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Accept Truth When I Say It

God said:

Beloved Beloveds, what shall I do with you? Of course I know what to do with you, and that is to continue the flow of My Love for you and to you, you who are My Beloved and from what can be called simply My High Regard for you. You must know, besides Our differences sometimes, you are My Beloved Pride and Joy.

From the first moment I thought of you, of the external presence of you, I loved you as Myself. This does not begin to describe My Love for you. Well, to say I love you as you love a newborn baby does not begin to say it. Nothing begins to describe the Magnificence of My Love for you as great as it is.

From the first moment I thought of you, you stirred My Heart. From the first moment I created you, I was emblazoned by your Light. We can say that from the very first moment, you stole My Heart. That is not quite correct. It is more correct to say that My Love manifested Itself into a Human Being the world identifies as you. You ARE Myself. How I love Myself. How I love My Creation.

To Me, there is no Dearest, for everyone and everything is dear to Me. No exceptions. I love every leaf. I love every ant. There is no one or no thing that I don’t love. I love every drawing of yours. I love every mist and fog and color. I don’t have to have an object to love, for I am Love Incarnate, and so are you.


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Let’s Get Going!

God said:

Can it be you whose sense of frustration leads to defeat? Can it be you who allows your own frustration to have mastery over you? This is not at all what you desire, for you defeat yourself. Instead, you could be moving forward.

You pull your own hair, and then you cry. Hah, you are your own antagonist when you could just as well be your own blessing-maker. You cast yourself in the role of the underdog when you have better roles to cast yourself in.

Start undercutting your frustration rather than fighting it. Regard your frustration from a higher rung on the ladder. You are capable, not incapable. No one makes you be frustrated. You assign that role to yourself, and you dash off with it.

This applies to anxiety and helplessness, as if assigning them to you, you get off free. No one makes you frustrated, anxious, and powerless but you. You may be looking to let go of responsibility. You will do well not to sign yourself up to your own excuses.

To stay stuck is a way to postpone your own Life, and so you may practice malingering from responsibility. You don’t want to hide yourself under a cloak of inability due to one imposed rationale or another.

Fortunate is the person who works forty or fifty or sixty hours a week. He or she has no time to major in how he feels. Beloveds, the idea of focusing on yourself and how you feel stretched isn’t a good idea. Better to leave your questions unasked than to pander to them.

Frustration and anxiety and inability lead you nowhere but to more of themselves.


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Planning a Trip to Faraway Lands Together

God said:

You don’t have to pray to Me, you know. You can just mull over your seemingly separate existence with Me, and We, you and I, can talk One to One. Let’s bounce off each other. Let’s explore Life together as if We are planning a trip to faraway lands together.

The Truth is that We are not even a hop, skip, or jump away from each other. We are each other! We are more than that. We zig and zag together in sync. We are always communing. I whisper in your ear, and you whisper in Mine. We are transported. We fly high. We take each other’s pulse.

Words are not enough. There are higher realms than Words. Words tickle Our fancies. They are a medium to hang onto and to let go of. Sometimes you refrain from words, and other times you paint Life with them. Sometimes you are an artist of love. Sometimes you excel.

When you feel separate from Me, you are separate from your very Self. Be present instead. Let’s swing together from the Highest Branch of the One Tree Called Life.

Ah, this Oneness of Oneness.

Meanwhile, you may have felt that Our Connection gets cut, and, like Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall and had a great fall and who could never be put back together again, you see Our Connection as split and never to be united. No one can sever Our Connection. No man or God can do this.


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Bet on Your Life

God said:

Encourage Love to spill over in your life. Find occasions to love wherever you are.

Let go of animosity. Even animosity to material objects. Don’t kick your tires when your car won’t start.

Simply welcome Life whatever it happens to look like. It may be a revelation to you that the process of life can be entertained regardless of what its content may looks like and may be. Don’t think that you are pulling the wool over your eyes to embrace Life.

