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Where Are the Days of Yesteryear?

God said:

How you would love your old fire back. Once upon a time you were lit up, and you leaped ahead in Life, running to keep up with your heart. At present, you may feel that your heart is lagging.

This realization holds great sorrow for you. It is as if you are left hanging out, as if your heart had resigned, and you are left without any heart, a cold stone, as if your heart will no longer bounce up again, as if your heart has backed out of Life and broken a contract. Your heart cannot abandon you this way. Your heart can’t leave you in the lurch. No, not your heart.

Without your heart regaled in full mettle, you feel desolate. You can hardly swallow. You hadn’t realized how important zest in your heart is and how dependent upon it you are.

You are speaking of this speeded-up enthusiasm that you once rushed to keep up with. Now it’s like your heart lay itself down on the track and won’t rally itself up. Now your heart seems to abandoning you for what? Where is the fervor of yesteryear? Can it be that your heart doesn’t want to get up any more? That in terms of revitalizing itself, your heart wants to excuse itself? You never thought your heart would lie down as if out of steam. This is your own True Heart you are talking about.

You remember well how you used to have to prance to keep up with your heart’s desires, and, now, sadly, your heart has retired and gone to pasture? This cannot be.


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Forgive Those Who Have Not Yet Forgiven You

God said:

There is a Sanctity to Life. Consider Life as Holy. What could Life, this Myriad of Life, be but Holy?

Holy be My Name, and Holy be yours.

I will tell you frankly that there is no need for unholy. People may become irate and consider Life to be unholy and themselves unholy and to justifiy themselves to think so.

People may say: “Someone said this or that. Someone gave me an unflattering look. Someone disdained me. Someone doesn’t think well of me. Someone can’t treat me that way and get away with it.”

How pride raises its haughty head and does away with bare civility.

This is not the Life I had in mind for you. This is poor thinking and emotion. Such vacant pride is not advantageous. Did you think it was? Pride in goodness has merit. Pride in doing what is right is good. Sometimes you will do well to think about again in terms of what is good for the world and what is not. Shining Light is a very good thing. Keeping malice and heartache reduces you.

Arrogance doesn’t shine Light. Arrogance diminishes Light. Arrogance stomps out Light.

I said: “Let your Light shine before men. You are part of mankind.”

I said: “Forgive those who have not forgiven you.”

Dear Ones when, within you, you are truly happy in Life and happy with yourself, you won’t carry grudges. You won’t ever even think of it. It is always away from Truth to blame anyone for your distress.


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What Flower Are You?

God said:

The whole Universe is opening up, and it is opening up to you. The burden you may have felt under is about to lift.

Once again, you will be Light of Heart. There will be nothing for you to bear but Joy.

If you have felt you have been in the center of a maelstrom, such feelings will be lifted and no longer get in your way. Your heart will be re-enlivened. Your heart will become young. Your heart will restore itself.

You have given yourself much criticism. No longer remark to yourself how down in the mouth you feel. You have done this enough. No more.

Speak well to yourself. Hearten yourself. Make music, Beloveds.

You are not destined to be dolorous.

You are destined to sing. You are destined to live in Joy. Take a new look at your Destiny. Start now. Rise above the niggling thoughts that have pulled you down and held you in reserve. Change the words you tell yourself. Add to your Sense of Self.

When you feel you are surrounded in heartache, move your heart into the Light. Look up at the Sun. Surround yourself in Light. Take off the shroud of hurt you may have wrapped yourself in. You have the ability to turn your feelings around. Use your ability.

Here’s something you can do to lighten your heart:

Choose a flower today. Choose it in your heart. If you want, and it is feasible, put that flower on your table. There is a scent and meaning in each flower. Look beyond the surface.


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Everything Under the Sun

God said:

My Children could use some cheer today, is this not so?

You have the entire world at your service, and still you can use some cheering up. When you come down to it, how can this be?

For one thing, you tend to look away from the concept that Life Is Beautiful. You may beat yourself up in the world, as the expression goes, yet it really means that you beat yourself down. Naturally, you don’t look forward to a down side.

