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Breathe the Breath of Inspiration

God said:

We do not require formality between Us. It is natural for Us, for you and Me, the One of Us, the One of One, to frolic in the Green Pastures.

Come, the One of Us Whom I will address as We for the sake of all who may be new to this Truth. This way so I can spell it out, and all they may witness this Profound Truth of Oneness that We are privy to and that does not exist between Us. There is no between Us. We are Oneness pure and simple.

For Us (One) to hold hands, to recognize that together as One is exactly Who We are and are meant to be and to revel in. Beloveds, whether your conscious awareness sinks into all Who are My beloved Sons and Daughters or not -- look, in Oneness We are and forever abide regardless of whatever you or anyone may think.

Our Oneness which doesn’t lie between Us but rather soars as the Oneness of Oneness, this Pure Oneness that We are and have ever been – this is Our Everyday Experience. Never has it been otherwise. Our Being Together as One is not isolated or rare or unexpected. It is wonderful, yes!, and it is also Our True Oneness. Our True Oneness is not unheard of and does not come forth as a surprise whatsoever unless you imagine We are apart from each other in the first place.

Of course, if you think you and I are separate and not One, well, you are mistaken. I say not sadly mistaken! I say rather blessedly mistaken! Good this is your error and, therefore, untrue! Good fortune is good fortune even when you don’t see it. Beloveds, you are the Blessed of the Blessed.


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When You Open the Windows of Your Heart…

God said:

If I were to ask you to list all your desires, and all your desires came through today, you would jump for joy. You would be so excited. You would feel rewarded and loved today. You would know for a fact that the Stars are smiling on you. How happy you would be.

It is a good guess that you can easily put together a long list. If you ran out of ideas, you could go to the internet or TV or ads in a magazine and catalogues. There is no shortage of what you would find to desire. The world offers you trails of breadcrumbs for you to follow and more and more.

Yes, if all your dreams come true today, you would be happy. You would be ecstatically happy until – until -- the Joy fades. How can it be that joy fades? How is it that wonderful gifts lose their luster?

The deal is that you can always have more to add to your list of world desires. World desires just aren’t enough for you. When you get a new car, after awhile, it isn’t new any longer. After awhile, there are newer cars that hit the spot. New goes only so far in the material world. Gilding the Lily wears off.

The world at large certainly does give you happiness -- for a while. The world is simply not able to bestow long-lasting happiness. You could have gold and sit in a palace, and it would not be enough. Lasting happiness isn’t able to establish itself within you from outside.

Lasting happiness arises from within. However intriguing the world is – and it is intriguing, no doubt -- lasting happiness bubbles up from within you.


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Whose Thoughts are Yours Anyway?

God said:

Once upon a time, as you thought you knew Life, Life couldn’t go fast enough. You eagerly awaited growing up, and you had the feeling that Life was a Vast Field spread out before you, a Gold Mine to tap into, perhaps a Sparkling Map that would open itself before you, or a Golden World that held its arms wide open to embrace as you danced about in it.

There was a time when Life was right before you and endlessly before you. It seemed forever. It is possible to say that you had a Sense of Invincibility. Where did that go to? Where is Invincibility stored? Did it fall off the edge of the world? Or has the world ever existed really with you in it?

Now you may find more years to look back on and a tendency perhaps to think of Life as suddenly petering out and, as if all the past didn’t take long at all. In fact, it was a blink of an eye. The past went away somewhere.

You may have come to a vague sense of the non-existence of time, sort of as if time and all your years in it were a comet that zoomed so fast before you that you may wonder if Life might have skipped over you without your knowledge.


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We Ride together in an Unseen Chariot across the Horizon

God said:

Your True identity is not your name. Your True identity is not your badge. Your True Identity is not your occupation. Your True Identity is not your college degree. Your True Identity is your mother’s son. Not even that. Your True identity is not your wealth nor your poverty. The Truth of your Identity is not your race or color or any of these other extraneous matters. The Truth of Who you are is not your ego. Your Truth is far greater than any of these. Let go of the importance of the small stuff. The small stuff means little next to your True Identity. Pshaw.

