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Know God for Yourself

God said:

What is upheaval? Upheaval is the sense of Life’s moving too fast for you. More Life coming at you than you would like to deal with. Too much multi-tasking for you all at once.

Sometimes you would postpone Life if you could. You would retreat if you could. You would choose a pause button, a back button, or, best of all to you, a fast-forward button where you could have a sneak preview of the future. How you long to be briefed and have reassurance.

My Word isn’t satisfying enough. I say all is well while you may see mayhem all around you. The unexpected happens. You see danger. You see all possibilities of pain and loss, and you fear all the possibilities. The possibilities strike you as outrageous, for you live in the fearful illusion of time. I could tell you that time is not real until I’m blue in the face, yet time spins its web before you, and you get wrapped up in time.

At this current moment, Eternity and Infinity are not your main interest. Later on, okay, you will try to figure them out. Some other day you will. Some other day, you really will.

Anyway, you haven’t been able to quite catch on to Infinity and Eternity. You say that you are focused on the moment, yet that is not really true. If you were focused on the present moment, you would not be so familiar with fear. You wouldn’t live with fear so close by your side.


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Dreams Are Thoughts, and Thoughts Are Powerful

God said:

Dreams do come true. Many of your own dreams have come true. Dreams exist. Any dream can come true. You are meant to have dreams.

Too often dreams in the world have been stultified. The world has pushed dreams down, mocked them even, and warned you not to dream. What folly!

Also the idea arises that all your dreams must come true! Who says so?

My dear ones, there is much value in having the dreams themselves. Perhaps the true purpose of your dreams is to have the dreams. It is not obligatory that all your dreams come true. It is joyous when dreams come true, yet dreams, just like you, are free to exist as they do for just as long as they do. Dream the dreams. Go for them. Do your part. And when a dream does not come true, well, then, be glad you dreamed the dream.

And it has also happened that some dreams come true do not deliver all that you thought they would. Somehow your lovely dream backfired. The dream came true, and perhaps, you were not quite ready for it. Who knows? What is just is. Don't judge your dreams for not coming true. You had a dream.

Your feet trod on Earth. In one way, We can say that there are no free rides. On the other hand, We can say that all of Life is a free ride. You are free to make your dreams come true so far as you are able. You could dream of owning a company that will do great things. You are blessed to start this company, and it succeeds, or it doesn’t succeed, or it succeeds and you find that living the dream wasn’t as you had thought it would be.


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Be What You Seek

God said:

What wonders fill your Life right now? What are you glad about today? What matters to you right now? What manna from Heaven reaches you right now? What desires for good do you keep alive in your heart?

Dear One, think along this way: Whatever goodness and mercy and joy that have reached you, recycle them. For goodness sakes, toss out what gave you heartache. You owe yourself this much.

Ah, in Life as you may live your Life, what you don't have may seem more consequential to you than what you do have. If your mind is on worry, you may be sure you are thinking along the lines of fear and lack and all that which blocks you from realizing your desires.

Perhaps your cup runneth over right now with what you have not yet recognized. Even a push in an adverse direction is guiding you to go higher. Well, then, go higher.

Respect your existence today. Respect even the hard times. Looking back, you might even long for some of the goodness you skipped over so intent were you on the wrongs.

A sense of gratitude will lift your Life in the world. Gratitude will deliver great treasure to you. Gratitude itself is a great gift. Feeling ungrateful delivers woe. Guaranteed. Discover that for which you can be grateful.

Between your being good-natured or grouchy, which comportment delivers what you want? Which do you want to meet around the corner? Be what you want to meet. Don't be what you don't want to meet. Inevitably, it is yourself you will meet around the corner.


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Life Teaches You to Open Your Heart

God said:

You are to respect everyone on Earth. Respect does not mean feeling sorry for someone. Feeling sorry for someone isn’t respect whatsoever. Who are you to feel sorry for someone? Who are you to feel superior to anyone else? It is not for you to feel superior to anyone. Think well of yourself and be a blessing. Do not knock anyone. Do not mock anyone. Not once more.

