffering isn't even packaged well. Suffering is not a hero's journey. Let Us abolish suffering from the face of Earth. Let Us abandon suffering. Who said suffering is a worthy activity?


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On the Wings of Angels

God said:

There is no decree that says you absolutely must finish everything you start. There are things that you can drop. You don't have to prove your good character. There are times you can stop in the middle, or, perhaps, momentum will be so strong that it continues to carry you forward no matter what, and you just can't get off.

In any case, don't dally in Life. Make a decision. Dear Ones, don't keep the world waiting. One way or another, you are to move on. You are on the Forefront of the Universe, and you move right along. The purpose of Life is not to delay it.

Slow and Steady is not always wisdom. Nor is Haste Makes Waste always so veritable. Instead of the idea that Haste makes Waste, have the idea that haste gets the job done.

Now, have We gone full circle with Momentum? Not yet.

Momentum is the fuel you run on, and momentum is the fuel the world runs on.

Momentum is momentous.

It is not necessary to whip momentum into a froth. Keep up with it. Run along with it.

Look to the inside. Listen to the puppy that you hear barking. What does your Heart say? Regard your Heart. Believe in your Heart.

Sometimes when you don't dare believe in your heart, dare to follow it anyway. Your heart may well be better qualified than your suspicious mind.


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Momentum Is Your Life’s Bread

God said:

You know what it's like when you procrastinate. It's not pretty. You pay a price for every day you dally. Do you put your Life aside, as if ignoring the furtherance of your life is the best you can do at this time? Oh, well, it is the waning moon, and you excuse yourself.

There is a momentum in Life. It is like a fire you build, and it behooves you to keep the fires burning. The fire you add to is yourself. Either you go forward, or you allow your project to die on the vine.

If you have passion and you want to enrich your life, then keep moving. Momentum is your Life's Bread. Keep that momentum churning. It is self-limiting to let your passion die by the wayside. There is no waiting time. This is a slow decline. A slow decline is a decline, and as fatal as a fast one.

It's true, in the deeper Regions of Life on Earth, time does not exist. Only Infinity exists. There is no hurry, and there is no late.

In the grips of daily Life on Earth, however, seize the day. Unless you seize the day, you have thrown the day out the window.

Let Us call this what it is. It is dropping the ball. You sure aren't making a touchdown. You guarantee yourself withdrawal of energy, and energy means heart. Better to throw away millions of dollars in one fell swoop than to dribble your energy away. Use your Creative Energy. Use it, and you have more and more energy replacing itself. When you have been letting your creative energy dry up, it is gone, and you have been selling yourself short.


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The Key Is How You Look at Yourself

God said:

It is up to you to open your heart and your mind. Ultimately, it is your job. You are the key. Expand your heart. Expand your mind. Expand the world you live in.

Wait for no one. It is you who has the key to fit the lock that allows you entrance to freedom, and freedom means expansion. Freedom can't mean confinement. Freedom can't mean the freedom to make yourself smaller and less noticeable. Freedom has to mean to untie bounds and to break yourself free from the bonds that bind you. What is lack of freedom but imprisonment? There are many kinds of imprisonment. The mind can be imprisoned. The spirit too. The mind can be in lock-up. You can be the imprisoner of yourself.

My desire for you is your freedom within so that you soar above the world. Accept the freedom to take off, to free yourself from inhibiting yourself from your God-given self-expression. Self-expression beats self-repression any day of the week. I speak of your unlimiting your own Self-Awareness. Wake up, darlings.


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"You Can't Catch Me!"

God said:

Sometimes you feel that your Life has a Life of its own, that your Life is a runaway like the Little Gingerbread Boy in the folk tale where a little old woman baked gingerbread men. Gingerbread was her husband's favorite food. One day, a newly- baked gingerbread boy, born with a Sense of Self, hopped out of the oven and ran off. The old man and woman chased the Little Gingerbread Boy who called back over his shoulder:

"Run, run as fast as you can.
You can't catch me.
I'm the gingerbread man."

Later, a cow and a horse and a chicken started chasing the Gingerbread Boy, and he called out over his shoulder:

"I've run away from a little old woman,
A little old man,
And I can run away from you, I can!"

And so the story goes. And so, it may seem to you that you can't catch up with Life that is always hanging around the corner. To this day, and perhaps more and more, you haven’t caught up with the Little Gingerbread Boy. Life keeps whizzing along. You are still ready for a day off from life, a day where you are not chasing it, yet such a day never comes. You still wait for Life to slow down so you can catch up with it.

You wonder: "Where in Life is the pause that refreshes?"


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Sing a New Tune

God said:

I ask you:

What emotion are you going through right now? Irritation? Outright anger? Are you kicking yourself because you didn't speak up for yourself, or kicking yourself because you spoke up too much?

Either way, you may feel you are in a sorrowful shape. Whatever you're upset about now, walk through to the present and correct it. What you accomplish is tantamount to reliving anguish and reliving it again. You're good at reliving it, yet not good at all at getting rid of it once and for all.

You would give a lot not to be the fool you have been. Kicking yourself doesn't express the weight of the burden you carry. Beating yourself up doesn't say enough.

What is it exactly that you are trying to undo?

It has been said that whatever it may be you are upset at, it is really something else. Perhaps, if you knew what the cause of this anguish really is, you could throw it away once and for all. Well, not so much throw it away as to rise above its slings and arrows.

What is this guilt you carry that is unbearable to the point that you suffer for it again and again? It is not cut and dried. For some it is what you are guilty of letting slide, perhaps under the mask of not hurting someone's feelings yet masterfully hurting your own. And for some, it is putting your feelings before someone else's feeling, and then regretting this. Your theme may be: "With rue, my heart is laden."

One way or another, you rue and rue again, and what the whole basis for this really is, no one seems to know.



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