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Would You Decide that a Daffodil Makes a Better Dandelion?

God said:

There is no such thing as in the nick of time, regardless of how you view the world, and all things considered. Nothing is too soon or too late. All is what is when it is. This is one way to look at Life. Life doesn’t require the shedding of tears.

Lean toward the idea that everything is okay. This one switch alone will smooth out your Life. Why not smooth out your Life?

No Life on Earth is wasted no matter what the world makes of it. What if the idea of “less than desirable” is a mistaken idea. Because this seems so to anyone or everyone doesn’t mean you have to go along with it. The world is still up and running. Let go of all the assigned barriers to your Lives, Beloveds. You are just right as you are.

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The Prince and the Pauper

God said:

You don’t have to predict everything or anything about your Life, Beloveds. Life isn’t about fulfilling your predictions. You aren’t the Seer of your Life. You aren’t at that place yet, nor do you have to be.

Of course, Life can beat a path to your Dreams. Dreams can come true. All dreams can come true. Invite all your dreams, yet not nail them to the wall. You who like freedom must also give freedom freely as I allow it to you.

Dear Ones, you don’t have to sew up Life. You don’t exactly have this privilege. It is not for you to regiment Life. Life doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion. Life doesn’t have to be an ironclad promise fulfilled nor are you to feel crushed or ruined!

Give Life room to grow. Give your Life leeway. Go ahead and shake hands with Life, yet you can’t always clinch it or nip it in the bud.

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Reconnaissance Within Your Heart

God said:

What does Life have to be but what it is when it is? What you might call out to be done and over with and get out of the way are circumstances you perceive and may insist upon evicting as if you are the Queen of the Land. Beloveds, lay down restraints. You may line-up stated requirements. You may say you must have what you say you must have and absolutely must have or you can only be bereft. It’s okay. You can request. Where is it said, however, that you must have all that you insist upon, or you will not play. You might lay down your cards when Life is for you to accept.

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How Many Times Must God Remind You?

God said:

There is no such thing as in the Nick of time. Nor is nothing too soon or too late. All is when it is. This is one way to look at Life, you understand. Certainly, no tears require being shed. It’s a fine idea to stream toward that all is just right. This one idea alone will smooth out your Life. Life on Earth isn’t frittered away whatever you may say of it.

As in the fairy tales, everything is just right. You are just right. And everyone is the Fairest of All.

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The Changing of the Guard

God said:

On the surface of Life, everything changes. Everything seems to change before your very eyes. Nothing stays the same. Nothing stays. You have to keep catching up. Business is no longer as usual.

In the Depths, Life is ever Eternal and never-changing. This is the Eternity you keep hearing about.

On the level of the ephemeral world, nothing stays fixed. In one sense, Life, what you call Life, is shifting sand. It never stays where it was.

You race along. You desire to get caught up or are being caught up to.

You are in a time warp. You want to catch up with time, or you wish to get past it.

All the while, you hear Me say that time does not exist. Yes, I have told that you that Life, Life Beautiful as well as Life fractious -- Life, altogether is illusion right from the get-go.

Of course, the Magnificence of Life also exists down to Earth.

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The Miracle of Healing

God said:

Within Healing lies a relationship through which confidence is imparted. Without effort, something passes through the doctor who imparts healing and the patient who absorbs healing. It is also possible that it is the patient who creates the healing the doctor brings. Something happens that is beyond calculation. Which one is the healer or the healed isn’t so easy to say.

A cheerful attempt at camaraderie and determination to heal and to be healed go only so far. Healing cannot be reproduced or manufactured. It cannot be faked. Healing comes just like that. It comes when you are not looking. There is a connection between the healer and healed. It is definitely not style We speak of. It is not about impressing one Will upon another’s Will. Not at all.

Christ was not looking for a name for himself. In healing, something deep happens, or it does not. What happens is above the world.

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Twiddling Your Thumbs

God said:

There may be value in twiddling your thumbs. In every exercise and every movement you make, there is value. In crying, there is value. In laughing, value sings to the High Heavens.

Of course, in silence there is value. In everything under the Sun, there is value.

In every dance, in every song, there is value. In all the nursery rhymes, there is value. In hop-scotch, there is value. In pattycakes, there is value. In cartwheels, value abounds. In standing on your head. In shaking your head Yes, there is value.

There is more value going on than you have any idea of.

In every beat of your heart. In all activity, and in all repetition, there is more going on than you know.

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A Seeker of My Knowledge

God said:

You may have played around with the idea that, in the manner of a genie, how I might bestow upon you the whole contents of My Creative Intelligence just like that. Ho, ho, what a plum this would be for you in this world, even as I say once again, Beloveds, that, because of Our Oneness, all My Children already possess the Totality of Knowledge natural, yet may not have it so quickly at the tip of your tongue.

In your daydream of such an explosion of Knowledge in the world, it may not have occurred to you that you could be overstepping? Taking too big a bite in one swallow? That you could fry your mind? Be blown away?

Beloveds, assimilating and understanding are not quickies. You can’t just sit down and absorb an encyclopedia all at once. Something has to settle in, and you to get comfortable. Something has to click.

You don’t want to stuff your mind. As a matter of fact, your mind is already stuffed.

You do desire accrued wisdom that goes beyond information.

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The Three Little Pigs II

God said:

Harken to the NEW! Add the word New to your vocabulary. Be new. Ah, yes, release the old. The fact is that you are New today. Be a Breath of Fresh Air. Reach new Heights. Reach new Lengths. Introduce yourself to your Self.

See from a New View. Add New Layers to yourself Include New Dimensions. There is One Truth. There are no New Truths.

Beloveds, I state the obvious. Life in the World is ever new.

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Do You Really Come from the Stars

God said:

How puzzling it is to you how Life seems to pop up in the raw? It so happens you are fashioned by every bit of Life, every incident, and, yet, how can this be? Really? Everything has an affect on you? Every incident in your Life, the lovely and the unlovely? Every person whose path you cross? Those who charm you, and those who besmirch you, the ones who speak up and those who say not a word, all those who seem to brighten your spirit as well as those who dash it? Really? Every word spoken across the world or whispered in your ear, early in Life or late in Life, every word spoken to you or spoken to someone else? Every word that gives happiness or troubles you? How can this be? Surely you are greater than the sum total of what you hear and see and think of?

You must add up to more than everyone who admires you or who drifts away from you, including every child who you went to kindergarten with. How can they make much of a difference to your Life?

Everyone who lives and everyone who dies, every stranger you pass by and everyone you say hello to, every sound you hear, every book whose title you glance over, every page you turn? Every cloud that passes overhead, every laugh, every cry, every shot heard around the world? How can this be?

Beloveds, you are developed from every color and flower that blooms and every scent you breathe and every drop of rain that lands on your nose or every puddle you step into? And, yes, of course, you really do come from the Stars and My Influence no matter how subtle.


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