Wherever you may walk, you tend to predict a pot hole that you are bound to trip over. You predict a “Boo” in the dark coming up. You predict some sort of fear within, perhaps even fear of everything, and, alas, you may build your Life on fear.

Come to see the world differently. Look for and see the Beauty. There is Air to breathe. There are Birds on the Wing. Apples grow on trees. Night and day are assured. There is a Big Yellow Sun, and there are Stars blinking on and off, and a Round White Moon close to the horizon loves you. You may almost feel that your hand could reach out and touch the Moon. Yes, the horizon is a hand’s reach away. Closer than that – the horizon is within you.

There are leaves on trees. There are branches and twigs. There is a tree trunk and roots that go deep.

What is there that the Earth Beneath Your Feet does not elicit for you to sparkle? What do you think is missing from this Beautiful Gift of the World that is yours to drink of?


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Godlight on Earth

God said:

The stars look like streetlights that light up the night sky. From star to star, you the Lamplighters, silently light up the sky and night. Actually, the stars stay lit day and night, only the light is not always perceivable. You can know that starlight coexists with the Light of the Sun.

The world is always lit up to say nothing of the Sun. What you see and what is do not always match. You, My Children, are Godlight on Earth. You may think that this is an exaggeration or an outright unTruth when this is the God Honest Truth. If only you saw as I do see. You will.

Everything is provided for, and your Clear Vision of True Reality is within you. You are not always the first to know. Sometimes you are the last.

Your beloved pets know the Truth of you as you are. They are attuned to you. They know the Love you are made of. They see you better than you see yourself.

In one sense, it doesn’t matter how you see yourself, your Self. In another sense, it matters tremendously, for you tend to act from how you see your Self. We are not speaking of ego here, not in the least.

If you think you are grounded, you act as if you are grounded. If you think you are capable of soaring beyond the world, you come from a higher place. From where you think you stand, you see. When you think you are solely grafted to Earth, you may hardly lift your head to see far at all.

It isn’t just that I desire you to fly High. It’s also that I know this is how it is. You will also come to this conclusion by and by, the sooner the better.


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Surrender To Your Higher Self

God said:

There is a God. You have God. I am God, and I am yours.

So then, how can your heart ache so? By what Divine Right do you allow your heart to ache?

Once upon a time, you were caught up in a whirlwind of non-accountability. You declared yourself a leaf in the wind, at the mercy of every wind that did blow. You declared yourself free game. You let the world take you over. You took the line of least resistance and let yourself be buffeted by any breeze that blew.

You allowed your feelings to be hurt right and left. You allowed yourself to be a punching bag. You lay on your back in the middle of the road, and said to the world, or you wore a sign:

“Oh, okay, run over me. Do with me as you will. I’m not worth much anyway, so go ahead. Trample on me.”

Who did this to you? You did.

You turned yourself in. You abandoned yourself. You gave up. Giving up and surrender are not the same. Try surrendering the whole idea of giving up.

Surrendering to your blessed Higher Self is not at all giving up. It is claiming Who you are.

You are not posing. You are choosing.

To be adrift is not surrender. Surrender is entering Life full-force.

Or, We can put it this way: I say to you, yes, you:


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Harp Music

God said:

The world complicates. Heaven is simple. No complications here. Honest to God, Heaven isn’t a Court of Law as Courts are known in the land in which you live. Heaven is not out to entrap you in the sense that the world might.

O, yes, Heaven is out to recruit you. This is not against your will. This is your will. Heaven can be referred to as a State of Love. How everyone in the world yearns for this. Heaven is indeed your will. And it is Mine. The Love doesn’t have to be romantic.

Nor do you have to see Heaven prettied up. Harp music is fine, yet your heart may not be thrilled at the thought of harp music. Heaven is a State of Consciousness. It isn’t one size fits all. If the piano is your favorite instrument, Heaven will accommodate you.