If you look like a movie star, there is nothing more to make of it but that you look like a movie star. If you are a movie star, you long have known that this is strictly not your identity. It is a hill of beans.

If you think you are a horse, a horse is not your identity. You know it is not. If you can know that a horse is not your identity, you can know that other world identities are also not Who you are.

That you are a King or Queen is not your identity. These are titles. Certainly, for all practical purposes, you might as well claim your titles. The titles fell on you. Pick them up.

In these days Kings and Queens do not believe in themselves as the cheering crowds appeared to believe in them in times past.


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Hurray for Life!

God said:

What exactly is it that you are sure you are missing? You may not hold everything, yet, you, Beloveds, are everything. You are the very Existence of Existence itself.

What if you could reconcile yourself to the thought that you are not missing out on anything? What if not-ness does not exist even as you lack a roof over your head? Even if you failed in geometry class? Even if you were let go from your job? Even though your wife left you? Even if you are bereft and never have had the feeling or the idea that you even once had all you wanted?

Feeling lofty is not the same as what is called Ascension. Enlightenment isn’t always the Great Occasion you thought it would be. All these Natural and Marvelous Fruits of Life on Earth are not always what you thought they were to be like. There is reaching Great Heights, and there is knowing you are at the Great Heights. Your thoughts may lag behind according to your perception of Life.

There is such a hullabaloo about the fiction of death on Earth even as part of you is aware that death isn’t actually the big deal everyone seems to think it is. You may not even love Life on Earth that much, yet you are deeply attached to your Life on Earth, as though it were meant to mean everything to you. Life on Earth is a phase. A phase means temporal. What in the world is not temporal on Earth?


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As You Are, So Goes the World

God said:

For those of My Children who carry a great weight of guilt and conscience and can’t seem to get away from them, listen to Me:

Carrying a great sense of guilt is the same as whining. It certainly seems that guilt was foisted on you. Surely, you learned it from somewhere. It certainly seems that a heavy sense of guilt is a natural result of misdemeanor.

Whatever you may have done to attract guilt, in ignorance or with deliberate intention, it is not natural to pound your chest. It is not all right. It is not My Will. Frankly, a sense of guilt compounds your error. No matter what, whatever causes you to feel guilt-ridden benefits no one.

We could say it’s good to see you are sorry, but be sorry once and then excuse yourself from further punishment. Otherwise, you go around in circles and don’t get where you want to go.

On many levels, it’s a good idea to be debt-free. Don’t run up bills. Don’t run up a debt of guilt. Don’t accumulate. Cross off your debt. Do not keep adding it up and adding it to your backpack of guilt.

I am not making light of errors. I am telling you that you serve no one by oppressing yourself. I do not assign you to a lifetime of guilt. I see no percentage in it -- not for you or anyone. If you can make amends, do it, and then be done with the guilt thing. It is an absolute necessity that you let pangs of guilt go. A sense of over-weaning guilt weighs you down, and it weighs the world down.


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Friends in the World

God said:

A friend in the world is someone who wishes you well, yet friends do not always stay by your side, nor do you always stay by another’s side.

Some friends just fade away. It happens. It was never an intent, yet two friends lose touch. It does not have to happen, yet it happens. This is one Wheel of Life. It is a dance. Two come close. They hold hands. And then they step away and twirl in other directions. There is no law against this.

Whether you want to stay a buddy or not, remain a friend who wishes a former friend well. It is not for you to wish hurt to any other in your peeve. It can only be yourself who makes yourself angry. It is you who breathes negativity into your lungs.

You are also privy to making mistakes. It is one thing to be thoughtless. It is another thing to wishfully deliberately desire to dismiss another’s heart because your feelings have been hurt. You will show them. You may feel that it serves them right. How dare they treat you so lightly.

