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On Earth, Wonders Are Still Performed

God said:

Of course, the Mind goes further than logic. The Mind can enrich you and travel with you far beyond logic.

Logic tends to be either/or, this and that, or, exclusively, this or that. Logic does not want you to argue with it. Logic tends to say: “Take this or not. There are no two ways about it. You must not stray. Stay on a straight line.”

Logic can entrap you into one way of thinking and block out Awareness of Oneness. Logic can be a secular-minded part of Life that confines you and denies you greater Vision. It can make hash of wide Vision. Logic can narrow your ability to think.

It is perfectly logical that when you have a tiny amount of food available, you want to keep it for yourself and your family. Logic tells you that you cannot afford to share what you have because what you have is finite, for then, as logic sees it, you have one of two choices:

If you feed another, you deny yourself and your family. By necessity, then, all you can do is to deny another. You’re sorry.

Even if you have enough today to feed another, you might not have enough tomorrow, so for your own survival, you are wise to play it safe.

All wars are based on logic. The logic was entitled The Call of the Wild – kill or be killed. With that kind of Earthward logic, there is no logical way to prevent some or most wars or any wars at all. Based on logical thinking, what can you do but fight a war? One way or another, war declared or war contemplated makes killing legit. Anything goes, for what else can be done?


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Life, a Two-Way Street

God said:

In what fog are you today? What are you bewildered about or forlorn? Something is puzzling to you. Something is sad. There is something you want to begin, and something you want to be done and over with.

You are perhaps so full of activity that you can hardly draw a breath, or possibly you may not have quite enough to do. Being with insufficient activity pains you as well as having too much to do. You tend to always be wanting for something. Whether it is less or more, you want it when you want it, and the way you want it. You find yourself muttering about one thing or another.

In the midst of summer, you yearn for the world to cool down. In the midst of winter, you would like the heat of the sun on your back.

It’s not totally that you are finding fault, yet you are clamoring for something you had and want now or do not want now.

Increase your gratitude quotient. Be a bit more forward-thinking. Give the world a break. By what Divine Right are you more disgruntled with Life than you are accepting of it? Admit, even when Life plies you with all you could ask for, you still might ask for something else or more.

You can ask for anything you want, of course. You may or may not receive what you want.

Is Life your servant? Are you not to serve Life at least some of the time? Why not? Why isn’t Life a two-way street?


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Love Is on the Wing

God said:

Deep within you, deep within the depths of you and everyone else, lies a Bubbling Brook of Joy that runs through you, such Happiness that you can hardly remember feeling, yet this Fulsome Brook is Full of the Joy you have read about and long to remember. Clearly, this Brook of Resurgent Joy runs through your bloodstream.

This is greater than a Gurgling Brook, greater than a Murmuring Brook. Deep within you, rising to the surface is this Wildly Laughing Brook That Knows No Bounds. It is within you now, and it is rising, rising to the surface. It cannot be kept contained forever. The Truth will out. Within you, often kept as a secret, your Heart is rife with Immense Joy that keeps the Earth rolling with Laughter in Mid-Air.

You may find such Happiness in Dreams and in Unexpected Moments of Joy ready to revolutionize your Life. Another way to say this is that your Native Joy is being brought back Home to you in All Its Splendor. This is the Joy You Were Born For and somehow skipped over, alas.

You are being slided back to where you began. Your debut is beginning. I kid you not. You haven’t even yet started yet. Your Shining Light is rising to the surface. There is no stopping it. There is no longer any stopping you. You errantly found a way to plug it, and now you are going to open this Bubbling Brook of Joy.


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Mark Your Days in Joy

God said:

You don’t have to produce work seven days a week. You can be exonerated from delivering orders every day of the week.

Of course, enjoy every day of the week whatever you do. Go ahead and whistle while you work.

Alas, for some, there may be no day of the week that is joy. Something took away the Lightness of your Life.

Sometimes, even a day off is not really a day off for you. You may not find any respite for you.