Try this: Bet on your Life.

Life is going to take you somewhere. You are going to get out of Life alive. You are going to graduate. You may earn a doctorate in Life and are going to become very learn-ed at the same time as you stay innocent.

Life is unpredictable. Life speeds along the freeway. It takes detours. Nevertheless, by hook or by crook, Life finds its way back to the freeway. One way or another, Life gets back onto the Track of Love.

Life is not here to get you down. In the process of Life, you may overthink it. Or, perchance, you may just careen through Life as though you were a wild driver. You can make too much of Life, or you can make too little of it.

Whatever you may feel at a given moment, Life can surpass itself, and you with it.

Life does not always entertain you. There are many songs written about Life, and many of the songs go off the page and take different tracks. Roll with Life, beloveds. Drink its joys. Have a good time while you are at it.

When you crave solace, hand over solace to others. What is solace but peace?


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God’s Promise

God said:

I send the Heavenletters you receive straight to your heart. When you open your Heavenletter, as soon as you read God said, your heartbeat changes. It becomes more settled.

Were Humphrey Bogart to play Me the way he played many roles as he did in movies, he might say: “Stick with Me, baby.”

He might say: “You can’t go wrong.”

He might say: “I will never let you down.”

Is it possible that you believe Humphrey Bogart more easily than you believe Me?

I say to you: “I will be with you always. I am with you always. We live in Infinity. We are never out of Infinity.”

Is it possible that you conceive of Me as a Candy Store Owner, and you look to Me to hand out candy to you whenever you ask for it?

In this case, you may feel let down, even cast out in Life cuz I don’t meet your expectations.

Is it possible that you feel I owe you and must, in all regards, peel the Orange of Life for you, that I am supposed to, that I am derelict if I do not?

In terms of surface life -- that Thin Top Layer of Frosting on the Cake of Life – you may well feel just like that. In that sense, you may see it that I have let you down, and you are disappointed.

I understand this.

You are sure that I promised you the Stars in the Sky, and that, instead, I have permitted clouds to cover the Stars as a sort of April Fool Day’s joke on you. You are sure you never heard Me promise you clouds.


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A King Is Not Measured by the Heft of His Crown

God said:

How are you today? Who are you today?

Are you your mood? Are you the dress you wear? Are you the house you live in? Are you your household conveniences? Do they make your life easier? Do you collect objects, or do you divest? What do you really want? Tell Me, what do you really want?

Express what you desire, not as lack or complaint. Rather, describe what you like about your desire. What is it that makes it desirable to you? What does the object of your desires represent to you? What field do your dreams play in? Who said that dreams must be modest and easily attainable?

Dreams are good. Farfetched dreams are as good as any skinny dream. Dreams are good. Farfetched dreams may not be farfetched at all. Who has the right to decree anyone’s dreams?

Nor do you have the right to curb the dreams that enter your heart. Play with the dreams that walk into your heart. Give your dreams a good time. No more being strict with your dreams. No cutting them off. No kicking them out. Beckon dreams to you. May your Life be the stuff that dreams are made of. Give your dreams a chance. Even if your dream is the most unlikely thing in the world, give it a chance.

Of course, do not dream of becoming a scalawag.

If you are a pauper who wants to be a King, you can be a Prince in your Life in the world. A King is not measured by the heft of his crown. Are you or are you not descended from Me? A Prince falls not far from the King.


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Know Your Intentions

God said:

If the idea of loving everyone and everything is too much for you to take in, then think along the lines of creating Good Will instead. This may be more palatable for you. It is well within your scope to create Good Will. It doesn’t seem so far out to you as loving everyone and everything and believing that you can.

Whatever you may be dealing with, consider creating Good Will. Give yourself a chance. You don’t have to be perfect in this overnight.

