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Under the Umbrella of Importance

God said:

Of all the contents of the world exists Oneness. This is as simple as pie.

There is a whole lot of palaver that goes on in the world, and it is all much ado about nothing. It is understood that all departures from Oneness are big stuff to you and big to the whole world.

What really matters is the Quiet State of Oneness. Oneness counts. Disparity, not so much. Life can get out of proportion here and there, now and then.

Until your final day on Earth, you are filled up with occurrences and events of great multitude. You fill yourself with excitation often noted as inconvenience of one kind or another. What a world!

Your Life does not have to be filled up so high and wide with so many ins and outs. Life occurs, yes, yet what occurs doesn’t have to take up all the space and diversion and carrying-on it usually does. Is it only the news that makes up the headlines that matter? Only at the end of war does a newspaper ever say: “Peace is declared.” Peace doesn’t seem to hold the allure in the world that fussing may.

Everyone’s Life gets filled to overflowing when you could claim peace just as easily as anything else. All your pockets don’t have to be so full.


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If You Don’t Like What Life Gives You…

God said:

Why are there so many complaints in the world? Why do you complain so much? Of course, from your point of view, you are justified. Life has not all been as you thought it would be and is supposed to be. I understand this, yet it is not your place to fuss about Life. Complaint breeds complaint.

Complaining is looking at Life from the outside in. Let’s face it: Complaining reveals quite a lack of gratitude. Complaining may have become a way of Life as if you believe that complaining is a virtue.

You may come across as haughty while you perpetuate yourself as a victim. You can’t be haughty and a victim at the same time. This just isn’t a good practice. It is like practicing poor posture. Of course, bad habits creep up on you. You can also accrue good habits of greeting Life. This is up to you. Who else would your Life be up to?

You are not an innocent victim of Life. You play a part. You play a role. If you don’t like what Life gives you, change your stance in the world.

There is a world, and there is a God, and there is you. By and large, your Life is what you make of it. There is no virtue in complaining, for, then, you become defeated and, in some lackadaisical sense, even proud of your malaise. How badly you are treated. When you complain that you are unjustly treated, you treat yourself unjustly. You wallow in mistreatment. No one confines you. If you are confined, it might be you would rather stay as you are than change half an inch.


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Walk on Rose Petals

God said:

Now that We have taken care of your disposition toward the world, what’s next?

Good cheer covers a lot of ground. It covers the ground you and others walk on with rose petals.

Now that you don’t have to be the star of the show, you can spend more time considering others now and assisting them. It’s fine to live a walk-on part and not be the the lead star. It would be great, in the production of life that is so filled with applicants for a starring role, to have one with a walk-on part who doesn’t have to have the accolades due a star.

To think: To have one performer who doesn’t have to have the applause. To think: To have one performer who doesn’t mind applauding for someone else. One performer who doesn’t mind cooking for the crowd. One performer who doesn’t have to be filled with accolades, who can, instead, give them, fill up others’ plates and be glad to.

It is better not to think that you get the left-overs. And if you might get the leftovers, does that indicate unworthiness? It might indicate how worthwhile you are.

Is there an expression: “He who eats last eats best?”

If there is not such an expression, then I just made it up. First or last, no matter. Be glad to be part of the crowd. You don’t have to ride in a limousine. You don’t really want that on your tombstone, do you? “Rode around in a limousine,” when you could have instead:

“Served others as himself.”

“Paved a path for others.”

“Led the way from the rear.”

“Forgot about his ego.”


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New Frontiers

God said:

What would it be like if even for one day in your Life, everyone you come across would say Yes to you? How easy Life in the world would be!

How much greater would such a day be when you say Yes to yourself every moment of one day. You don’t once say to yourself: “Better think about that. Better think this over. See about it later. You’re too busy right now.”