Arrange for some creative time in your Life. It strikes Me that Life is too precious to spend in discontent. On the other hand, you don’t have to demand that Life Be a Piece of Cake.

It is perfectly all right not to be entertained. Every day does not have be to a blast! At the same time, let go and harvest the God-given Life you have. I like this way of thinking: Harvest your Life. Sure, while you are at it, go ahead and find joy in daily Life. It is not My desire that you trudge uphill each day.

Enjoy all your Days on Earth. Certainly, you are not meant to sacrifice them. It’s also possible to work hard in Life AND to enjoy Life to its full measure. Give yourself open Sesame to reap all the joy in the world.

Life is meant to be far greater than just putting up with it or somehow making it through by the skin or your teeth. Get some Joy back into your step. Joy is what you are here for.

Life absolutely does not have to be a trial.


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God Smiles

God said:

You give Me much Joy on Earth. I, Who give to you Joy on Earth, I am filled to the brim with all the Joy that you give to Me.

Tonight I was bemused to overhear a psychic tell a certain weary heart who seeks Me that My advice to you is always: “Keep your chin up.”

Well, of course, wouldn’t I minimally request this of you, My Child created from My Breath? This request is so sweet and simple, I can only smile wide and pick you up and hold you close to Me and say:

“Yes, Dears, keep your chin up!”

And so I say to all.

Naturally I say this, and I say more than this. This is the least of what I would say to you, and so My Smile is all the Greater.

To keep your chin up is also the least of what you can do. This goes without saying, yet I adore that others also express this from Me to you so simply. Everyone has My guidance. This is the least you can hear and the least you can give in all good faith. You will not go amiss.

You can further say: “Everything will be all right.”

Of course, you can say, “All will be well.” This is a foregone conclusion.

You don’t have to know in advance how all this will befall. You don’t have to be able to draw a picture. This is more than a Promise. This is a certainty.

All will rejoice with Me in Heaven and on Earth. This goes without saying, yet go ahead and say it and mean it. This is not a probability. This is a foregone conclusion. The mute will sing. The lame will walk. The deaf will hear. All will be well in Heaven and on Earth.


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New Glories in Your Own Heart

God said:

If I may make a suggestion, and, of course, I can, may I suggest that you inspire yourself? Now, that’s a good suggestion! Isn’t it a novel idea? I like it. When you are bored or disgruntled or anything at all, try taking it upon yourself to wake yourself up to something new. Undisgruntle yourself. Rise and shine. Take yourself in hand.

Perhaps you would like to do something you have never done before.

Of course, it isn’t exactly that you have to do something new. You can do something you have always done a lot. You don’t really have to challenge yourself. You are not really looking for a remarkable experience. A fine experience can be good enough.

You are not necessarily looking for the thrill of a Lifetime. What particular value does that hold for you? Maybe all you need is to wake up.

Surely you have not as yet seen all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets in all the land, for the fact is that there are no two alike. If you are looking for new Glories in the Universe, certainly they exist. Certainly, new Glories exist in your own heart. Maybe you want to go down a new corridor of your own Life that you have not yet gone down so far, or go up a ladder you have not yet climbed.

Surely, it is within yourself that you want to shake the rafters, or, perhaps, simply want a rest from all the jogging of your memory.

Maybe you want to lie on your back on the grass and settle in.

Maybe you want to lift off the ground and soar to the High Heavens.


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Bright Light Is Your Name

God said:

At the present moment, of all the exact locations on the Planet, somehow you are at this particular spot, here and not at another. How did this happen? How can it be? Why here and not there? There must be a momentous difference, or why would this be so? Or does it actually make any difference what is right-side up or upside down? To whom does it matter?

At this point in fictitious time, you are eating from this pot of soup and not from another.

You are called by the name you are and not by another. You still do not believe in: “Hey, you!”

Had the choice been yours, down the line, you might have chosen another name for yourself, and sometimes someone does change his or her name, yet, what does that change? Anything, everything, something or nothing? What does it matter? Does it matter?

