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Logic Goes Only So Far

God said:

Everyone on Earth wants to understand everything. You may say to yourself or to someone:

"If only I could understand. If only I could understand why such and such happened, why the flowers in my Life wilt, and why scrimmages and heartache befall to everyone, rich or poor. How can suffering exist at all, God, in a world You made for us to have joy in?"

Hark, Beloveds. It is your conjecture that your pinpointing a cause will make you feel better. All of Life, in terms of Earth vision, even if you could trace all the begats, so long as you uphold a sense of loss, your heart aches. In your terms, Life gives, and Life takes away, as if Life comes down to arithmetic.

There is a deep world belief in having to have and having to keep close by your side whatever you believe you possess. You keep it close to you for fear of Life's taking it away from you at the other end of the rainbow.

If all of Life is but imagined, and the having to have is part of your imagined Life, then how can anything that does not exist be taken from you? Ah, logic goes only so far. When push comes to shove, logic does not serve.

At the same time, what exists in the world that is not just an idea? Therefore, have ideas that settle your grievances. Have acceptance rather than grievance. Grief does not have to be valued, nor would I ask that you be heartless and fluff off whatever occurs on Earth.


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Enjoy the Sun That Shines

God said:

Sometimes you have to bend. Sometimes you have to stretch. Sometimes bending low and stretching high are one and the same.

Sometimes you may feel that Life in the World is too much for you and that you can't take much more of it. You may say at one time or another that you cannot possibly take on one more blow. The Truth of the Matter is that you can. The Truth of the Matter is that you have, and you will forever more accommodate Life as it reaches you. This is a given.

You are definitely stretchable. You have no limits. None. You are an unlimited Being. That you have received a blow, or received several blows all at once, is an interpretation you make. Your interpretation makes all the difference in the world. If you didn't judge your Life, what might your Life be then? Your interpretations are your justification. Pretty much justifications are excuses for how you feel. It is too easy to blame Life as if Life were an outer experience.

Sure, things happen in Life that you would wish did not, yet you are responsible for your outlook.

Of course, your emotions do not have a spigot that you can turn on and off just like that. At the same time, when you are angry, for whatever reason, or for no reason, you chose anger.


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Speak Up

God said:

Here are some areas in Life you are not to hesitate or worry about so much as you may at present:

If you think you could be too bold, go ahead and be what you fear may be too bold. In other words, when you have something to say, speak up. It's better that what you have to say comes out in words now. Don't submerge what you have to say. Speak now. One way or another, whatever you hold back – it will come out. Let it come out directly in words before it reveals itself in resentment. Speak up now, and prevent yourself from banging down your tea cup later.

I am not telling you to be rude. I am telling you to be honest.

If you think what you have to say may be looked upon as silly or frivolous or unwise, say it anyway. Be silly then. Be frivolous. Be unwise. If you want to say something, it means something to you. You might even find that the person across from you doesn't see you as silly or frivolous at all. The person across from you may see you with the eyes of love. Take a chance. Bet on yourself.

Whatever you want to say has importance and relevance to you. Whose heart and mind should you adhere to – yours or someone else's? You are not here on Earth to toady to others.

Another way for Me to express what I'm trying to say is not to go around in circles. Don't be what you may think is subtle. You may be playing a game that has become a habit. You could be manipulating another, dear one, in the name of being polite or whatever.


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A State of Consciousness Called Heaven

God said:

When you read a Heavenletter silently or out loud, when you hear a Heavenletter read out loud, you are in the Doorway to Heaven. Enter. All you have to do is to enter where all are welcome. All are restituted here in Heaven, in Heaven with Me. There is nothing mundane about Heaven.

Heaven is out of this world, the world that seems so real to you, yet isn't, while Heaven, which may seem so far away, is Real. Heaven is the Real Goods. Isn't Life amazing?

