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A Virtuoso of Life

God said:

Well, here is how it is. For some time now, We are ahead in writing down Heavenletters.

Today, as I whisper in the ether this fresh new Heavenletter, the given date is January 1, 2017, the first day of the New Year. This is heralded in the world as a Special Day, a Holiday, a Holy Day.

Of course, every day is a Holy Day and remarkable in the world. Where do days in the world come from if not from Heaven? Every day is remarkable. Every day is a Day Coming over the Horizon that has never arrived on Earth before. Every day is worthy of a celebration.

At the same time, there is Infinity. We can describe Infinity as seamless. Yes, Infinity is seamless. There is no separation. It is impossible for Infinity to separate itself. There is not a way in the world to precisely describe a new day that is unlike any other day in the world. A new day is brand-new.

In Infinity, everything is fresh. Today, the day you receive this Heavenletter, is a day, an ordinary day, if you will. Every day is really a regular day until you name it otherwise. I name each day remarkable.

Yet, of course, named days such as New Year’s Day tend to pull out an expectancy from you. You can name this Expectancy as Desire, Hope, Love and Greater Anticipation.

In the world, everything is more and more or, contritely, less and less, depending on how you look at it. How you look at Life is how you engage in Life.


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What Can You Not Be?

God said:

Yes, what a miracle Life is, and what a miracle you are. Have you obtrusively held the idea that you are a sluggard? Come now, let Me wake you up.

You are a Font of Knowledge Complete. You have it all. Somewhere within you, you have it all. Within you, you are missing nothing. Within you, you have full recognition of your Full Value. You may hedge around this, but what is hedging but not quite looking at the Wholesomeness that you are? Be done with limited awareness that holds you back.

You are complete. You may on occasion see yourself in shambles, yet you are not in shambles and cannot be in shambles. Your intellect has been scrounging around. Your mind is a wonderful thing, yet your mind is not everything. All is contained within you whether you grasp this or not. Likely, you don’t grasp. Nevertheless, somewhere within you, your heart hears your mind’s thoughts. And so, your heart takes a leap upward or downward.

How profound are your heart and mind as they bounce off each other, as if they are to spar instead of being great friends. What a stir in the Universe you create. You are a creator as well. Alas, too often you create doubt and puzzlement.

There is nothing you cannot create. Look, you have created a mess or two, have you not? Tell me then what you could not create? If you can create a tempest in a teapot as well as you do, you can dream and spatter paint. If you can do these, what Beauty can you not create in this moment before you right now?


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A Cornucopia of Life

God said:

On one level, the world is indeed not a place to look for perfection. Seeking perfection will get you going around circles as on a merry-go-round, and the happiness you so deeply seek will elude you.

However, when you look for perfection from another angle, the world is nothing but perfection! Man oh man, listen to what I say: The world is perfection in all its shining colors.

To see one sunrise and one sunset could be enough to last you a Lifetime. The same for mountains and mountain streams. The same for all the myriads of waters deep and mist and all the bounties of nature. You can only be dazzled by the wonder of the seasons, of temperatures and all the echoes from one cave to another, from one face to another, from one Ocean to another, from one freckle to another. And what about music! How can music be composed and played in so many endless ways! Oh My Goodness, so many notes made into Infinite varieties of music and sold, well -- sold for a song!

And there is dance! And there is art that is beyond your ken! What is there that I have not thought of? There is nothing for you to miss out on. Even when you take the long way around, you will not be denied. You have a Cornucopia of Life before you. You have Life coming out of the yin/yang. You have Life bursting its seams!


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A Divine Quest

God said:

You have heard the advice: “Don’t be on a fool’s errand.”

You may look at this guidance in several ways. One way is: What else is there in the temporal Life on Earth but a fool’s errand? HA HA!

All the running around you do and all the dreams you dream, and soon or late, dreams change their appearance, and, soon or late, you walk out of this worldly Life and wave a fond good-bye and enter the Highest Heavens which, I remind you -- you have never left.