Heaven is not pie in the sky. Heaven is the real goods. It is My Honest Truth, yet Heaven doesn’t have to be taken literally, you understand. I speak of how you think about Heaven and how you feel about Heaven. Your picture of Heaven is your picture of Heaven. In Heaven, there are not the constraints that fill the world like hopping toads, one after the other.

In Heaven, you have the license to Love all. This is not a law. It is a fact. Heaven is, indeed, your dream come true. In Heaven, you are in the Company of the Wise, and you are One of the Wise.


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When You Reach the Shores of Infinity

God said:

No longer are you on a hunt for your Lion’s Share of Life. As you have been hunting in Life, you have pondered what you were looking for. When you do find what you may be grasping, it may fall to dust in your hands. What you get may not be what you really wanted after all. It isn’t enough. You may discover that nothing matters as much as it was supposed to. You may have bet on the wrong horse. You may have barked up the wrong tree.

You never even found the tantalizing illusion you were seeking. You didn’t get there. In its lack, time prevented you.

Either way, it is the same. You open up your fist and you are holding nothing in your hand.

What you thought would bring you lasting happiness may not have brought you any happiness at all. Once you’ve caught a tiger by its tail, then what? Where has all the promise gone?

You are back to square one. You go full circle. Time has wrapped you around its little finger.

You have been looking for happiness in the outer world. All the happiness in the outer world does not seem to be enough. You come to the conclusion that you have been on a wild-goose chase. The top layer of Life can only go so far. Life in the extant world is not all it’s cracked up to be.

This is not to down-play Life in the World. You are here for Life in the World. You are not to pretend you’re not. You don’t run from it. At the same time, Life in the World can go only so far. It is not your whole Life. There is greater right within you.


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You Are a Living Loving Breathing Being of Light.

God said:

Do you perhaps have the idea that being disgruntled is second nature to you? Not so. Your true nature is good nature. Never were you meant to be or appear to be routinely displeased. Never were you meant to moan and groan and weep at disappointment. Never were you intended to let your good nature down and assume a role of displeasure. If you are on a foray of discontent, then be aware that discontent truly resides within yourself. You have opted for discontent. There are other choices.

Debate as you may, Beloveds, it is you who have wined and dined displeasur, you settle for finding fault with just about anything and everything, as if nothing is quite good enough for you. You may set yourself apart from the throng. You may see yourself as bombarded by the world, yet it is you who feels, if you do, that it is the world that gave you a raw deal. What advantage is there for you to think this way?

Beloved critics, the world is bound to reflect your thoughts, uplifting or down-turning. If you announce even only to yourself your disappointment with the world, you uphold the world’s playing of sour notes. You may even rush to prove the inadequacy of the world, as if the world is determined to let you down. Have you become more and more adept at forswearing and faulting the world as if you are a notch above? Of course, you have the freedom to look at Life that way.


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Recurring Themes

God said:

What is on your mind this morning? What peeve do you have? What internal conversation are you having with someone who is not here in the room with you that you can’t seem to let go of??

You burst forth with what you wish you had said the last time you met. You may rant on and on in your mind like this:

“The way I see it, you are an incidental uneventful person in my life, yet you think you know all the answers. Because you make a pronouncement that you know me and have pointed out what you see, you think that you are straightening me out.

“You aren’t close. You are not connected to me and what I think and feel. You have no idea who and what I am. You give pop-up answers that are meaningless to me. You skim right over me. You toss me away as if what I think and feel has no value whatsoever to the Universe, as if I am in error. Hey, you, this is my Life, not yours, so don’t pick over my Life as if you have a claim over it.

“How do you presume that your summation has any connection to me at all?

“I withdraw from you. You no longer count with me either, Mr. Know It All. You think that you know everything, and that I know nothing.

“I am aware that what annoys me to this degree is that I didn’t say what was mine to say when the time was right. At that time, I wouldn’t have told you off. I simply would have spoken up.

“I’m tired of your thinking you know more than me and everyone else in the world. What you say means nothing to me now. Nothing.



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