What would you change if you could, or would you? If there were no going back, would you? Who has the temerity, you ask yourself.

Sometimes it feels to you that you can only be a rocket that randomly landed on Earth. From where did you come, and now, where are you going, and what on Earth are you doing or not doing in the first place? It does seem as though you are carried by an unseen hand, and other times you feel your existence is a mirage, some kind of sleight of hand that has nothing really to do with you. You just happen to be there, reason unknown. A happenstance.


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You Were Always Dreamed of

God said:

You are God-given energy.

You tote around a seeming body, yet, at the Heart of you is Flowing Energy. Miraculous Energy. You are the Light of Energy. You are a Spark of Light and Life. An ember. You are a Whirling Dervish of Energy Who Tops the Earth, Dancing Energy that sings in a Chorus in Harmony with the Whole Universe in One Moment of Infinity. This is the Truth of Existence. This is your Truth. And it is Mine.

Catch up to your own True Energy.

There is never a lack of energy except as you ponder.

You are a free-running water-wheel. You are a free-running free-ranging free-living free-aspiring Soul that knows no bounds. You have persuaded yourself otherwise. It is as if you have found an out! A minor escape clause. You have not.


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What If Nothing Is Missing from Life Right Now As It Is?

God said:

What on Earth is meant when it is said: “In the scheme of things?”

What scheme is this, and who is the schemer and whose scheme is it? Is there a scheme? Where does it lurk? What is the point of a scheme, or does it have a point, or does it really matter one way or another anyway.

Can Life be planned without a plan? Can a plan be a knock-off? Can a plan be knocked off the tracks never to be found again, and does it matter?

Who can say that Life is not innocent and of its own choosing?

Exactly where does anything exist anyway? Does Life exist, or is Life a trick of one kind or another perpetuated, and it’s not funny.

Can Life be pure? What would Pure Life be like? Does Life seem to be other than it appears? What makes Life appear to appear anyway, and how can it be that Life also disappears? Life is, or it is not, or maybe it doesn’t matter. Dreams come and go, and wherein lies significance of anything anyway?

I say that Life is an illusion in any case, so what does it matter and why must you identify with that which is illusive? You can’t hold a Good Life down, yet wherein is it written that a Life is good or not good? Who says so? Is this a good idea or not?

What about all the plusses and minuses? Where do they come from, and how do they get here? Does Life configure itself, or is Life configured? How does Life go about it whatever it is it does? Is there a secret to Life, and, if so, when is the secret to Life found?

Where is the end to questions?


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Life on the Comet of Itself

God said:

You came out of the mist. You came out of the mist of My Heart. You always existed. There never was a time you were not. We exist together. We never beach Ourselves.

We existed out of time. We were. Rather, We are. Time was not. Time is not. Infinity is. We are Infinity. Our Name is Infinity. We are the Essence of Infinity. We are Infinity.

If space existed, We would be space. As it is, We are Spaceless.

We are Timeless, for Timeless means Infinity.

We wear no clocks. There is no Tick-Tock.

There is the Silence of Infinity and naught else but Infinity. You are truly out of the imagined realm of time.

There is no noise except as We hear it on Earth. There is a loudspeaker in effect. A loudspeaker indicates decibels even as decibels are made-up. They are make-believe like everything else that is rattled off.

None of the stories told are True. Nothingness is True. Oneness is True. The Fullness of Nothingness and Everythingness is True.

Stories are plays on words.

From the forests, stories arose. They appeared to pass imagined time. Stories are like hand fans that are waved to cool down time as if time really existed. Time is a fake. You have been fooled. You continue to be fooled. To be fooled consoles you.

Yet, there is Life, and you are in and out of it, as if this play exists on a fabricated stage – as if this assemblage of a parody -- could be true when only the Essence of Being is True, so help Me God.

All the fussing and sirens amount to a stop gap.



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