No skipping moments in Life. Your spontaneous vision will move you forward. You would LIVE your Life in the moment it occurs to you. No more saying, “Later.” No more waiting for a better time. No more would you be unmitigatingly cautious. No more would you clog up your Life.

When you think of someone you haven’t heard from in a long while, you might allow yourself to call him or her right away and not have to consider any longer about calling your friend or -- waiting another day to forget to call your friend.

Yes, you could be freed from planning out your day. You could be living your Life in this moment and be free of loose ends.

What kind of perfection must you deliberate about? What for? Do you have to talk yourself out of a nice gesture? Is this a habit? Must you be hesitant about following through? If you are not living your Life whole-heartedly, what more exactly has to be considered before you do live your Life whole-heartedly? What are the rules you live by? Must you adhere to them even when they slow you down?

When there is an impulse that occurs to you out of the blue, must this automatically mean the impulse is a wild impulse?


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Your Gateway to Progress

God said:

The way to open your heart is to open your heart. Keep your intellect out of it, and opening your heart will be a cinch. When it comes to love, your intellect is to take a break. Intellect complicates. Your heart doesn’t do well when the intellect supervises it. Your heart will open without your intellect’s interference.

Your intellect puts your heart on a scale and weighs it. The intellect says: “Is this a good deal for you/us? Will it all come out all right? What will your parents think about this? Think well before you act.”

The intellect takes the joy out of opening your heart. Your mind has a long-range goal in mind. Your mind is attached to a specific outcome. Your mind says: “This is good so long as it comes out the way I want it to.”

The intellect sees love as an investment upon which you must have a return. The intellect believes that Life must go by certain rules, or you are making a mistake.

Look, don’t interpret opening your heart only with a guaranteed return. You are not being wayward by letting your heart feel as it feels, loving as you love, even if for one moment. We’re not talking about your taking advantage of any other or your being foolish and out of your mind, nor are you being just trendy. Reliance on your intellect isn’t necessary. Odds are your intellect will make you cautious. Being cautious restricts you. Your Life does not depend upon what you think about it – I take that back – your Life does depend upon what you think about it.


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God said:

To what do you owe your dismay at any given moment? Whatever it may be, you are mistaken. In actuality what you have been hanging your dismay on is no more than a closet rod that waits for you to hang your coat on. The closet rod may have your coat hanging on it, yet the rod is not the source of your coat. Your coat came from somewhere else. Your dismay also came from somewhere else.

Do you understand what I am saying to you? You hung your hat on a tree branch, yet the tree didn’t create your hat.

Who is it who creates your reality – or interprets it, founds it, establishes it, broadcasts it? Nobody but YOU, dear one?

The certified dismay you cater to is caused by something deeper than what you pick out as the cause. Here’s the crux:

You don’t have to know the cause. Wracking your mind to scratch for the cause isn’t a cure. In the final analysis, the cause is from something deep within, perhaps, deeper yet than you may ever catch on to.

Some might say that the supposed cause comes from a past life. Others might say it’s from this present life back when you were helpless in your babyhood. The inciting event may have been forgotten. In any case, the cause is something you latched onto. Let it go.


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Life Is for Greatness

God said:

What is all the fuss in the world about? What are you fussing about? What are you really on edge about? Probably you are on edge about being on edge. A tempest in a teapot, indeed.

Life is for Greatness. The purpose of Life certainly is not smallness. You are not here to discover how high a fervor you can whip up. Rather you are here to calm the Seas that rise within you, dear ones, within you.

Be big-boned. Lend sturdiness to Life. You can undo a hem that is crooked rather than being upset about it. Undramatize Life. Pick your fights. What is so important about fighting? Must you?

Once and for all, hurt feelings, embarrassment, resentment, regret, holding on are forms of ego. Whether words and actions are right or not right isn’t the issue. Ego is the issue.

You may say to yourself that they can’t do this to you. Beloveds, from the depth of My Heart, I tell you that they didn’t do anything to you. Free yourself from the idea that you somehow created another’s level of consciousness and you are the cause of it.