Never again do I want to see you make fun of another and his way of life. I have seen you sneer at some others on occasion. I have seen you make a face behind someone’s back. No, this is not My desire for you, nor is it desirable from any angle. There is no justifying this manner of mocking or being condescending to another human being who, like you, struggles on Earth. This is not to your credit. You are not here on Earth to belittle even one person. Mocking makes you less.

You are here to be cordial and cheering to everyone on Earth. This goes for political candidates and for all those who are no longer physically on Earth. How can you demean anyone and think you are a crackerjack to do this? Do not pick apart anyone else's life. It belongs to them. It is their life. Do not degrade yourself. Do not degrade another.

If you cannot love everyone right now, I understand. I understand you may feel stand-offish. To lower yourself to the degree of picking on someone and diminishing their Selfhood – no more. Never again.


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Enough of Your Objections to Life

God said:

It is not so hard to find a passion. What you have to do is to let go of all the objections in the world to it. Therefore, let objections go.

It’s not necessary for fathers of sons to regulate what star their sons are to follow.

For instance, a college professor would want his son to follow in his footsteps. The son might desire this for himself as well, or he might not. He could be many things, yet what he chooses to become, let’s say, is a fisherman.

Is it the sea he loves? Is his choice to assert himself to his father? In any case, to be a fisherman is his choice – or is it his destiny?

Some good people skip around in their choices, for their choices do not always stay. They may feel a need to choose as they choose when they choose. Or perhaps their choices are more likely something that happens to them. They simply find themselves in a different place, something like falling in love or falling out of love. It happens.

From the outside, a father could view the son as frittering his life away, yet who has the right to determine the Will of another? Who is closer to merit than another? The judger or the judged? Does one win and the other lose? Who can really account for anyone’s life and all that befalls?

Maybe you made a choice in another lifetime, and your choice occurs now in this lifetime. What is not possible in this world that suits you or doesn't suit you?


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See the Beauty

God said:

Note the Beauty in the World today. Wherever you look, see something beautiful. Beauty does lie in the Eyes of the Beholder. Consciousness lies within you. If you do not see Beauty, it is you who is not seeing Beauty. You are the Beholder. Now, behold.

If today you do not see Beauty, look again.

At the very least, feast your eyes on every new day. A new day arises. You can also arise with new blessings today, new blessings that you give. Bless anew.

Love this world, this contrary world. Love it wherever you look. See the Beauty and love it.

See great courage. Be great gratitude for the new day I send to you with all the Love in My Heart. Think of it, I send you a new day every single day with Love. The sky is fresh and new. Be you fresh and new. Behold your new self. I renew you today. Now, renew the world while you look at it. Give the world Love, and you and the world are renewed.

Love is your gift, and Love is your sustenance. There is unending Love from you to circulate. All Love comes from Me. Pass it on. Say hello. Extend a welcome to this new day. Without fail, I bequeath each new day to you. To everyone, and to you, I bequeath this day. Find joy within this day from wherever you look. Capture the Love. Capture the Joy. Make the Love and the Joy and the Beauty your very own. I promise you a new day every day. Promise Me you will behold each new day as a New Blessing. This is how you fulfill My Desires for you.

Pay attention to the Beauty that surrounds you. Lap it up.


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Love Is in Bloom

God said:

When there is clutter in your mind, there may well be clutter in your Life. Dispense with clutter. Clean your plate. Clear your slate.

Are you more at peace in the world surrounded with objects just on principle? Do you dust these objects frequently? Do you admire them? Do you really treasure them? If they are not treasures to you, ask yourself why you covet them. What do these possessions mean to you, and why must you keep them? Are they like worry beads for you? They must mean something to you, but what?

Everything on Earth is an idea. Everything you fumble with is an idea. Could collecting possibly be a way to help you forget who you really and truly are? Surrounding yourselves with things could be a way to block yourself from your True Self who ascends far higher than the surface of Life. It's possible that attachment is a way to distract yourself.

You, who are a powerful Being, may veil yourself with all manner of things. You collect. You may even scurry to collect. Love human Beings, beloveds.