To enter the Highest Heavens is everyone’s Destiny.

At the same time as this is true, you do not always feel confident in your Destiny. Regardless, you are on a Divine Quest. As you seek, so shall you find. I am wanting to clarify that in your seeking intimate and ultimate Truth, you are not a fool, and Life cannot quite be a fool’s errand, for your God’s Honest Truth will come to you.

That which you seek is your Self, beloveds. Whatever quest you may believe you are on, no matter how worthy-seeming or worthless-seeming, it is your Self you are seeking. To seek your Self – this is great privilege and happiness. As you come closer to your Holy Self, the greater the mastery you reveal. Closer to your Self are you as you continue in Life. Surely you will come to see your growth. Hail to you, Beautiful Soul of Mine.

Living Life on Earth is your project. Everyone has the same yet so different a project. Yes, there is this Infinite Oneness, and there is also the Wonder of Individuality.


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No más. No más. No More.

God said:

There are many shades of meaning to the concept of being courageous.

Be anointed and ready to be heroic when heroism is called for. Being heroic is often spoken of as saving someone’s Life. That’s good. There are many depths of meaning to saving lives.

Be heroic and save your own Life. Save your own Life from any more complaining. Courage is an aspect of absence from complaint. Never again complain. Don’t even let that tone of voice creep into your speech. If you hear yourself with a plaint, stop right in the middle. Go no further. NO, absolutely NO, no more feeling sorry for yourself. Voiced or not, nowhere are plaints to exist within you, a Child of Mine. You were not created for moaning and groaning. A good complainer, do not be.

Why not? Because complaint is a waste of Life. You might as well chew a slow poison. At this very moment, allow No Complaining to infringe upon you or the world. Be done with plaints right now. No more. Drop the whole subject.

Beloveds, you may sometimes even complain about eating too much, have you not! And you do this when there is someone else in the world who is hungry.

If you are someone else in this world who is hungry and you want more food to eat, don’t complain about not having enough food. Enjoy what you eat, and be done. Even in jest, complaining is going out of style once and for all. Be done with old sad songs.


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God’s Heart

God said:

You ride in a passenger train unto Eternity. You ride through hill and dale. You ride through forests, and you ride through mountains, the tundra, all kinds of terrain. There is nowhere you have eluded. This includes all of Heaven. You are a stranger to nothing. Nothing is foreign to you. Nothing is misplaced. There is nowhere you have not traversed. There is no one you have not met. There is no one you don’t know.

However, the least you know about at the present is yourself. You seem to have seen yourself as a straggler, a bumbler, someone out of sorts who can’t seem to carry happiness around, at least not for long – someone who seems to throw a bottleneck into Life right and left.

About seems like such an inconsequential word, and, yet, you are not yet adequate to capture what you are about.

You are greater than the most beautiful woven table cloth. You are greater than any silk in the world. You are Greater than you begin to give yourself or Me credit for. You sit at the King’s table. You are the Great Table that the Universe sits on. You sit at the Table of Yourself, and you are greater than this.

At the outset, you are for sure Greater than your belief in yourself. This goes without saying, for you do not accept your worth. You blush and turn your face away.


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Our Story of Entwinement by Heart

God said:

From My heart arises your heart. To your heart flows Mine.

This is the Whole Story I bequeath to you, yet My children need to hear so many verses, and again and again. You want chapter after chapter. A condensation is not enough. You want the ins and outs and sub-chapters. You want everything tied together, perhaps with little ribbons.

Of course, what you really want is Revelation. You want to learn Our Story by Heart. You want to see the Story laid out before you. You so want to get the Story right, the Story of Our Entwinement.

I tell you directly that you always knew Our Story. You knew it long ago. Our Story has cascaded to you again and again. You never want to miss a word. You fear that the Story of You and of Me will fade. You want to prevent this from happening at all costs. You want to be sure you know all the words. You want to be sure you have it right. You want reassurance daily.