You may think the world is here to trip you up. You may mislead yourself that you have a role to straighten Life and the world out, that you are here to solve all difficulties, that you are to make the world orderly.

Consider now that you are to the manor born. This means that you are to feature Beauty before your very eyes. You are to be Beauty to behold. You are not a scullery-maid, nor do you make to-do lists for others to fulfill.


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God said:

Be calm. Becalm the fright within you. Undo fright. Bring out the coolness and casualness of your Soul. As it is, you take great pains at being tense. You tense up. You are on the ready for flight or fight, as if these are the only choices you have. No longer inhibit yourself from full expression. Your life is not an either/or. Credit your Life with Sunrise.

In your Life on Earth, We can say you have many rose petals to pluck. Your Life goes beyond: Love or not Love. Life goes beyond the old refrain: He loves me, or he loves me not. Anyway, the quality of your Life does not depend upon any so-called individual but you. Love is not an outside job.

You keep up the pace of Life you keep. You race as if you are out of breath. You run for dear life. Take a new lease on Life. Try ambling. Amble down the Path of Life. Pull up at a rest stop.

Look at the sky and the trees. Those are two good sights to look. Do not be in a rush to catch up to what you feel hangs over you. Catch on to how to release yourself from bondage. You claim yourself a prisoner. Ah, beloveds, you are in your own thrall.

You can take a cat-nap. There is no need for you to ever be on the alert for danger. Abandon danger. Drink deeply of Peace. If you must escalate anything, escalate Peace. Peace is at hand. If something must dominate your life, let it be Peace. Give Peace an open invitation. Peace is good at any time.


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Like It or Not, You Are Someone Who Keeps Growing

God said:

Don’t interfere in Life very much. If you’re on a bus and can’t get off until it stops, wait until the bus stops. Then get off. Don’t jump out the window. Know when to save your energy. Know when to get out of your own way.

There are changes that can be made. There are changes you can make. Not all changes can be made at the very minute you would like. In that case, wait. Wait a moment, or wait a year.

Be spontaneous in Life. When you can’t seem to get spontaneity off the ground -- when a big hand seems to keep you in place -- then sit and wait or take a roundabout tour.

Sometimes you have to bide your time. You can’t be both patient and impatient at the same time. You don’t have to be clever. You don’t have to fight windmills. In some cases, you wait for the wind to speed up or to slow down. Whether slow or fast, you can grow leaps and bounds. You can even outgrow your thoughts.

What is inevitable is that you grow. You will never not grow. You are destined to grow. Allow yourself to grow at the rate of speed you do grow. There are many ways to grow, in this way, and in that way, and many ways in between.


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Thank You for Inspiring the World

God said:

How about an assignment for you today? You will like it. It is this:

Be of good cheer. So simple. Whatever occurs, your assignment is to be of good cheer. No ifs ands or buts. Just be uplifting.

Be true to good cheer. Have the mind set of good cheer. Invite it.

If you stub your toe, be of good cheer. If someone looks at you cross-eyed, be of good cheer. There are no regulations that say you have to be without good cheer. There is no such agreement. Hold up good cheer like a voting placard. You are destined to be on an even keel.

I know you would like to be good-natured. What possible advantage is there in being crabby? Remember, dear ones, one reason you are on Earth is to inspire others. One way or another, you are inspiring others. Note what you are inspiring others to? Hard feelings?

Do not think that being honest requires that you give into bad moods. Be free from reacting. Someone snubs you? What is that to you? You don’t have to like it. You also do not have to be decimated by it. The measure of you is not to be decided by anyone but you. You decide your Life.

It is not for you to be proud of being sensitive. Sensitivity toward others may be a good thing. Sensitivity toward yourself may tend to be putting yourself down, perhaps a form of pouting. Dear Ones, you have had enough sensitive reactions to last you a lifetime. Be of good cheer.



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