Beloveds, get away from hoarding anyway. Give instead. Certainly, do not hoard Love. Circulate Love. Love is not a distraction. Love is IT. Love is alive and moving. Love does not sit on a shelf. Love is always. Love is omnipresent. Living is meant to be about Loving and nothing but Love.

You don’t conjure up Love. You expand Love. Love is fluid. Love moves. There is nothing more vital than Love. Love gives. Love does not take away.


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How to Be a Light to the World

God said:

Whether the people you are talking about are right here with you or not, speak well of them as if they were right in front of you, or be still. Perhaps you think you are sparing people’s feelings by waiting for them to leave the room before you speak.

Remind yourselves, beloveds, one reason you are here on Earth is to upgrade the world. You are meant to inspire. Do you think that your words reach only so far as the hearing range of your words? Even your thoughts unspoken are powerful. They reach across the whole Universe. There is no distance, beloveds. Distance is a fallacy among many others. You can make remarks behind someone's back, yet your words resound across the Universe. Your words reach everywhere.

Make your words match a truly friendly smile. Be a friend to the world and to everyone in the world. Take no pot shots. Heighten the vibration of the world. No exceptions. Don’t mock any other as if this were a sport to engage in.

Bless every country in the world. Bless every politician. Bless every child. Bless. What more can you do, beloveds? There is plenty less you can do and have done. Now you know better, so now do better. Refrain from remarks. Burst into song. Shed bright light and mean it.

All people on Earth are looking for their light to be lit. Light up the world you are witness to. Do away with the critic part of you that discerns jokes at someone's expense. Treat yourself to Life without shadows of discomfort. You are a far greater influence in the world than you allow yourself to see.


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Living on the Beach of Life

God said:

You favor the concept of more and more. You live this concept of more and more. There is something you can't quite put your finger on, yet you crave it. More wealth, more food, more stimulation, more sedatives, more and more "something", and yet nothing seems to satisfy. Whatever this more and more you crave may be, you don't have enough of it. Something is missing -- something you are meant to have and you don’t see that you do.

You know you don't want to slough off on Life. You don't want to be idle in Life. Perhaps it is a High Purpose that you are missing. You don’t exactly want to drift from day to day. Oh, you might wish to be at the beach every day, basking in the Sun, yet you don't even live near the ocean, or you may even drive by it every day on your way to work where you feel cooped up.

It's possible that your Life on Earth is simply a search, yet what you are searching for, you don’t quite know. No one knows, yet you keep seeking.

As you desire more and more, even as you don’t know what it is, you are seeking it. What you crave could be more of Me, more closeness with Me, yet you may find yourself stuck, unable to establish yourself in more of Me. You wish, yet you perhaps feel that your pocket of God has a hole in it. No matter how you wish and how you try, you are not aware of More of Me. Unwittingly, you just haven't had the deep pleasure of Me. You would if you could.


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Logic Goes Only So Far

God said:

Everyone on Earth wants to understand everything. You may say to yourself or to someone:

"If only I could understand. If only I could understand why such and such happened, why the flowers in my Life wilt, and why scrimmages and heartache befall to everyone, rich or poor. How can suffering exist at all, God, in a world You made for us to have joy in?"

Hark, Beloveds. It is your conjecture that your pinpointing a cause will make you feel better. All of Life, in terms of Earth vision, even if you could trace all the begats, so long as you uphold a sense of loss, your heart aches. In your terms, Life gives, and Life takes away, as if Life comes down to arithmetic.

There is a deep world belief in having to have and having to keep close by your side whatever you believe you possess. You keep it close to you for fear of Life's taking it away from you at the other end of the rainbow.

If all of Life is but imagined, and the having to have is part of your imagined Life, then how can anything that does not exist be taken from you? Ah, logic goes only so far. When push comes to shove, logic does not serve.

At the same time, what exists in the world that is not just an idea? Therefore, have ideas that settle your grievances. Have acceptance rather than grievance. Grief does not have to be valued, nor would I ask that you be heartless and fluff off whatever occurs on Earth.



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