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Title Date Author
Taking the Easy Road Apr 22, 2014 will
The Galactic Free Press Could Use Your Assistance Apr 21, 2014 will
The Best Way to Predict the Future Apr 20, 2014 Isis Ra
Saving Jesus From Religion Apr 20, 2014 will
Can We Really Heal Another? Apr 19, 2014 will
Selfishness and Selflessness - Two Sides of the Same Coin Apr 18, 2014 will
The Limited and The Unlimited: Mind and Consciousness Apr 17, 2014 will
Communing with Nature Apr 16, 2014 will
Solitude Only Goes So Far Apr 15, 2014 will
What You're Searching For Has Always Been Here Apr 14, 2014 will
The Lies of Capitalism Apr 13, 2014 will
Transcending Duality | How To Read Our Messages Apr 12, 2014 will
Thoughts on Channeling - Updated Apr 11, 2014 will
Everyone Is A Piece Of The Puzzle Apr 10, 2014 will
Love Is Apr 9, 2014 Isis Ra
The Difference Between Believing In Truth And Living It Apr 9, 2014 will
Nothing Written Is Ever Completely True Apr 8, 2014 will
What is the ego? Apr 5, 2014 will
Fear is an illusion Apr 4, 2014 will
The Fear Of Finding Truth For Yourself Apr 3, 2014 will
Truth Is Disturbing to Those Living a Lie Apr 2, 2014 will
Simply Being - The difference between non-action and inaction Apr 1, 2014 will
Being Aware of Others Feelings Without Making Them Your Own Mar 31, 2014 will
The Myth of External Salvation Mar 30, 2014 will
The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen Mar 29, 2014 will
Take Off The Rose-Colored Glasses Mar 28, 2014 will
How the spiritual community becomes so fragmented Mar 27, 2014 will
Discovering Truth for Yourself Mar 26, 2014 will
The Most Beautiful Illusion Mar 25, 2014 will
What You Believe Creates Your Illusion Mar 24, 2014 will
The Dangers of Spiritual Elitism Mar 23, 2014 will
Cultivating God Within - Artistic Creativity Mar 22, 2014 will
How can you be happy when there's so much suffering in the... Mar 20, 2014 will
Unconditional Acceptance of What Is Mar 19, 2014 will
Real understanding and repeating rhetoric Mar 18, 2014 will
Why I am not neutral Mar 17, 2014 will
Understanding 5D Mar 16, 2014 will
Leaders and Followers Mar 14, 2014 will
The Heart is not a judge of truth Mar 13, 2014 will
True Respect and Fake Respect - The Galactic Free Press Mar 11, 2014 will
God is not bipolar, God is the Full Spectrum Mar 10, 2014 will
If control is an illusion, how does the Universe work? Mar 9, 2014 will
You tell me I'm God, but what do you mean? Mar 8, 2014 will