Now, be sure you know that this advice is not saying that you are to pander or to cater to anyone. We are speaking of far greater than building egos. You are not trying to win points. You are intending to contribute to Peace on Earth and Good Will to All the People on Earth and to all of Earth itself.

Be gracious to the land itself. Love the Earth itself and all of nature.


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A King of Consciousness

God said:

Aloha! Namaste! Greetings!

Arrivederci! Au Revoir! So Long!

Life in the world is made up of hellos and goodbyes. Temporary means there are beginnings and endings.

In Infinity, it’s different. Everything is all at once. Infinity is Fullness. Fullness is Fullness of Oneness. This is the State of Consciousness that is rumored to be Heaven and actually is.

Heaven can only be a State of Consciousness. The world has the illusion of space and time. Heaven does not. Heaven is not illusion. Heaven is the Truth of you. So Oneness is the Truth of you and the Truth of all human Beings.

We could say there are two versions of you. There is the obvious one of you housed on Earth in a body of one kind or another, and there is the subtle more savory version of you that lives Eternally in Infinity as One.

On Earth, you are squeezed into a body. You feel sequestered. Everything in the world tells you that you are separate. You may feel great loneliness, for you are adrift from your natural habitat even as you are not wholly certain that you truly exist at all. You may feel that you need protection from all the others who may ignore you or gang up on you. You are quite aware of a you and a them.

At the same time, you likely feel a kind of wanderlust, yet you do not know what it is you seek. I tell you it is your Very Self you seek. The recognition you crave is of your Very Self.


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Let Us Turn the Page Together

God said:

Despite knowing better, sometimes you find yourself mired in a world of tension. You have read a lot of uplifting words, including Heavenletters. You know better, and, still, there are days and weeks or longer that surround you in misery. In theory, you may accept responsibility for how you are feeling, yet, when you are feeling down, you may stay feeling down, and can’t seem to get out of it. Woe is you.

You are a good person, and yet, day after day, you may endure feelings that drag you down. In certain company, you may smile, laugh, and sometimes may even really enjoy, and then, when you return to yourself alone, dark feelings keep you in their thrall. This seems to happen to you, and you don’t know how you got here.

You know better. You know better than to soak in dismal thoughts and dismal feelings, yet, here you are, immersed in deep and lasting despair. Here you are, lacking appetite for Life, and you seem unable to conjure up Life as Beautiful any more. It is inconceivable that unhappiness is happening to you. You used to nip downhearted feelings in the bud, while now they seem to take over.

Life may feel hollow right now. No one seems to care how you feel or understand even if they might want to. You, yourself, do not know the cause of your heartache. It’s not like someone who matters to you has died recently. You haven’t lost your livelihood. You have no physical ailment. You have no good reason to feel down and out, and, yet, you find yourself – it seems like you find yourself – in a downward spiral of despair.


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Think Thoughts You Never Thought Before

God said:

What is important after all? You have the say. You are the decider and determiner of what is important. If your being right is vital to you, you are the one who makes this decision. You proclaim it.

There are, of course, exceptions. In this world, in order to exist as a human Being, you must have food and water. A baby to survive must have the touch of human hands, must be picked up, must be hugged. And, of course, there is a range between surviving and thriving.

Not everyone has had ideal Love and understanding while growing up. Frankly, this is what many or most of the people in this land deal with. How do you now recoup the Love you did not have and that someone had unwittingly been stingy with?

One thing you mean to do is to give your children all the Love you did not have, to make it up to your children with the Love you give, and yet you may find yourself falling short as well. You would go back and change some things if you could.

The time is coming when the giving and receiving of Love will be without instruction and effort. It will not be a thought. It will be natural. It will be easy. It will be Love that comes of its own accord. The time will come when it will be impossible not to give love. No one will have to think of handing out love in the right proportions. There will be no measuring, no adding on and no restricting.

In Life in the World, Love will simply flower. Everyone will be an Adept of Love. Love will flourish and extend itself. It will be impossible for Love not to leap for joy.



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