Heaven is Now. You imagine all this Life in the World. Life in the World is unforgettable. It is so much with you. You put your attention on Life in the World. What a novel it is. What an adventure. It is an ongoing adventure story, page after page, each page different. Your Life on Earth is a page-turner. Who can wait to find out what is next?

And you never know when you are turning the last page of this Fantastic Voyage.

Of course, you continue in Heaven which is quite a different kind of book. Heaven is not fiction, not at all. Even as Earth consumes you, Heaven is of great interest.

On Earth, or in Heaven, I am your Sponsor. Of course, you are never without Heaven. If it were not for the cooperative Presence of Heaven, you would not exist. Despite what you perceive, you are never without your whereabouts in Heaven. Heaven is the main factor in your life on Earth. There are no two ways about this.

Of course, in Heaven there is not here and there. Heaven is Heaven succinct. You are One with Heaven as you are One with Me. Oneness stars.


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Birds of Desire

God said:

Beautiful Souls, there is something more to say about desires and their fulfillment. Yes, desire your dreams deeply. The fulfillment of your desires is on its way to you. Fulfillment of your desires rightly belongs to you. This is your birthright, no ifs, ands, or buts.

At the same time as you desire, let go of the necessity for your desires to be fulfilled. Don't push or pull them on their way. You lightly wish them well. You wave them on their way the same easy way the setting sun sets. Don’t be self-conscious or self-centered on your desires.

You have likely read in other places that, as you become enlightened, you are to become desire-less. What this means is that you release your desires in that you have your desires before you, yet you are not attached to them. You don't squeeze them. You embrace, yet you are able to let them out of your sight.

You may wonder how anyone can do this, to desire with all his or her heart, and let the desire fly on its own wings. You don't do it, beloveds. That is just the thing. You allow it. Your desire is something like a caged bird that you love. You free it from its cage. You welcome its freedom, and if the bird comes back, you throw a party for it upon its return.

Unattached to results, you let your Birds of Desire fly as they will. This is also your heartfelt desire, and so you free yourself as well.

The world is not obliged to serve your every wish. You are to be the freer of everyone and everything.


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The Miracle of Life on Earth

God said:

There isn't anything I can't do. There isn't a miracle that I cannot perform. I perform what the world calls miracle after miracle every day. You may be sure that this whole Life on Earth is a miracle. All of it.

This wealth of wonder on Earth does not mean, dear ones, that I will always give you what you want when you want it. When I don't seemingly come to your aid, you may think this means I don't love you. I love you all right. My Love is not at issue. I serve you, yet I don't always follow your will. Did you think I am always supposed to?

Your Life is not separate from everyone else's. Don't take any hurt that you feel or neglect that you may feel as evidence that you are not loved. We serve each other, you and I, and yet Our relationship is not quite a matter of keeping up with each other. We are reciprocal, yet you can be remarkable and still not be rewarded as you envision reward. I am a Giver of Gifts, yet I am not Santa Claus.

All your desires do not always come true. All your desires do not have to come true. Desire deeply all that you desire. Desire all you desire, yet you don't have to have the realization of every desire. You do not have to depend on Me to fulfill your every desire. Our relationship is not about a trade.

You may not know what is opportunity and what is not. You may think you know what is in your best interest. You think you do. You know what you would like.


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The Past Is Only an Idea

God said:

There is to be no repenting. When you make an error, correct it and then keep going. Don't weep over it. Don't rue it. A mistake, no matter how serious or how ridiculous, is an error. Even if you did do something averse on purpose, it was an error.

If you committed a deliberate action that was hurtful, now in your higher consciousness an action you would not commit, don't belabor it. At the time, you thought you were right. You didn't know better. Now you know better. Congratulate yourself, and free yourself from aching regret.

Undo the deed by letting go of it. Get out from under the yoke of guilt. Guilt doesn't behoove you or anyone. Now come from a higher place. Do not identify yourself with a past action. There is no profit in it. Be glad you have grown, and keep going forward.