Remember uppermost: Do no harm. Be not hurtful. Uplift the world. Be well-intentioned.

A friend can offend you without being aware, even thinking he is being a good friend, and you can take it amiss. This has happened more than once. You are not to be hard-hearted.

When you find yourself wanting to retaliate, there is no justification. A hardened heart is not any kind of saving grace. It does not do you honor. Be careful about being high and mighty. You are not lord over any other.


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Responsibility and Blame Have Two Different Meanings

God said:

Well, sure, there are times when you feel wracked by Life at every turn. The world is too much with you, as the poet says. Whatever reasons you give for your pain and suffering, you are a contributor. I can say lovingly that you are an accomplice, dear ones. By this, I mean, if you are bogged down, you are the one who is bogged down.

Then it is incumbent upon you, lift yourself up. There is something to change your mind about. Change your thinking, and you are changed. Change your thinking, and your Life is changed.

Often, dear Ones, you enchain yourself. You tie yourself up in knots. You handcuff yourself.

Please distinguish between the two words: Responsible and blameful.

To say you are responsible gives you an opportunity to take action. You can see in a way new to you. You can change something. You can give it a try. You don’t just have to sit there, a helpless hapless victim.

To say you are to blame implies a dead end of guilt. Guilt digs you in deeper. Alas, you tell yourself, you did something incorrectly. So what? Now, move yourself up the line.

You wish you had done differently, and now you feel helpless. You can not undo what you cannot undo. It is irresponsible to give guilt your loyalty, for self-blame boxes you in. It is not wonderful of you to roll in guilt. You are sorry. You do regret. Okay, you have punished yourself enough. Of what value is it for you to impound yourself there?


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Part Truth Isn’t the Whole Truth

God said:

There is some truth in everything. In every accusation. In every blessing. Nevertheless, part truth is not the Whole Truth. The Truth is invincible. It is Truth. Part-truth is not the Truth. Will you, once and for all, be done with self-inflicted pain?

Everything in the world is an illusion anyway. Most ways of thinking are hit or miss.

Within everything, there is a blessing, if only you could spot it. The school of hard knocks contains its blessings whether you see the blessings or not. Everything. There is good in everything. There is good in everyone. There is purpose in everything. There is purpose in everyone. All this may be very difficult to see, especially when you have your mind set on having been wronged.

Reconciliation, if you are True to it, holds a great step forward to your credit and to your honor and to the respect you bestow on Me.

Ultimately, you are the author of all you meet or come up against. If there is a boulder in your way, you had something to do with the boulder’s being there as a bulwark in front of you. Of course, you wouldn’t choose the bulwark. No one would choose it, yet you did, somehow you did. You are your own culprit. You are the perpetrator. This is across the board.


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Choose Gold, Beloveds.

God said:

Refrain from asking: “What is the meaning?”

This includes: “What is the meaning of this great blessing?”

This includes: “What is the meaning of this great tragedy?”

The meaning is Life. The meaning is variable: This is how you saw this episode at this moment in this imagined place and time.

Later on, you may see a different meaning. Beloveds, why do you have to know? An inquiring mind is not always a blessed mind.

Whatever you learn from an experience, you learned it. What you make of it is another thing. Anyway, the experience is past. You don’t have to grasp the experience tightly between your teeth. Let the past go also means to let go of your having to find a meaning in it. The meaning is it happened once upon a time. You grew from it to a certain measure, whether you can identify the meaning or the measure of it or not.

What if I told you that every experience holds a benefit for you regardless. Every ache, every pain, was looking out for you. Not only the ideal wished-for experiences are blessings. This seems far-fetched to you. If you could see into Infinity, you wouldn’t even think of a question to ask. Questions are not always such a great thing.

Here’s one meaning:

Be glad you are alive in this passage on Earth and can have experiences whether you judge them as good or not so good or very very bad. Experience is experience. Living Life is living Life.



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