Of course, Beloveds, all Our Stories are written. Do you or do you not have My DNA? We have walked far together again and again.

Knowing Me means that there can be no loss of knowing Me, yet you are not sure that you and I are united forever more. I tell you that We are One Unitedness. I tell you again and again. We are permanent. We are Infinite. You have all of Me, and yet you crave more of Me.


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Love Blooming

God said:

I am always in Silence, and, at the same time, an echo of Me is always speaking. What I say reverberates. My Silence is complete, yet a chord never finishes. I sing. I have said it before. I sing of thee. I sing to thee. Of the One of you, I sing, and the Universe sings with Me, and you sing with Me. There is one Song, and it is the Song of Myself sung in unending ways, even as there is no beginning or ending ways.

We could say there are no capital letters that say a sentence is beginning, and there are no punctuation marks that say there is an end note that issues from My Throat. I sing I sing I sing. I sing a Song of Sixpence, and I sing a song of you in a million ways in One Note that circles the Universe.

We always have been. We always are. We have never not been. There is no break in Our Presence. My singing is never interrupted. Hear Me sing as I sing of thee.

I communicate with Myself. I am the Singer. I am the Hearer. I hear Myself. I am the Questioner, and I am the Answerer. There is no one to compare Me to, yet you, yourself, seemed to split into many pieces and fill up the world with fragments of Me that can only be complete and unfragmented.

Broken hearts do not exist. My heart is never broken. My heart never wavers. You think your heart does break. Hearts do not break in even two pieces let alone fragments. There are no broken hearts even when you believe you are brokenhearted. You enter a stream of thought that isn’t true.


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A Fairy Tale of Untold Dreams

God said:

It can be said that every day is a Holy Day. Every day is a gift and a breakthrough. Every day is fresh and new, and so shall you be fresh and new. Whatever Life brings, you progress. No matter what you may think at a given moment, you are stepping into the light fantastic. You are dancing on the stars.

Life is not old hat. No two days are the same. Nevertheless, you may have desired days to be the same until you desire that something new will happen.

What you want and what you go for are meant to be the same. Your questioning is not. No longer ask: “Must I be quick or must I be cautious?” It is not necessary for you to be either. At the same time, a step waits for you to take it.

Begin where you are. Keep your eye on the skies. The moment comes when you dive into Life and do something you may have never done before, even something you would never have dreamed of being part of, and, yet, here you are. If you are given a beautiful medal, and it wasn’t a mistake. Could it have been ordained, or was it catch-as-catch-can? How did you possibly get here where you are today? Unbelievable, yet, in this world, it is true. You are somewhere called here.

An adventure is new. If you knew everything ahead of time, where could adventure be? Of course, an adventure starts out new. There is a lot to be said for paddling your own canoe.


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Breathe In New Vision

God said:

Behold the Glory that you are filled with. Look up. Keep your attention high. Let your mind soar. Love the Earth. Love the ground your feet walk on. Love the flowers. Love the dirt. Love it all. Relish this Earth that I have given to you for Joy just as it appears.

If you were out in Nature every day, and under the stars at night, you would love the Earth and Life on Earth more than you may presently love them these days. If there were no doors to open or close or to lock, if keys had not been invented, you would already be well-versed in the Joys of Earth. Your Freedom of Choice is not meant to be put far off to a later date.

You have a Mind that can take you anywhere, and a Heart to take you everywhere. What prevents you? What forwards you?

Take your attention higher.

Worries are not high-minded. Worries keep you looking down rather than up. Worries affirm that which you do not want to affirm.

Put your attention on higher fields than worries. Grow inspiration. Grow Light. Take in deeper breaths and exhale all the past and all its worries. Breathe in new air. Expand your lungs, and expand your vision.

Sing a new tune. Write yourself a new story. No more delays. Now you begin rising to the heights. All you have to do is to let go of where you have been.

Stop holding onto bannisters in your Life.

You learned to swim. Now you are learning to soar. Spread your wings, Beloveds.



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