The act of nurturing your conscience and feeling bad about the past is not elevating. Be done with the past. Expiate the past with the present. For Heaven's sake, this is the right thing to do. Agonizing over the past is not the right thing to do.

Feeling guilt is a not a beneficial state of consciousness. Go, make the world a better place now with you in it. You are you now. You are not you back then.

Listen, do not sweat the past. Do not occupy your heart or mind with the past. Daily, let go of the past. Do not harp on your past mistakes. Not harping on your past mistakes is not the same as excusing or babying yourself.


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The Light of God

God said:

Do you think that commitment requires a lot of determination and discipline, as if commitment comes spectacularly from dint of will? This is not how I see it. Commitment comes not from any kind of determination except for the happenstance of the depth of your desire. Commitment is something that comes your way, and you don't have a say about it. It walks in bidden or unbidden. It’s there, or it’s not.

A great artist by dint of his love for expression has to paint or sculpt. Art is so needful of expression that the artist has no choice. The same for a musician. He must play his flute. A composer must compose. He chooses, yet he has no choice.

A great artist still has to clean his paintbrushes. He cleans his brushes by dint of necessity. Cleaning his brushes is an outer necessity. His art is an inner necessity. The artist of magnitude paints because he cannot help himself. May everyone have such a deep desire within that he or she cannot withstand.

A baby wants to nurse, and a mother wants to nurse her baby. It is no sacrifice to take care of her baby. It is what the mother desires to do.

Of course, many people on Earth live by the sweat of their brow. They have a schedule, and they follow it. They go to work at 8 a.m. and get off work at 5 p.m.


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A Soul in Costume

God said:

There is such a thing as Destiny.

You are destined. You grow to your Destiny. Ultimately, you are destined for Greatness. You are destined for Greatness right now.

You may be destined to be an artist, or you may not be destined to be an artist.

You may be destined to be a schoolteacher, or you may not be destined to be a teacher. You may be destined to learn.

You may be destined to do what you are doing right now -- a bookkeeper, a truck driver, a politician, a writer, even a Godwriter. Remember? There are no accidents.

Your Destiny also can change of its own accord, or it may not.

It seems uncanny, yet where you are right now, comfortable or not, is where you are destined to be, short term or long term.

Your ultimate Destiny is your awareness of Our Oneness, often named Enlightenment.

The fact that Destiny exists does not make you helpless. In Life, you are swimming to shore. Everyone has his own way of reaching shore, some direct, some all around the block or all over the world. You are the one swimming.

You are destined to travel, for instance, or you are destined to stay home. No one is a pilot by mistake. Or soldier, sailor, tinker, tailor etc. No one is where he or she is by mistake. Of course, you may see error, yet what you see as error is leading you or pushing you on to your furthermost Destiny.


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One Key Word

God said:

There is no law that says you must be thrown by what occurs in Life. Will you confess that what upsets your experience may be extreme? No matter how you may genuinely feel about someone else's misinterpretation and offense, confess that you are not the fire department who must put out a fire. Why must your alarm go off?

Okay, sometimes Life is upsetting. Now direct your attention to letting the upset cool down. In a calmer setting, more settled, how would you handle the situation now?

Honestly, you had a knee-jerk reaction. Somehow, a situation or something someone said, set you off. It got your dander up. Something from the past, no doubt. Perhaps something from the past that you have no conscious recollection of.

If you did not feel agitated, how might you respond?

Here's what you can do the next time you feel disturbed by what may well be an innocent mistake and, really, not so heavy-duty as you saw it. The answer I have for you is one word, only one word. This may be a revelation to you. It will save you grief.

It is not the one word Love. In your upset, you do not feel Love at this moment. And to Love isn't something to try to do. Trying doesn't work, does it? Love doesn’t come by force.

The one word is not Patience. All you need in the midst of your internal explosion is to be told to be patient – you might bounce off the ceiling if someone told you to be patient as if you could muster patience just like that.



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